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Japanese Manners Workshop presentation template

Japanese Manners Workshop

There are several members of the Slidesgo team that love Japan and their customs. That inspired us to create this new template, whose theme is very Japanese! If you also love this country and want to start a workshop about cultural aspects (such as manners, an important concept in the...

History of Comedy Lesson presentation template

History of Comedy Lesson

Did you know that comedy is not a recent thing, but something that started way back? Satire, humor, concepts that have been around for centuries, so their history must be interesting, right? That's right! Use this template to give a lesson on the history of comedy. These slides will help...

Conference Planning Meeting presentation template

Conference Planning Meeting

The conference is coming up soon. Quick, you need to plan ahead and hold a meeting to discuss how to prepare for it! Since you'll need a presentation, download this one and customize it. To make your life easier, we've added all kinds of layouts: from calendars and timelines to...

Animated Raven Literature Lesson presentation template

Animated Raven Literature Lesson

Prepare an original literature class with this template for high school teachers. It is based on the work The Raven, by the American writer and poet Edgar Allan Poe. It is interactive and has animated elements. You can include exercises to test your pupils' knowledge after explaining the lesson. It...

Castaway in a Desert Island presentation template

Castaway in a Desert Island

Vacations are the most awaited time of the year. Good weather, beach, relax, etc. Why not incorporate those positive feelings in your corporate newsletter? With this Slidesgo template we make it easy for you. It is inspired by a desert island and is full of illustrations of palm trees, coconut...

Interactive Notes for Clinical Cases presentation template

Interactive Notes for Clinical Cases

Clinical cases are a crucial source of information for doctors and professionals of healthcare. What if you could make an interactive presentation with all the data derived from a certain case? This is what this template is for! Each slide has some buttons that redirect you to other slides. There...

World Water Day presentation template

World Water Day

World Water Day is celebrated every year on March 22 to highlight the importance of this element. The aim is to raise awareness of sustainable freshwater management. Help raise social awareness with this template, specially designed for this day. It has a textured background and is blue with waves, reminiscent...

World Poetry Day presentation template

World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day is celebrated on March 21, supporting the importance and relevance of this kind of literary expression. To help you with your presentation for this date, we've created this template. Be yourself and edit these minimalist slides—add exactly what you need, no more, no less. There are some...

Super Electric Blue Project Proposal presentation template

Super Electric Blue Project Proposal

Our team of designers agree: this new template will leave you speechless. It's been created for presenting project proposals, and its main attention-grabbing point is the visuals. The backgrounds are unlike anything you've seen before, quite futurustic, "electric", which makes them perfect for companies in the IT sector. Titles come...

Tricky Questions Card Game! presentation template

Tricky Questions Card Game!

Tricky questions are a great way to test your students. In this Slidesgo educational template we have included riddles and quizzes for learning by playing. It has an eye-catching cream colored design, with waves and illustrations of flowers, hat, cards, etc. that make it very entertaining. Edit the cards to...

Learning Task Cards presentation template

Learning Task Cards

If you are a elementary school teacher you will love this template. These are fun cards with which you can teach your students everyday tasks as if it were a game. The design is really cute, with pastel colors, waves, photos and illustrations. You can use it for all kinds...

Online Video Conference Meeting presentation template

Online Video Conference Meeting

Since the pandemic began, virtual meetings have become an everyday routine. For them to be effective, you need to take into account different aspects, such as prior preparation of the topics, knowledge of the platform you are going to use, etc. If you want to share your tips on how...

Embracing Our Culture Company Profile presentation template

Embracing Our Culture Company Profile

Working for a firm that keeps up with the times, is modern and embraces diversity has lots of benefits. Share your company profile and prove why your business is one of the greatest. There's a geometric design that utilizes creativity to its full extent. Backgrounds are light blue and have...

Wiki Dictionary Slides presentation template

Wiki Dictionary Slides

If you want to share details about certain words, names, places or anything else, just like an encyclopedia or a dictionary would do, this template can do the job. Having the information layed out in a presentation allows you to take it with you anywhere and project it on a...

CVC Booklets to Build, Read and Write! presentation template

CVC Booklets to Build, Read and Write!

Here's a new educational template for little kids that follows a model called "CVC". It means "consonant-vowel-consonant", so you'll find lots of slides with printable exercises where your students must form a word composed by three letters (as per the aforementioned model) according to the drawing that they see. In...

Monsters Agency presentation template

Monsters Agency

Do you have a disruptive agency? If you like things unconventional, this template is for you. It has a fun purple design, with illustrations of monsters and colorful geometric elements. Present your agency in an original way - you won't leave anyone indifferent! The typography is sans serif, which also...

My Period Calendar presentation template

My Period Calendar

This new template that we've just created can be used to give an informative presentation on menstruation, also known as period. It has a cute design and multiple illustrations about the topic, so it's great so soften the tone, which can help you, for example, if you need to explain...

Minimal Interior Design Guide presentation template

Minimal Interior Design Guide

If you really want to feel comfortable at home, maybe you should seek some professional help. Interior designers can help you with that, and Slidesgo can help them get a great guide in the form of a slideshow. Build trust with your potential customers by editing these minimalist slides, containing...