Yellow Presentation templates

Motivate and engage your audience with these free Yellow Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates. This warm color is quite attractive to the human eye, and is able to awaken excitement, creativity and happiness.

Take a Wild Guess! presentation template
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Take a Wild Guess!

Have you ever thought of launching a new marketing campaign for Take a Wild Guess Day? Crazy riddles, funny questions, lots of laughter! Let us help you with this eye-catching template that contains cartoony sticker illustrations and a combination of yellow and purple. Enter the details of your promotion in...

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Communication Consulting presentation template
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Communication Consulting

Slidesgo is back with a new template for those communication consultants who want to highlight their strong points and attract new clients. Prove how effective your agency is with an enthralling presentation.

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Visual Communication Workshop presentation template
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Visual Communication Workshop

Through visual communication, you can explain your ideas and convey your intended message in a way that your audience can not only hear it but also see it! We can help you with your workshop presentation: just use this new template by Slidesgo.

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Lesson Planner presentation template
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Lesson Planner

Time flies! Do you feel that you are not productive enough? Do you need some help to plan the lessons of the week in advance to make the most of it? Then try our Lesson Planner presentation specially designed for teachers and online learning to squeeze the most out of...

Cervical Cancer Study presentation template
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Cervical Cancer Study

Most cervical cancers are caused by the human papilloma virus. With this medical template you can inform about this disease to help in its prevention. It has a colorful design, with numerous illustrations that will be very useful to explain the symptoms or how we can prevent it. It also...

Yellow Triptych MK Theme presentation template
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Yellow Triptych MK Theme

The contrast between two colors can be sometimes a striking element of a presentation... and perhaps the main feature of it! This modern template has layouts that make the most of rectangular shapes, photos and, yes, the combination of yellow and black tones. Set a new trend in marketing slideshows...

Economics Thesis presentation template
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Economics Thesis

If numbers, exchange rates, money and trading are your forte, odds are you’re already working on an economics thesis for your master’s degree. Defending your dissertation is the last step and the most difficult one, but Slidesgo can help you. Here’s our new free presentation template with a focus on...

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Simple Meeting presentation template
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Simple Meeting

Share the details and planification of your next meeting using this presentation. It’s minimalist and it includes different sections such as project schedule, project timeline, status and upcoming report. We have also added tables, infographics and many other visual resources.

Personal Notes - Teacher Appreciation Week presentation template
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Personal Notes - Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers play a very important role in society and education! This new template has lots of slides with notes, pieces of paper, rulers and other stationery. Its layouts are perfect for teachers to organize their week, make important notes or even include students’ cards. Have fun editing it!

Industrial Fashion Design Company Profile presentation template
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Industrial Fashion Design Company Profile

Attention, fashionistas! We have a new template created especially for you. It is an ideal presentation to publicize your fashion company. Its yellow color conveys optimism and joy, and the typography of the titles and text is modern, sans serif. Here you can talk about your fashion collections, your upcoming...

Pet Appreciation Newsletter presentation template
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Pet Appreciation Newsletter

Do you love animals and do you work in a company related to these adorable creatures? Whether the answer is yes or no, we are sure that your employees will love to receive this newsletter full of cute animal illustrations in their email. You can use it to celebrate National...

Ancient History Lesson presentation template
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Ancient History Lesson

Preparing a lesson on Ancient History is simple if you use this vintage presentation. Give a review about the topic, features and design some assignments. Use line graphs, processes, maps and timelines to present your info.

Zipper Patterns MK Plan presentation template
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Zipper Patterns MK Plan

Did you know that April 29th is National Zipper Day in the United States? To celebrate it, we at Slidesgo have decided to create a template with zipper patterns, which you can use to present your marketing plan in an original way. The main color is yellow, the typography is...

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Summer Vibes Marketing Plan presentation template
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Summer Vibes Marketing Plan

Summer is the best season of the year! Holidays, the nature, the sunlight, the beach, all that you need to relax. It’s also the focus of many companies and businesses meetings aimed at campaign strategies for their product or services, so this new template is a nice starting point to...

Generation of '27 presentation template
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Generation of '27

Generation of '27 is a group of avant-garde poets and artists who began to publish their work in the 20s of the 20th century. To help you explain this interesting part of Spanish literature to your students, we propose you this old-style brown template, with different illustrations of books, pens,...

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Distance Learning Course presentation template
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Distance Learning Course

Distance learning is very important nowadays, so why don’t you prepare some lessons for an online course with this template? Its hand-drawn and cartoony illustrations are very nice and all the layouts are very simple, so your students will have no trouble following your class. Some colorful graphs and maps...

Malcolm X Biography presentation template
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Malcolm X Biography

A key figure in the civil rights movement in the United States, Malcolm X, is an important part of the history of African American people in that country. With this template, you'll be able to give some biographical information about this man, his life and his actions. Having a slight...

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Chemistry Thesis presentation template
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Chemistry Thesis

Everything in this world is composed of atoms and, within science, chemistry is what studies these. Thanks to chemists we can understand what our universe is made of. As a graduate student who has chosen this career path, you’re about to finish your master’s program, but only the thesis defense...