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Magical Wizard World Minitheme presentation template

Magical Wizard World Minitheme

I solemnly swear I’m up to no boring presentations! Use this Slidesgo template that looks like a magical map to give a magical speech and surprise your audience. You don’t need be a wizard to be able to edit the resources on these slides, you only need to open Google...

Social Studies & History Subject for Middle School - 6th Grade: Ancient World History presentation template

Social Studies & History Subject for Middle School - 6th Grade: Ancient World History

Learning about our past is the best way of understanding our present. This template is perfect to present your students the different civilizations that emerged in ancient history and make them passionate about history. The slides have an appealing antique look that will take your audience in a trip to...

HS Electives: Sociology Subject for High School - 9th Grade: Art History presentation template

HS Electives: Sociology Subject for High School - 9th Grade: Art History

Art encompasses so many disciplines, such as sculpture, ceramics, painting and more. What motivated people to create art? Why are there so many differences between different epochs? Well, it's art history's job to study that! With this template, you can introduce this subject or field of study to your students!...

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Team Building and Cohesion Workshop presentation template

Team Building and Cohesion Workshop

OK team, listen up. We have some high expectations, but we're getting there. If we keep this up and work together, we can do it! Sounds familiar? This template for workshops will allow you to teach exactly how people in a team can improve their performance so that work gets...

Vintage Photo Album For Education presentation template

Vintage Photo Album For Education

Take note of this multipurpose template for Google Slides and PowerPoint! It is composed of vintage style slides and a design that simulates a notebook. You can use it for anything you want: a summary of the achievements and goals of this school year, the evolution of your students, present...

Work-Life Balance Thesis Defense presentation template

Work-Life Balance Thesis Defense

In order to have a productive life, both at home and at your workplace, you must attain a work-life balance. Do you need a presentation to talk about this matter, and more specifically during a thesis defense or similar? You'll be glad to use this template, because eye-catching it is!...

Linear Vintage Vaporwave Newsletter presentation template

Linear Vintage Vaporwave Newsletter

This new newsletter is surely going to cause a sensation among your readers. Why? Because of its vaporwave design! This is a new trend in graphic design that combines bright colors, grids, and lots of images of computers. It originated as a microgenre of electronic music that emerged at the...

US National Hot Dog Month presentation template

US National Hot Dog Month

We've all seen them in movies or the TV: a sausage, bread and some toppings such as ketchup and mustard. The hot dog is very popular in the US, and they celebrate the Hot Dog Month in July. Our template, which has a vintage design, is loosely inspired in old...

Enrichment School Center presentation template

Enrichment School Center

When it comes to education, there are new approaches in which students broaden their knowledge and the things they learn. There are enrichment schools that offer alternative ways of learning so that kids can enhance their understanding of the topics. Promote yours with this new template, which is also rich...

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Media Bias Thesis presentation template

Media Bias Thesis

Journalism, in principle, has the mission of providing reports of events happening at local, regional, national or international level, based on facts. But sometimes, that is not 100% true, an example of what's known as "media bias". If your thesis is about this topic and you need to defend it...

Vintage Monthly Social Media presentation template

Vintage Monthly Social Media

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “vintage”? Despite what many people may think, vintage is not old-fashioned. Vintage is based on what was considered as an antique to reinvent itself and become fashionable again. Slidesgo presents this template designed for PowerPoint...

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Meteor Day / International Asteroid Day presentation template

Meteor Day / International Asteroid Day

Do you know the Tunguska event? It's the largest meteor impact event registered to date and it happened on June 30, more than a hundred years ago. Every year, International Asteroid Day is held on that date, so that we are aware of asteroids and what we can do about...

Medieval Style Consulting Toolkit presentation template

Medieval Style Consulting Toolkit

Imagine a company as a castle. The facade would be the marketing: that’s what attracts people to come inside. The reception? It would be management: that’s where everything and everyone is organized. The guests are the clients, of course! But where is the consulting branch of the company? It’s almost...

International Picnic Day presentation template

International Picnic Day

Spending some time with your family or your friends, eating outside in the country or in the park, what a great activity! Picnics are somehow casual and a nice way to socialize, so how about editing this new template to commemorate International Picnic Day? It's celebrated usually in June, when...

Christian Newsletter presentation template

Christian Newsletter

It is said that faith moves mountains. Charitable organizations and some parishes could use a newsletter as a means of spreading the latest news to everyone interested. This template will save you a lot of time, since it's been designed for this. The backgrounds have been beautifully painted and the...

La France C'est Cool presentation template

La France C'est Cool

Being one of the most popular destinations for tuirists, France attracts many visitors from all around the world. If you have a marketing campaign ready for this market, explain it to your colleagues or managers with the help of this template! It's been designed to grab attention easily, as it's...

Floppy Disk Appreciation Workshop presentation template

Floppy Disk Appreciation Workshop

Some of us still remember those floppy disks. Back then when we thought 1.44 MB was a lot! This new template is for workshops on computer science, technology or any related field of study. There's a little bit of techie vibes here and there, along with shapes in green and...

Friendly College and University Listings presentation template

Friendly College and University Listings

After so many years of studying and preparing, the time has finally come. It’s time to go to college! But wait, there are so many to choose from, the options are almost endless… why not present the best ones in this template? That sounds like an amazing idea! We have...


Aqua Marketing Plan Infographics presentation template

Aqua Marketing Plan Infographics

Marketing plans need very complete presentations full of data, examples, guides… That’s why we have designed this set of extra infographics for our “Aqua Marketing Plan” template. The resources follow the same eye-catching design so that you can use them without changing the esthetics of your presentation. Illustrate percentages, numbers,...

Numismatics Infographics presentation template

Numismatics Infographics

Numismatics is an amazing field of study that focuses not only on coins, but also in all money, tokens and exchanged objects. It’s known because of people who collect coins but, in reality, it’s a well-developed science that analyzes payments and exchanges. These infographics focus on them and are helpful...

Daily Activities for Online Lessons Infographics presentation template

Daily Activities for Online Lessons Infographics

We know that organizing online classes can be a complicated task. Slidesgo wants to help you, so it brings you these great infographics. If you liked our Daily Activities for Online Lessons presentation, you would love this template because you can use these infographics to supplement the presentation. They have...

How to Save Money Infographics presentation template

How to Save Money Infographics

"Oh, it's the electricity bill again. How do other families manage to save money?". This question might sound familiar, so if you have tips and recommendations on how to save money each month, it'll be great if you used these editable infographics to represent that data visually in front of...

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Gender Infographics presentation template

Gender Infographics

Learning new concepts is easier with visual resources. That’s why if you’re a teacher that wants to explain your students the difference between things like gender identity, sexual orientation and biological sex, this template is perfect for you. This presentation includes lots of infographic resources about the LGTBI+ community and...

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Early Childhood Center Infographics presentation template

Early Childhood Center Infographics

As an educator, you most probably already know that the best way of learning new things is through visual information. That’s why using this set of infographics to present your early childhood center is the perfect way of attracting new clients! The resources we have prepared have eye-catching colors and...