The latest Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates

Download our cool PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes to create attractive designs for your presentations. Make the most of the beautiful backgrounds and take advantage of the easy-to-edit resources included.

Biotechnology Company Profile presentation template

Biotechnology Company Profile

Is biotechnology your preferred field? Do you have your own labs up and running? Perhaps it can be a good idea to present your company profile and provide a bit of corporate information to the general public or other companies in the sector. This template offers a couple of key...

The Art of Medicine presentation template

The Art of Medicine

Medicine is such a complicated science that it is, and has been, considered an art. If you’re passionate about how the body works and you want to present your knowledge about this magnific subject, use this modern template with a medical theme. The geometric forms that decorate the slides resemble...

Yellow Tape Website MK Plan presentation template

Yellow Tape Website MK Plan

Want to present your website marketing plan? Here's a template designed for Google Slides and PowerPoint to do it! The slides offer a minimalist style, but will highlight all your data. It comes with everything you need for your marketing plan: graphs, charts, tables, maps and a lot of alternative...

Modern Plants Portfolio presentation template

Modern Plants Portfolio

Are you a professional gardener? Or perhaps a photographer? This portfolio and nature and in total sync. Its relatively minimalist design is complemented by several photos of plants, which is like a new breath of life to the contents of each slide. Speaking of which, you can add data such...

South Korean Constitution Day presentation template

South Korean Constitution Day

July 17 marks the day the South Korean Constitution was proclaimed, more than seventy years ago, and it's a day of commemoration in this country. If you are enrolled in Asian studies or just want to give more information about this nation, use this template! It's palette contains red, blue...

The Best Thing Ever MK Plan presentation template

The Best Thing Ever MK Plan

Suppose you have to sell the product that is to become the best thing ever in the market. It sounds daunting, right? But with a great marketing plan, it could be a reality. This new template has been designed to reflect that plan and convey your ideas clearly and effectively....

Minimal Startup Business Pitch Deck presentation template

Minimal Startup Business Pitch Deck

They say that beginnings are not easy... That is why at Slidesgo we want to help you take the first steps of your business. We bring you a pitch deck presentation for your startup that will get your company off the ground. Designed for Google Slides and PowerPoint, this template...

Basic Customizable Colors CV presentation template

Basic Customizable Colors CV

This colorful template is made for people with colorful personalities! The simple design helps you emphasize your studies, experience and abilities, and the sans serif fonts are easy to read and can be scanned. If impressing the recruiters is your goal, the infographic resources we’ve included are going to be...

Dog Diseases presentation template

Dog Diseases

We can say with certainty that the Slidesgo team adores pets, and many of its members have cats, dogs, hamsters and even snakes! If you are a vet, maybe having a presentation ready where you give information about dog diseases could be a good idea. This design has been inspired...

Snow Backgrounds Portfolio presentation template

Snow Backgrounds Portfolio

Try to describe your work in three words. If modern, elegant, and creative are among the list, then you should take a look at this portfolio template. It has minimalist illustrations of landscapes with snow and very calming colors. This is the perfect combination when you’re looking for a design...

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Second-hand Clothes Resale App presentation template

Second-hand Clothes Resale App

With the boom of apps for selling second-hand articles, it's just natural you've developed your own. Now it's time to pitch your ideas and get additional funding! We've created a new template that uses black-and-white photos, two colors (white and light green) and simple layouts. This semi-minimalist approach works great,...

Professional Business Meeting presentation template

Professional Business Meeting

A perfect speech, convincing data, and an amazing design are the perfect ingredients for a successful business meeting. There are lot of meetings happening in Slidesgo, that’s why we know that a good design is a key factor if you want your audience to pay attention for you. With this...

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Skin Cancer Breakthrough presentation template

Skin Cancer Breakthrough

The summer has arrived, and with it, the plans in the sun: going to the beach, swimming in the pool, going on vacation… But there is a thing that we must always remember, we must wear protection! Did you know that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer by...

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Digital Newspaper Pitch Deck presentation template

Digital Newspaper Pitch Deck

Digital newspapers have made a revolution in the information world. The way in which they’ve known how to adapt to new technologies and to the digitalization of the world is admirable and should be praised. Do you want to follow these steps and make your pitch deck reach new audiences?...

New Hire Onboarding Meeting presentation template

New Hire Onboarding Meeting

A new employee joining your company means a new teammate and a new friend working with you to reach the company’s goals. There’s no better way to introduce them to your company than with this colorful minimal template that we have designed in Slidesgo. It has a simple design, because...

Plan d'affaires de la boutique presentation template

Plan d'affaires de la boutique

The way we dress is an outward expression of our personality. That's why clothes are a very important part of us. With this minimalistic, yet elegant template available for Google Slides and PowerPoint, you will be able to present your business plan for your clothing company. With different easy-to-edit graphics,...

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United Nations Public Service Day presentation template

United Nations Public Service Day

Public service workers are responsible for providing healthcare, telecommunications, electricity and even education, among other things. The UN honors their work on June 23, so how about you also do that by creating a presentation? Just download this template and add your own contents to these minimalist slides. Most of...

Minimalist Monthly Report (A4) presentation template

Minimalist Monthly Report (A4)

It’s important to keep everyone informed of what’s going on in your company. For employees, it’s a way of making them feel invested and interested in their tasks, and for investors, it’s a way of making them trust your and your process. Did you know that the best way of...


Aqua Marketing Plan Infographics presentation template

Aqua Marketing Plan Infographics

Marketing plans need very complete presentations full of data, examples, guides… That’s why we have designed this set of extra infographics for our “Aqua Marketing Plan” template. The resources follow the same eye-catching design so that you can use them without changing the esthetics of your presentation. Illustrate percentages, numbers,...

Numismatics Infographics presentation template

Numismatics Infographics

Numismatics is an amazing field of study that focuses not only on coins, but also in all money, tokens and exchanged objects. It’s known because of people who collect coins but, in reality, it’s a well-developed science that analyzes payments and exchanges. These infographics focus on them and are helpful...

Daily Activities for Online Lessons Infographics presentation template

Daily Activities for Online Lessons Infographics

We know that organizing online classes can be a complicated task. Slidesgo wants to help you, so it brings you these great infographics. If you liked our Daily Activities for Online Lessons presentation, you would love this template because you can use these infographics to supplement the presentation. They have...

How to Save Money Infographics presentation template

How to Save Money Infographics

"Oh, it's the electricity bill again. How do other families manage to save money?". This question might sound familiar, so if you have tips and recommendations on how to save money each month, it'll be great if you used these editable infographics to represent that data visually in front of...

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Gender Infographics presentation template

Gender Infographics

Learning new concepts is easier with visual resources. That’s why if you’re a teacher that wants to explain your students the difference between things like gender identity, sexual orientation and biological sex, this template is perfect for you. This presentation includes lots of infographic resources about the LGTBI+ community and...

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Early Childhood Center Infographics presentation template

Early Childhood Center Infographics

As an educator, you most probably already know that the best way of learning new things is through visual information. That’s why using this set of infographics to present your early childhood center is the perfect way of attracting new clients! The resources we have prepared have eye-catching colors and...