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Pink Presentation templates

Make your presentations stand out with these Pink Google Slides themes and PPT templates. It is a playful color, good for encouraging creativity and optimism, denoting love and tenderness, and creating a soothing effect on your public.


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Blue and Pink Technology Project Proposal

Are you looking for something modern and with bright and cheerful colors? Here it is! With this template you will attract all the attention of your audience. It is in blue and pink tones, with geometric shapes, very dynamic. Exactly what you need to present your technological project proposal. You...

Pastel Portfolio

Having a very creative portfolio opens a lot of doors, more than you think. We've created this template for those who want to showcase their work and skills. As always, the Memphis graphic style will help you grab attention, and the pastel colors too! Mention your studies, add images of...

A4 16:9

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Colorful Candy Shop Company Profile

Do you like candies? It’s time to sweeten your presentation with a very fun template! The pastel colors and wavy abstract shapes will make your information stand out and frame your data into a cool candy-land. Present your candy shop to potential investors, clients or at an industry level and...

Minimalist Thesis Defense

Get rid of all that nervousness and enter the room full of confidence and willing to impress everyone in your thesis defense. Wait, first you must customize this new template so that your presentation is ready! Nothing feels as boring to the assessment committee than overcrowded slides, so our proposal...

Design Inspiration Workshop

Download the Design Inspiration Workshop presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. If you are planning your next workshop and looking for ways to make it memorable for your audience, don’t go anywhere. Because this creative template is just what you need! With its visually stunning design, you can provide your...

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Pastel Pink Business Agenda

Have you ever felt the 2 AM rush to study two majors, learn three languages, join a sports club and completely redesign your bedroom? Don’t worry it we’ve all been there. And we’ve also seen what happens the morning after: you forget about all of it and go on with...

Sketches & Drawings Portfolio

Download the Sketches & Drawings Portfolio presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. When a potential client or employer flips through the pages of your portfolio, they're not just looking at your work; they're trying to get a sense of who you are as a person. That's why it's crucial to...

Bad Girls Day

There was a teen comedy film released in 2004 called Mean Girls that became kind of a cult hit and fans of it decided to celebrate a day dedicated to it on October 3. The date wasn't chosen at random, as that's the date mentioned in one of the most...

Art Museum Guided Tour

Download the Art Museum Guided Tour presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. The education sector constantly demands dynamic and effective ways to present information. This template is created with that very purpose in mind. Offering the best resources, it allows educators or students to efficiently manage their presentations and engage...

STI Case Report: HPV

Download the STI Case Report: HPV presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. A clinical case is more than just a set of symptoms and a diagnosis. It is a unique story of a patient, their experiences, and their journey towards healing. Each case is an opportunity for healthcare professionals to...

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Y2K Pink Aesthetic Marketing Magazine

If you love the color pink, brace for impact, because this is going to be a smash hit! To share some information about your magazine (or to turn the slides into a newsletter!), here's a template that's full of pink and, additionally, many icons (or stickers?) with a pixelated look....

Design Inspiration Vision Board

Download the Design Inspiration Vision Board presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides and start impressing your audience with a creative and original design. Slidesgo templates like this one here offer the possibility to convey a concept, idea or topic in a clear, concise and visual way, by using different graphic...

Minimalist Duotone Pastel Slides Marketing Plan

Less is more. With this idea in mind we have designed this sophisticated and elegant template with minimalist duotone pastel slides, red and pink, with which you can talk to your target audience about your company, the market analysis you carried out, the goals, strategy and budget, the content plan...

Fine Arts Major: Maximalist Movement

Download the Fine Arts Major: Maximalist Movement presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. As university curricula increasingly incorporate digital tools and platforms, this template has been designed to integrate with presentation software, online learning management systems, or referencing software, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of student work. Edit this...

Elegant Rosé Watercolor Stains Student Pack for High School

Sometimes when we organize and plan things, aesthetics play a big role in our mood! It’s not the same to plan your week or month in a boring way than to do it in an elegant, pretty way! Here we offer you a student pack in an elegant rosé design,...

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Pastel Pregnancy Theme

Can’t wait to introduce your new baby to the world? Here’s something to sweeten the wait: A Google Slides and PowerPoint template in a delightful pastel pink and blue, adorned with adorable baby toys! Embrace the joyous journey of pregnancy and share your precious moments in a warm and inviting...

Organic Soap Benefits for Skin - Breakthrough

Download the Organic Soap Benefits for Skin - Breakthrough presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides.Treating diseases involves a lot of prior research and clinical trials. But whenever there’s a new discovery, a revolutionary finding that opens the door to new treatments, vaccines or ways to prevent illnesses, it’s great news....

Virtual Campaign

Present your strategy to launch your new product or service with this Virtual Campaign presentation. Its kawaii design is cute, colorful and full of life. You’ll see star-like shapes in the background and useful sections about your company, content plan, market analysis, budget or KPI overview. Use the different infographics...