Psychology Presentation templates

Give an incredible presentation about Psychology with our free customizable templates. You can work with them in Google Slides, PowerPoint or even Keynote, and they contain lots of resources.

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Psychology Center presentation template

Psychology Center

The welfare of the people is very important, not only physically, but mentally too. Make everybody put their trust in your psychology center with an effective presentation, and there’s no better help than this new template.

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Mental Health Thesis presentation template

Mental Health Thesis

Doing research on psychology and psychiatry is key. We know just a little bit about conditions such as depression, borderline personality disorder or bipolar disorder. Present the data and results of your thesis on mental health with this template!

Mindfulness Workshop presentation template

Mindfulness Workshop

Sometimes, our lives are stressful and we need a moment to unwind and to bring our attention to the present moment. If you want to improve people’s lives with a mindfulness workshop so they can apply meditation techniques, use this presentation!

Mental State presentation template

Mental State

Are you a psychologist or therapist? Then use this presentation to deal with mental health. Inform your patients and their families about medical advances, treatments…. You have different slides at your disposition to cover any single aspect of your work: company, future plans, our data or social media.

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Mental Health Clinical Case presentation template

Mental Health Clinical Case

Treating psychological and psychiatric conditions is quite important, as they affect our health to a large stent. To learn more about them, use this Mental Health Clinical Case presentation and give some info about case reports, using diagrams, tables, maps… Provide details about the patient, diagnosis, treatment or even the...

Geometric Philosophy Lesson presentation template

Geometric Philosophy Lesson

Philosophy is made up of a set of reasoning and reflections on existential questions. These topics can be very abstract, so this multipurpose template of geometric shapes will help you organise and structure your class. It has a white background and minimalist style with figures in purple and yellow tones....

Dealing with Irrational People presentation template

Dealing with Irrational People

We know it's hard when you need to deal with someone who's being reasonable. Do you teach psychology? Then this template will suit you! We can define this design as creative and colorful (and makes full use of the Memphis style!). Slideshows can be a powerful resource in class, so...

Emotional Loneliness First Aid presentation template

Emotional Loneliness First Aid

Humans are gregarious creatures, which means we feel the need to live with other people. Loneliness, and more concretely, emotional loneliness can affect our health. Perhaps you might need this template for a conference on psychology, where you can share some data or a clinical case on this matter. To...

How to Get Through Blue Monday Cards presentation template

How to Get Through Blue Monday Cards

Slidesgo can provide you with a little collection of motivational cards, just for those who think that Blue Monday is a thing. Each slide contains a nice illustration and a sentence or message that gives some insight on how to cheer up when you're feeling down. It's a colorful template...

Anxiety Disorder presentation template

Anxiety Disorder

We all have our ups and downs during our lives. Anxiety might sound worrisome, but it can be overcome. If you work in the medical field, try editing this template to give a speech on the matter and provide some info on disorders related to anxiety. We opted for a...

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Psychology Office for Therapy Sessions presentation template

Psychology Office for Therapy Sessions

To be able to face every day with full energy, not only our body needs to be in top shape, but also our mind! If you're a psychologist, get this template and talk a bit about how your therapy sessions work. The design might remind you of a famous work...

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Borderline Personality Disorder presentation template

Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline personality disorder affects the way one thinks and feels about oneself and others. With this presentation you can explain the peculiarities of this mental illness giving it an entertaining touch, thanks to its cartoon illustrations. The design is abstract, in blue color and with waves. Inside the template you...

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USA's National Humor Month presentation template

USA's National Humor Month

Did you know that April is National Humor Month? The goal is to raise awareness about the therapeutic potential of humor, as it has been proven that laughter helps relieve stress and improves our mood. Share facts and tips with this abstract style template with colorful shapes. You can point...

Stress Awareness Month presentation template

Stress Awareness Month

Stress has numerous negative effects on our health. To prevent it, April is celebrated as stress awareness month. If you need a good presentation to help you spread information on the topic, we propose this Slidesgo template. It is fully editable and has a professional and attractive design. It mixes...

World Autism Awareness Day presentation template

World Autism Awareness Day

April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day, which aims to promote understanding and support for people with autism. A multitude of activities are held throughout the month, so if you have already prepared your own, use this template to present them. It has a white background with abstract shapes in...

International Moment of Laughter Day presentation template

International Moment of Laughter Day

Laughter is the best medicine. To pay tribute to its healing power there is the international moment of laughter day, which is celebrated on April 14. We help you prepare a presentation with all the benefits it brings to our health with this fun template full of smiling emoticons and...

ADHD Breakthrough presentation template

ADHD Breakthrough

Have you conducted a study on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and need to present the results? This template is perfect for you. The background is sober, in gray, and the geometric elements that we have included in all the slides provide the touch of color. The typography of the...