Chemistry Presentation templates

Find the best Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates about Chemistry and experiment with the compositions of your own presentations.

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Chemistry Thesis

Everything in this world is composed of atoms and, within science, chemistry is what studies these. Thanks to chemists we can understand what our universe is made of. As a graduate student who has chosen this career path, you’re about to finish your master’s program, but only the thesis defense...

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Chemistry Lesson

Teach and learn about the marvels of chemistry! Use this chalkboard presentation and add lots of experiments and explanations on the different elements.

Chemistry Science Lesson

Attract the attention of your students with this template, perfect for preparing your chemistry science lesson. The layout is made up of abstract shapes, a pink background and blue text. Divide the agenda into as many sections as you need. Here we give you the resources to make your class...

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Chemical Warfare Awareness

Chemical weapons caused more than 100,000 deaths during World War I, and more than a million wounded. To pay tribute to all these victims there is the day of Remembrance of all Victims of Chemical Warfare, which takes place on November 30. Inspired by this theme we have created this...

Science Subject for High School - 9th Grade: Chemistry

Future scientists always start somewhere, for example, in high school! Let's make your chemistry lessons more dynamic with a slideshow that can help with your lecture. It contains several illustrations of lab objects, a slide frame composed of squares and green backgrounds. Don't worry about the layouts because they're easier...

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Chemical Engineer CV

Having success and using templates by Slidesgo is a formula that always works: it's just chemistry! In fact, we have designed a new template for CVs. It's in A4 format, it's totally printable, it contains a cover letter and has some decorations that fit perfectly if your vocation is related...

Science Subject for Elementary - 2nd Grade: Chemistry

There are people who become scientists after someone encouraged them to. Can you imagine that person being you, their school teacher? Level up your chemistry lessons with this cool template for little students. It has wavy shapes and several illustrations of kids, as well as some examples of slides you...

Science Fair Newsletter

Creativity and innovation are also words closely tied to science, since people are always looking for new inventions and applications. Are you organizing a science fair and want to keep people up to date? How convenient—here’s our latest free template focused on this topic!

Science Subject for High School - 10th Grade: Matter

According to the law of conservation of mass, the mass can neither be created nor destroyed. Wow! This statement does not coincide with the Slidesgo templates, because they are created (by incredible designers) and destroyed (if you don't save them correctly!). Well, why are we telling you this? Because we...

Research Methods Lesson

If you deal with Science, it’s important to learn more about research methods. Teach your students about them with this presentation full of illustrations and drawings related to labs. Use graphs, maps, tables and overview diagrams to support your lecture in a visual way!

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Intempo School Center

An informative presentation is always a good idea if you need to give details about various aspects of your school. This template has sections such as "teaching method", "enrollment process", "academic areas" and "our teachers", which will help potential students decide whether your center is the perfect choice. Its graphic...

Science Subject for Middle School - 8th Grade: Solutions and Other Mixtures

Preparing chemistry lessons that are cool, visual, easy to understand and fast to prepare can be hard. But we have a solution! You won’t need a beaker for this one, only a computer and internet connection. This design allows you to speak about chemical solutions in a modern and interesting...

Science Subject for Middle School - 8th Grade: Atoms, Elements, and the Periodic Table

We have tried to tell chemistry jokes, but there was no reaction :( However, if you use a creative template like this one in your next middle school lesson, your students will surely be happy! It’s always nice to have visual aid to understand complicated things like chemistry, so a...

Science Subject for Elementary - 1st Grade: Chemistry

Hi! Let's do a chemistry experiment in the Slidesgo lab! We will need: a test tube, a burner and two funnels. But what are we going to experiment with? The component we will be studying is this template for a first-grade chemistry class. Let's start with the experimentation! After doing...

Biochemical Technician CV

Biochemists have the power to understand the world surrounding them, but also to change it! Speak about your skills as a technician with this modern design that has been chemically modified so that it includes the best resources and causes the best effect among recruiters. Add your studies and experience...

Science Subject for Middle School - 8th Grade: Bonding

My name is Bond… Ionic Bond. Chemists fear me because I have a very strong bond, I can square up, but I’m very reactive. Just like you with your friends, chemicals love to bond with each other! Explain how these relationships work with this fun template for science lessons and...


Chemistry Lesson Infographics

How many atoms of oxygen and hydrogen are in water? If you know the answer, perhaps you like chemistry! Here you have this new set of infographics for lessons, just in case you want to represent some concepts visually. Thanks to the doodle aspect of the illustrations, the diagrams and...

Biotechnologist CV

A biotechnologist is dedicated to study biology and to develop it through technology. This science is the union of two scientific fields that require a lot of training and study. You, as a good biotechnologist, you have been trained, you have done a lot of internships in the field of...

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