White Presentation templates

Download and customize these free presentation templates with White backgrounds for Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. Get your message across using this neutral color and embrace simplicity, optimism and integrity.

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Minimal Charm presentation template

Minimal Charm

Are you looking for a monochromatic theme that is interesting at the same time? How about using a simple and clean theme, along with black-and-white pictures, to convey business or corporate content in a professional way?

Floral Wedding presentation template

Floral Wedding

The most important day in the life of a person is the day of their marriage! Being forever with his loved one means a lot of happiness. Are you a wedding planner and want to promote what you can do for the groom and the bride? Or are you the...

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Research Project Proposal presentation template

Research Project Proposal

Before embarking yourself on a new project, especially if it’s about research, you need to set out a proposal to explain its viability. Here at Slidesgo we’re offering this theme that you can actually use for any kind of project, regardless of the topic.

Pastel Portfolio presentation template

Pastel Portfolio

Having a very creative portfolio opens a lot of doors, more than you think. We've created this template for those who want to showcase their work and skills. As always, the Memphis graphic style will help you grab attention, and the pastel colors too! Mention your studies, add images of...

Aquatic and Physical Therapy Center presentation template

Aquatic and Physical Therapy Center

The way we present our company says a lot about it. This time we bring you a perfect template for aquatic therapy centers. Its background is white, which contrasts with the waves in blue and gray tones, simulating the movement of water. Edit the graphics, show your milestones and explain...

College Pastel Notes presentation template

College Pastel Notes

Between classes, project works and studying, keeping up with everything seems difficult, especially at college level, right? Fear not, because Slidesgo has just created this template for you! To cheer you up, the first thing we came up with is bright pastel colors and many doodle-like illustrations—a fun touch is...

Elegant Education Pack for Students presentation template

Elegant Education Pack for Students

The way in which we study has changed drastically in the last year, that's why we need to be more organized than ever. In Slidesgo we want to help your students and have designed this elegant template full of resources for your classes. We added everything you could possibly ask...

International Environment Day presentation template

International Environment Day

We only have one planet Earth, so any actions from companies in favor of the environment is welcome. Show your CSR in this editable template that has wavy shapes and soft pastel tones of white, green and brownish (these two are closely tied to nature!). All the layouts are quite...

Music Subject for Pre-K: Musical Notes presentation template

Music Subject for Pre-K: Musical Notes

Music is almost a universal language, understood by everyone, and a means of conveying emotions. You can use this new template to teach the musical notes to your pre-K students! Don't worry, we've used lots of colors to grab their attention. The theme, music, is all over the presentation, since...

Leave The Office Earlier Day presentation template

Leave The Office Earlier Day

Work to live and not live to work. That's what the leave the office earlier day is all about. Motivate your employees by implementing this original initiative that aims to raise awareness of the benefits of having a work-life balance to increase productivity at work. Use this modern illustration template...

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Hot Air Balloon Planner presentation template

Hot Air Balloon Planner

With this new template, you'll never forget your tasks and appointments. Yes, rise to the top by editing these slides that contain calendars, tables, timetables and other layouts. It's like a trip to creativity, with doodles of balloons and strokes of watercolor. You'll have a lot of fun editing this,...

Censorship Thesis presentation template

Censorship Thesis

A study on freedom of speech in each country sounds very interesting, at least for us. If you have completed a thesis or a school paper about this topic, this template can help you show what you've found out. The design features a very noticeable halftone effect on the photos...

Event Sponsorship Proposal presentation template

Event Sponsorship Proposal

Could you imagine the logo and the brand of your company appearing everywhere in an event with thousands of people? This template, designed for project proposals, can be the first step to making that a reality. The design of the layouts resemble a mosaic, so you can combine different colors...

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Beverage Day! presentation template

Beverage Day!

Having a beer with friends, enjoying a nice glass of wine to celebrate a special moment or ordering cocktails on a night out - who doesn't love those moments? That's what Beverage Day, which is celebrated on May 6, invites us to do. With this theme in mind, we have...

Guess the Flag! presentation template

Guess the Flag!

How many flags can you guess? In this template we have included different activities related to the ensigns for you to test your knowledge or that of your students or friends. It has a style with geometric shapes, white background and illustrations. Thanks to the memory games, drawing games, matching...

Sewing Machine Workshop presentation template

Sewing Machine Workshop

Some people find sewing a relaxing activity in addition to being a form of creativity. If you are teaching how to use sewing machines in a workshop, this template might come in handy to help you illustrate your points. The slides are totally fitting for the topic: there's a fabric...

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Japanese Pop Culture Lesson presentation template

Japanese Pop Culture Lesson

Do you love manga, anime, J-pop music, Japanese doramas, gameshows, video games, everything that comes from Nippon? If you work for a cultural institution, you can use this template to show some aspects of the Japanese pop culture to your audience! The layouts are made of white backgrounds and colored...

Cool Grid Business Proposal presentation template

Cool Grid Business Proposal

Doing business is like an art by itself. If you need to present a proposal, we can help you with this new template. The main features are quite noticeable: a grid on the backgrounds, some illustrations in the form of doodles and a geometric design based on rectangles. No more...