Pre-K Presentation templates

Our kids are the future! Edit now these Pre-K templates and teach them about animals, grammar, spelling or numbers. Make them enjoy the process of learning with Slidesgo.

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Back to School Social Media presentation template

Back to School Social Media

Back to School time has arrived at Slidesgo! Whether you are a school center or a business focused on stationery and other school supplies, this template will help you plan and report your Social Media Strategy. Your marketing campaign will get to both parents and students, and getting a high...

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#StayAtHome Games presentation template

#StayAtHome Games

More and more countries are asking people to stay at home while trying to stop the spread of COVID-19. This is a weird situation especially for kids, who might not understand why they cannot go out for so long. We’ve designed a new interactive template with which you can play...

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Word Work Activities presentation template

Word Work Activities

Mastering a language is not an easy task! Many students have a difficult time learning some utterances… Increase your pupils’ vocabulary with this Word Work Activities presentation!

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School Assignments presentation template

School Assignments

Design some school assignments for your students so they can learn while they are having fun. Download this cool template now and make use of its resources. It looks like a sheet of a notebook and we have added drawings of stationery. Get your pencil!

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Elementary School Weekly Planner presentation template

Elementary School Weekly Planner

Help your students organize their weeks with this cool planner. It contains lots of cute illustrations that your pupils will recognize easily. There are tables, graphs, to-do lists and many more helpful sections.

Problem Solving Lesson presentation template

Problem Solving Lesson

To have a better experience when teaching little kids at school, you can use resources such as slideshows so they keep focused on the lecture. Start editing this template containing pastel colors and simplified layouts! It's not focused on any subject in particular, so you can get the most of...

Nature Activities Binder presentation template

Nature Activities Binder

Today we bring you a template that will be very useful for Pre-K teachers. It is an interactive presentation that includes different activities related to nature. It depicts a notebook and has a side menu that allows you to navigate through the slides. Its cute pastel colors convey tenderness, along...

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Digital Stickers for School Days presentation template

Digital Stickers for School Days

We have said it before so many times: education and fun can go hand in hand! For all those teachers and students out there that want more "yay" in their school life, here's our latest template. It's chock-full of illustrations in the form of stickers, turning the slides instantly into...

Meet Our Professors presentation template

Meet Our Professors

The beginning of the school year is always synonymous with nerves for teachers and students. To break the ice, why not introduce your professors in a different way? We propose you this original template with a dark background and abstract and colorful shapes. It features doodle-style illustrations related to teaching,...

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Behavior Management Cards for Preschoolers presentation template

Behavior Management Cards for Preschoolers

Teaching emotions to preschoolers might sound difficult, but is very necessary for them. These slides can be a great resource if you need extra help. They include cartoony illustrations of kids and lots of cards with explanations or activities related to feelings and emotions. The design is simple and aimed...

Emotional Intelligence Subject for Pre-K: Self-Awareness presentation template

Emotional Intelligence Subject for Pre-K: Self-Awareness

Would you be able to define self-awareness? Sounds like a complex concept, right? If you want to teach this to very young students, you can start by using this new template so that you get a presentation that makes this lesson a bit more easy for them, and for you!...

Hey Baby! MK Campaign presentation template

Hey Baby! MK Campaign

Maybe you have a clothes shop for newborns or very young kids, or perhaps you run a kindergarten. Marketing will help you get to your target audience: the parents! To present your marketing campaign, here's a cute template with adorable hand-drawn illustrations of animals. It's also organic thanks to the...

Phonics Subject for Pre-K: Phonemic Awareness presentation template

Phonics Subject for Pre-K: Phonemic Awareness

Let's learn how to read and write! As we always say, when education meets fun, the students are happy to learn and remember the lessons. This colorful template focuses on phonemic awareness, and its design is perfect for teaching little kids. The typography is casual-looking and, if you need a...

Emotional Intelligence Subject for Pre-K: Motivation presentation template

Emotional Intelligence Subject for Pre-K: Motivation

Emotional intelligence is one of the most valuable skills that a small kid can learn. It helps them develop healthy relationships with his feelings and with this environment, and the best moment to start is when they’re little. A great way to introduce them to this subject is with this...

Phonics Subject for Pre-K: Reading presentation template

Phonics Subject for Pre-K: Reading

In order to develop the language skills of a very young kid, preschools foster the learning of reading, speaking and writing. Introducing our new template for children! An interactive design in which teachers can use the slides to create reading activities for their little students. As well as examples of...

Learning the Days of the Week! presentation template

Learning the Days of the Week!

What goes after Tuesday? Unfortunately, it’s not Friday. Help your little students learn the days of the week in a funny way with this template full of doodles and games! The design is perfect for the occasion: colorful, with a hand drawn font, and funny to watch because it is...

Music Subject for Pre-K: Tempo presentation template

Music Subject for Pre-K: Tempo

Since music is an international language, it's good that you use it for educational purposes with students of all ages. Even the younger ones can learn from music, so if you are a teacher, you might be interested in this new template, created to teach things such as tempo. The...

Art Subject for Pre-K: Sculpting presentation template

Art Subject for Pre-K: Sculpting

Art is usually the favorite kid’s class. That’s only natural, they have so much fun crafting, painting, creating… You can have just as much fun while preparing your lesson if you use this creative template from Slidesgo! It’s the perfect one for a sculpting lesson, because we’ve added printable materials...