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Frequently Asked Questions

In what ways can I use AI-generated content from Slidesgo tools?

Generative AI is a tool that helps us perform basic tasks and boosts our creativity. It's essential not to use content from others without their permission and to refrain from generating content that may undermine the rights of others or be harmful, offensive, or potentially dangerous. Additionally, it's important to indicate when sharing content that it has been fully or partially generated using artificial intelligence. If you have any doubts, we recommend that you take a look at the terms and conditions of our products developed with AI.

Why do I get different results with the same prompt?

Every time we ask the AI a query, it responds with slight variations to generate answers adapted to what we have asked. It generates a completely new answer when it processes the different elements we provide it with through the instructions and configurations we propose. If the instructions do not change, the results will be quite similar; if the instructions change slightly in some aspect, the results will change, adapting to the new value we have included.

How do we moderate the results to ensure that AI is safe?

Our AI solutions are built on LLMs from top-tier providers. The NSFW filters applied by these providers are also applied to our content to maintain the safety and quality of the results.

What do we do with the instructions and results?

Slidesgo only stores AI results and responses for internal research and service improvement purposes. We do not use them to train AI models.

Do I have to mention or license Slidesgo when I use results from Slidesgo's AI tools?

You do not need to license Slidesgo to use AI-generated content, but we recommend reviewing the terms and conditions of use if you have any questions.

How can I improve my prompts?

To write a good prompt, be specific, clear, and concise. Use keywords and phrases that accurately describe the content you want to create, give context, and provide the details necessary for the AI to identify the most important elements you want to highlight. If you are still a bit lost, we recommend watching this tutorial from Wepik.

If you need further information, please contact us