The latest Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates

Download our cool PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes to create attractive designs for your presentations. Make the most of the beautiful backgrounds and take advantage of the easy-to-edit resources included.

Cool Network Marketing presentation template

Cool Network Marketing

Everyone who sees on the screen any of the slides included in this template will be eager to listen to you. Yeah, that's the compelling power of this design! In actuality, it's been designed for marketing gurus, for example, to introduce their audience to network marketing. This colorful template combines...

For Wizards: The Template That Cannot Be Named presentation template

For Wizards: The Template That Cannot Be Named

You open your mailbox and see nothing until... a letter pops up from thin air, inviting you to attend to the magical school of Slidesgo! This new template is a true homage to wizards, and many mysteries are waiting inside! But with a little potion, we can reveal them. Great!...

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Team Building and Cohesion Workshop presentation template

Team Building and Cohesion Workshop

OK team, listen up. We have some high expectations, but we're getting there. If we keep this up and work together, we can do it! Sounds familiar? This template for workshops will allow you to teach exactly how people in a team can improve their performance so that work gets...

Departamento de Enfermería presentation template

Departamento de Enfermería

Nurses are extremely important, and they have been working nonstop in the past year to keep us all healthy. For that reason, a good organization is a key factor in a nursing department. There is so many things to keep track of! Areas covered, patients treated and cured, milestones reached,...

Anime Agency presentation template

Anime Agency

If you want to promote your agency, we bring you a wonderful presentation to do it. Everyone will remember your agency because it has a great marketing plan, but also because you have used the Anime Agency template. With bright electric green backgrounds and a modern flashy design, you will...

Mathematics Subject for High School - 9th Grade: Algebra II presentation template

Mathematics Subject for High School - 9th Grade: Algebra II

Maths is an incredible science that explains how the world around us works. Are you as passionate about them as we in Slidesgo? If the answer is yes, take a look at this creative template. The backgrounds are full of illustrations of formulas and the slides have lots of different...

Social Studies Subject for Elementary - 2nd Grade: History presentation template

Social Studies Subject for Elementary - 2nd Grade: History

In school, History as a subject covers a lot, more than you think. But making class easier for the students (and the teachers!) is what we like to do with some of our templates for education, so this one is a good example! Its creative design includes textured backgrounds, some...

Preparing Your Students for College Admissions presentation template

Preparing Your Students for College Admissions

Going to college is a big step for some—they begin the studies that will grant them a degree, and later access to a job or to even higher education. Let's not panic! Use this template to help them prepare for college admissions. If you want them to listen to you,...

Minimal Startup Business Pitch Deck presentation template

Minimal Startup Business Pitch Deck

They say that beginnings are not easy... That is why at Slidesgo we want to help you take the first steps of your business. We bring you a pitch deck presentation for your startup that will get your company off the ground. Designed for Google Slides and PowerPoint, this template...

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Second-hand Clothes Resale App presentation template

Second-hand Clothes Resale App

With the boom of apps for selling second-hand articles, it's just natural you've developed your own. Now it's time to pitch your ideas and get additional funding! We've created a new template that uses black-and-white photos, two colors (white and light green) and simple layouts. This semi-minimalist approach works great,...

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Pale Gradients Creative Agency presentation template

Pale Gradients Creative Agency

Agencies must be unique in order to draw the customers’ attention. If you company has a modern vibe and keeps up with trends, presenting it with this template is an amazing solution. This design has pale gradients that, combined with the minimalist lines, will make your speech stand out. Presenting...

Flat Universe Company Profile presentation template

Flat Universe Company Profile

Look at the stars and tell us what you see? A "flat universe"? Oh, the "flat" in the name of this template actually refers to the style of its resources! This galactic slideshow works wonders, especially if you use it to present your company profile so that everyone gets to...

International Day of the Tropics presentation template

International Day of the Tropics

The tropics are the parts of the Earth that are close to the center of the planet and they have an incredibly rich biodiversity. Due to threats like deforestation, invasive species and the climate change, these amazing ecosystems are losing more and more hectares every day. This is a serious...

New Hire Onboarding Meeting presentation template

New Hire Onboarding Meeting

A new employee joining your company means a new teammate and a new friend working with you to reach the company’s goals. There’s no better way to introduce them to your company than with this colorful minimal template that we have designed in Slidesgo. It has a simple design, because...

Plan d'affaires de la boutique presentation template

Plan d'affaires de la boutique

The way we dress is an outward expression of our personality. That's why clothes are a very important part of us. With this minimalistic, yet elegant template available for Google Slides and PowerPoint, you will be able to present your business plan for your clothing company. With different easy-to-edit graphics,...

Hey Baby! MK Campaign presentation template

Hey Baby! MK Campaign

Maybe you have a clothes shop for newborns or very young kids, or perhaps you run a kindergarten. Marketing will help you get to your target audience: the parents! To present your marketing campaign, here's a cute template with adorable hand-drawn illustrations of animals. It's also organic thanks to the...

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Take Care of Your Calories presentation template

Take Care of Your Calories

Having a nutritious diet is the key to a healthy life, and in order to have it, you need to keep an eye on what you eat. There are so many diets to follow, but the best way of being healthy and fit is keeping track on the macros of...

Linear Patterns Business Meeting presentation template

Linear Patterns Business Meeting

If you want your business meeting to stand out, this is the prefect design for you. It is both modern, sophisticated, and formal. The slides are filled with linear forms, icons, and resources to support your speech. Infographics, maps, charts, illustrations, mock-ups… everything you need it, we have it! The...


Quit Smoking Infographics presentation template

Quit Smoking Infographics

Smoking is bad for your health. That is crystal clear. If you intend to give a speech about this matter, you can use our infographics and show some statistics or other kind of important data to your audience. Obviously, all designs use the concept of quitting smoking one way or...

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Goyang International Flower Festival Infographics presentation template

Goyang International Flower Festival Infographics

Did you attend the Goyang International Flower Festival? Did you also download our template dedicated to it? Then, if you were wishing for more, we're happy to oblige! This is a set of infographics whose style is similar to the mentioned template, so you'll find lots of flowers as part...

Aqua Marketing Plan Infographics presentation template

Aqua Marketing Plan Infographics

Marketing plans need very complete presentations full of data, examples, guides… That’s why we have designed this set of extra infographics for our “Aqua Marketing Plan” template. The resources follow the same eye-catching design so that you can use them without changing the esthetics of your presentation. Illustrate percentages, numbers,...

Numismatics Infographics presentation template

Numismatics Infographics

Numismatics is an amazing field of study that focuses not only on coins, but also in all money, tokens and exchanged objects. It’s known because of people who collect coins but, in reality, it’s a well-developed science that analyzes payments and exchanges. These infographics focus on them and are helpful...

Daily Activities for Online Lessons Infographics presentation template

Daily Activities for Online Lessons Infographics

We know that organizing online classes can be a complicated task. Slidesgo wants to help you, so it brings you these great infographics. If you liked our Daily Activities for Online Lessons presentation, you would love this template because you can use these infographics to supplement the presentation. They have...

How to Save Money Infographics presentation template

How to Save Money Infographics

"Oh, it's the electricity bill again. How do other families manage to save money?". This question might sound familiar, so if you have tips and recommendations on how to save money each month, it'll be great if you used these editable infographics to represent that data visually in front of...