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The latest Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates

Download our cool PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes to create attractive designs for your presentations. Make the most of the beautiful backgrounds and take advantage of the easy-to-edit resources included.

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Printable Name Writing Activities for Pre-K

More than twenty letters in the alphabet to choose from. Will you be able to write your own name? Of course you will! Your teacher used this printable template to prepare some activities for you. And you had a lot of fun tracing over letters, guessing words starting with a...

Bathukamma Festival

There's a state in India called Telangana. So far, so good. Now, there's a festival called Bathukamma, in honor of the goddess Parvati, and this festival is probably as flowery as it gets. There's no better way to thank this goddess for the great harvest! Well, there's also this template,...

Road Construction & Civil Engineering Major for College

Dear engineers, this template is for you. Whether you are a teacher or a student, we have created a professional and sober layout, whose thematic line fits within the university studies of civil engineering and road and construction. In the presentation, you will find three tones: gray, white and black...

Travel Agency Job Descriptions

Excuse me, I'd like to travel somewhere that has to offer something incredible, not found in any other place in this planet. I'd like to travel by plane, first class, and I'd like to stay at a great hotel. What are the requirements that the person attending this customer in...

World Opera Day

We can't insert audio clips in the descriptions (or can we?) but we can make you think that everything we are going to tell you has a typical opera intonation. Heeeeere weeee go! Insert dramatic music as well. October 25th is World Opera Day and we thought that in addition...

Vinegar Manufacturing Business Plan

Vinegar is one of the mainstays in cooking (and a must in pickling), and Italy is the main exporter of vinegar in the entire world by a large margin. These kind of companies that produce, distribute or market vinegar must have a solid business plan to stay ahead of the...

Luxury Jewelry Brand Social Media Strategy

Money is for spending, according to many. Isn't that right, as long as it applies to those who can afford it? You can spend it on a new car, traveling, a new gaming computer, or jewelry. This! The latter kind of customer is the one you're looking for, right? This...

Puzzle Pieces Style Minitheme for Pre-K

We all love puzzles! They allow you to work on different mental skills, plus they are the perfect entertainment at any time. And little kids love them too! We've decorated this presentation with color gradient puzzle illustrations to give it the stylistic touch. As for resources, you'll find timelines, graphs,...

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Collage Techniques Workshop

You know what a collage is, right? It’s probably the art style that comprises the largest number of art techniques. It can basically be anything! You put many colors, textures or techniques together and create a beautiful art piece! But it’s not that simple… In all this chaos there is...

Humanoid Robot Project Proposal

Technology is so far advanced that it has almost crossed the line. Can you tell whether this text has been written by a human or a robot? Well, maybe you should run this template through the Turing test, just to make sure… Present your project proposal for a robot company...

Diwali: A Festival of Lights

There's a celebration in India called Diwali, also known as Festival of Lights. Why? There are a lot of oil lamps and fireworks during that day, and people wear their best clothes! If you know all about this celebration, share the information with everyone! Download this orange template, customize its...

Ophthalmic Clinical Case: Vision Loss

The design of this template is truly eye-catching! These creative slides are the perfect resource for innovative doctors or eye specialists who want to present ophthalmic clinical cases in a modern, fun way. This design includes lots of resources for health professionals so that you can present data in a...

Instagram Post

Minimalist Aesthetic IG Posts

Social media like Instagram can be a good way to communicate with your audience and keep them up to date with the latest news of you or your business. Are you looking for a nice minimalistic but also, modern and elegant design for your IG posts? Then you are at...

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Printable Graduation Invitations for All Levels and Grades

Congratulations! We’re all celebrating your graduation! It’s such an important moment in your life when your school year is over and it’s time to close another chapter in your life! If you’re graduating, what better to celebrate than to spend this moment with your friends and family. Invite all of...

History Subject for High School: National Austria Day

Austria is a country rich in culture, history and traditions. Not to mention its dreamlike mountain scenery, or its cities. Who wouldn't like to get lost in the streets of Vienna? On October 26 this European country celebrates its national holiday and we have created this template for you to...

Fashion Show Project Proposal

Pose! Get the best of your outfit with this fashion show prepared through a Google Slides PowerPoint presentation. With this design you can go into every detail of your proposal for a fashion show: attendants, outfits, lights, music, catering… on this design, there’s place for every aspect of your plan!

United Nations Day Minitheme

October 24th is a day to celebrate peace, humanity and collaborative work. On this date, people from all countries unite to celebrate the United Nations Day! Take this day as an opportunity to download this template and prepare a presentation on the goals and achievements of this international organisation. The...

Rare Syndromes Healthcare Center

Diseases that affect a very low percentage of the population are considered rare, but that doesn't mean that these patients should be left aside! In fact, there are healthcare centers that are dedicated entirely to this kind of care. Like yours, for example? We've got a template for you, in...