Infographics Presentation templates

Discover our engaging Google Slides and PowerPoint slides full of infographics to present your information or data clearly and quickly!

Timeline Infographics presentation template

Timeline Infographics

Timeline infographics are simply great if you need to create a list of events, steps or processes in chronological order or if you want to mark some milestones! Never miss a key action, a date or a deadline again! They are very visual, clear to follow and logical.

Mind Maps presentation template

Mind Maps

Mind maps are used to organize information, visually speaking. It displays a hierarchical structure, in which branches need to be balanced. You can use them in several ways: when learning something, when teaching, but also for commercial purposes or when you want to explain something about your company. They are...

Process Diagrams presentation template

Process Diagrams

If you want to present the progress of your sales, project plan or manufacturing activities, process diagrams will be your best friends. They have the ability to develop a clear description of a process, step by step. They are pretty useful to achieve better communication with other people involved in...

Technology Infographics presentation template

Technology Infographics

The designs included in this new template have something in common: all of them have some kind of technological motif. You’ll find many infographics with devices and icons supporting the circular, isometric, roadmap-like and even hexagonal layouts. and the number of sections range between three and six per slide.

Avatar Cut-Out Infographics presentation template

Avatar Cut-Out Infographics

These new infographics allow you to make your own avatar by dragging "cut-out" pieces to a character. We wanted to be original with our designs and we've included thirty different ones, each with its own set of accessories, hairstyles and other elements. This funny template is offered in flat, semi-flat...

Concept Map Infographics presentation template

Concept Map Infographics

Slidesgo makes it very easy for you to depict the relationship between ideas, concepts or elements. These concept maps are inspired by the galaxy and the planets, done in two main graphic styles: flat and doodle-like. Some of them come with icons and, of course, all of them can be...

Resume Infographics presentation template

Resume Infographics

What you'll find in this set of infographics is various designs that help you represent useful data for a CV, such as education, skills and experience, in a more visual and intuitive way. Thanks to their different styles, such as flat, linear or hand-drawn, there's something for everyone here. Impress...

Teaching Method Infographics presentation template

Teaching Method Infographics

This is a new resource for teachers who want to explain in detail what their school's teaching method is. Add these infographics to your presentations and modify them accordingly. Boost the visuals of your slides with these colorful designs of diagrams, percentages, comparisons and bullet points, among others. Use the...

Project Management Infographics presentation template

Project Management Infographics

Do you want to present your business or company data in an effective way? Go ahead and use these Project Management Infographics. They contain a lot of different designs: circular, arrows, paths… We have created them using yellow, orange, pink and purple hues and plenty of icons that you can...

Minimalist Lunch Plan Infographics presentation template

Minimalist Lunch Plan Infographics

Are you on a diet or you must follow a special lunch plan? With these infographics, now you can organize your week when it comes to meals. Thanks to their minimalist design, all of them are super easy to understand (and edit!). You can add your own grocery list and...

Ideas Infographics presentation template

Ideas Infographics

When trying to represent a creative process or notion, Ideas diagrams are their perfect match. They usually allude to metaphors like light bulbs or brains. Eureka!

Countries Infographics presentation template

Countries Infographics

These infographics have traveled around the globe! Well, not really, but the truth is that we've compiled designs with maps of different countries of the world, including Russia, India, United States, Spain, China and others. When talking about geography or culture, try adding these infographics to your slides!

Maturity Model Infographics presentation template

Maturity Model Infographics

Maturity models assess different aspects of a company, looking for ways to improve performance and resource allocation. You have already the results? Lay them down in these infographics and show them to your colleagues in a visually appealing way. You can edit these graphs and diagrams to reflect your data...

Our Team Infographics presentation template

Our Team Infographics

Customize these cool infographics to introduce the different members of your team to your audience. From office workers to hospital staff, we have designed many different groups, each with its own set of text boxes. The styles are diverse and some of the illustrations come from Stories by Freepik.

Roadmap Infographics presentation template

Roadmap Infographics

Infographics are great visual aids to present complex pieces of information or data. Do you need a helping hand? Get the show on the road with these roadmap infographics for your presentations!

Hand-Drawn Timeline Infographics presentation template

Hand-Drawn Timeline Infographics

We have created an assortment of hand-drawn timelines. These playful resources are great to present a process over time, deadlines or events; hence, you can use tem for myriad purposes: health, education, business, marketing, defining future actions, plannifications or workflows with deadlines, among others.

Light Bulb Infographics presentation template

Light Bulb Infographics

Did you have a brilliant idea but need help with your presentation? Light bulb infographics have arrived in Slidesgo! Flat, hand-drawn, kawaii, filled and even linear designs are included in this template. All of them are very colorful, so try them and make your pitch shine!

Doodle Banner Infographics presentation template

Doodle Banner Infographics

Infographics are always a good resource when it comes to providing information at a glance. Do you like them in the form of banners? Then go to the next level and combine that with the doodle graphic style! Let the colors make your data stand out.