Water Presentation templates

With our awesome free PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes, you can talk about the seas, the beach, the oceans, or raise awareness about Water conservation. They are customizable and easy to edit.

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Geography Lesson presentation template

Geography Lesson

Do you want your students to learn a bit more about the world they live in? This new template by Slidesgo is a great Geography lesson for your class!

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Biology Lesson presentation template

Biology Lesson

Let’s dive into the world of sea life with this new Slidesgo template, which you can use to teach a very interesting Biology lesson in the classroom. Take a deep breath and have a look at this presentation.

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Solar Power Project Proposal presentation template

Solar Power Project Proposal

More and more people are becoming aware of the environment and global warming. If you need to present a project proposal and want a little help with the design, you’ve come to the right place! With this new template, your work will shine by itself.

Environmental Consulting presentation template

Environmental Consulting

Some consulting agencies offer their services to ensure companies commit to the regulations to take care of the environment. Use this new free template, whose bright colors and eco-related resources improve so much the message of your sales pitch.

Water Resources Business Plan presentation template

Water Resources Business Plan

Water companies are the ones who provide this basic necessity for society. In some countries, competition is fierce, so try giving a presentation with our new free business plan template, ready for engaging even the most demanding audience.

Water Thesis presentation template

Water Thesis

Have you finished your water thesis and are looking for a template to help you prepare your presentation to defend it? We have the solution for you with this design of organic shapes and blue tones that will allow you to present all your research in an attractive way. Because...

Climate and Water Lesson presentation template

Climate and Water Lesson

Here at Slidesgo we'd like to help you encourage students (and people in general) to be more aware of the environment. Here's a new template for lessons on ecology, especially water and climate change. The palette contains blue tones, there are many illustrations and all the layouts are quite simple.

Aqua Marketing Plan presentation template

Aqua Marketing Plan

For those times when a marketing plan needs to cause an impact, trust this template. You'll see instantly how appealing the watercolor details are when contemplating these slides. This design can be the perfect choice if your message has to do with water or the environment!

Underwater Coral Backgrounds presentation template

Underwater Coral Backgrounds

What mysteries lie deep in the ocean? Dive into this template and customize its slides and resources to have a presentation capable of wowing your audience. Featuring backgrounds full of illustrations of sea life, it's like an expedition to the depths of the sea while you tell your public your...

Custom Surfboard Company Profile presentation template

Custom Surfboard Company Profile

Every surfer needs a custom surfboard and every day there are more and more surfers. If you've decided to take the plunge and create your own personalized surfboard company, you'll love this template. It has fun cartoon illustrations that give it that carefree air typical of surfers. The blue colors...

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Ocean Pictures and Sounds for Therapy presentation template

Ocean Pictures and Sounds for Therapy

The relaxing power of the sound of ocean waves is well known. If you are a therapist you surely know what we are talking about. Inspired by the ocean we bring you this template that you can use to explain the more scientific and technical side of sound therapies. We...

Aquatic and Physical Therapy Center presentation template

Aquatic and Physical Therapy Center

The way we present our company says a lot about it. This time we bring you a perfect template for aquatic therapy centers. Its background is white, which contrasts with the waves in blue and gray tones, simulating the movement of water. Edit the graphics, show your milestones and explain...

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Mother Ocean Day presentation template

Mother Ocean Day

The oceans are home to many different species and are full of life—water IS life! Taking good care of them is the key to having a healthy planet, so join us and celebrate Mother Ocean Day! Use this great template, which contains backgrounds that represent underwater scenes, complete with fishes,...

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Learn to Swim Day presentation template

Learn to Swim Day

Learning how to swim is a really useful thing that can save you from more than one upset. That's why we have created this template that you can use to create a learn to swim workshop. It has a very aquatic style, due to its blue color and waves, reminiscent...

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Global Wind Day presentation template

Global Wind Day

Did you know that there is a world wind day? That's right! It is celebrated every year on June 15, and its aim is to raise awareness of the importance of wind energy and the possibilities it offers while respecting the environment and generating employment. If you are an expert...

World Day to Combat Desertification presentation template

World Day to Combat Desertification

Water is the source of live, it is what makes this planet special and the element that has helped humanity develop into what we are today. However, in the last couple of decades, the amount of water has heavily decreased, and many regions of the earth are going through extreme...

Day of the Seafarer presentation template

Day of the Seafarer

You've probably eaten fish or seafood at least once in your life. Or got that product you purchased online safely to your home. Then it's a good idea to thank seafarers for their job! June 25 is the Day of the Seafarer, and our new template is the perfect one...

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Fish Company Profile presentation template

Fish Company Profile

Are you one of the main companies responsible for providing fish and seafood to restaurants in your area? Time to expand your markets! Lay out your company profile in this new template and tell more about your brand identity. How you work, what you sell, how much you grew, what...