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Download our cool PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes to create attractive designs for your presentations. Make the most of the beautiful backgrounds and take advantage of the easy-to-edit resources included.

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Falling Into Infinity Project Proposal presentation template

Falling Into Infinity Project Proposal

After working on a project proposal for so much time, we can tell you're eager to present it! Use this template full of gradients and start adding details about everything you want to show to the audience: requirements, budget, predicted results, timeline, partners, and so on. There're soem photos too...

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Cool Cinema Company Profile presentation template

Cool Cinema Company Profile

There's a lot of people who dream of having their own movie theater. If you have one, you can tell how it's like with this template, which draws a line between cool and creative. The backgrounds alternate between orange and blue, and there are some abstract shapes here and there....

Math Scope & Sequence for High School - 9th Grade: Chapter 1 presentation template

Math Scope & Sequence for High School - 9th Grade: Chapter 1

Welcome to high school! Now you're going to learn math, real math! Just kidding, but this template can actually be used to provide some scope & sequence concerning this subject, so the students can know beforehand what to expect during 9th grade. As an attention-grabber, the font used for titles...

Effective Communication Workshop presentation template

Effective Communication Workshop

Communication is the nexus we have with other people, it’s what helps us build healthy and stable relationships and has a lot of impact in our lives. How can we improve it? We must take into account the rule of the seven C’s: clearness, concretion, coherence, commitment, consistency, completeness and...

Mexican Restaurant Digital Menu Board presentation template

Mexican Restaurant Digital Menu Board

Are you passionate about Mexican food? Are you a real master at making burritos and tacos? This is the template for you! If you have a Mexican restaurant that you delight the rest of the world with, here you have slides for Google Slides and PowerPoint designed by Slidesgo for...

Sunny Social Media presentation template

Sunny Social Media

Ah, staying relevant in social media, one of the essentials in order to get attention and increase your customer or user base. Have you already thought of what strategy to follow? Here's an editable template where you can explain it to your colleagues. A beautiful sunset appears on the backgrounds...

Comedy for Everyone MK Plan presentation template

Comedy for Everyone MK Plan

If you’re looking for a fresh template to brighten up your marketing presentations, you’ve come to the right place. In Slidesgo we’ve prepared this illustrative design specially for this purpose, and we believe that the combination of pastel blue and yellow will be eye-catching and interesting for your audience. The...

International Yoga Day presentation template

International Yoga Day

Yoga is not only a mental and spiritual practice, it also requires strength, flexibility and lots of motivation. This complete sport practice was born in India and has become worldwide known ever since the International Yoga Day was recognized in 2011 by the United Nations. As the Prime Minister of...

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Super Summer Solstice presentation template

Super Summer Solstice

It is finally here! The moment we have waited for so long… it’s summer! The night from the 21st of June there is a celebration that honors the longest day of the year. There is a legend that says that, in the past, people used to give gifts to the...

Nana Gradients Business Meeting presentation template

Nana Gradients Business Meeting

Another business meeting? No, this one isn’t like the other ones! Look at its design, the gradients with pastel colours, the modern fonts, the infographics, the maps… Isn’t it appealing? If you use this template in your next business meeting, your audience will have a unique experience. The contrast of...

Foreign Language Subject for Elementary - 2nd Grade: Spanish presentation template

Foreign Language Subject for Elementary - 2nd Grade: Spanish

¡Buenos días! Are you a foreign language teacher that wants to surprise your students with a creative, colourful and fresh template that makes them feel the Spanish feeling? This is the perfect template for you. It’s full of illustrations of typical Spanish things: beaches, flamenco dancers, bulls, food… and it...

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Executive Coaching Plan for Small-sized Shops presentation template

Executive Coaching Plan for Small-sized Shops

If there's a manager in your (yet) small-sized company and you want to depend on that person, you can develop an executive coaching plan so that they develop a strong leadership. This geometric-centered template allows you to present this idea to your partners, and thanks to the photos included, you...

Instagram Post
I Miss You IG Square Posts presentation template

I Miss You IG Square Posts

Social media has become an indispensable tool in our lives, so why not use it to convey our feelings as well? Want to let that special someone know how much you love them? This template will help you do just that. These are different post designs for Instagram focused on...

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Pill Box Style Healthcare Center presentation template

Pill Box Style Healthcare Center

Do you want to make your healthcare center a little more known to the public? There are many ways to do so, but we like to focus on presentation templates. This one might surprise you, but it works great! It's a minimalist design with gradients, alternating between orange and blue,...

Cute Pastel Doodle & Gradients Notes presentation template

Cute Pastel Doodle & Gradients Notes

If you want to keep your college notes neat and tidy, as well as have a space where you can jot down important things like work submissions and exams, this template is made for you. It has a cheerful orange color with gradients and shades of green and yellow. Both...

Skill School Centers presentation template

Skill School Centers

If you are a skills center director and you want to attract more students, you need a good presentation that captures the interest of parents. This proposal we bring you today is modern and professional, with green and orange colors with gradients and geometric shapes. It includes all the resources...

Simple Geometry Lesson for Middle School presentation template

Simple Geometry Lesson for Middle School

If you have fun while learning, you'll be more keen to remember the lesson! This new template is for teachers of middle school who want to turn their geometry classes into something more interesting for their students. Yes, since it's meant to be fun, we've added some smiling geometrical shapes...

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Creative Business Model Canvas presentation template

Creative Business Model Canvas

You can introduce your company to other people and talk about your business model. How about having a slideshow that is as colorful, creative and innovative as no other? If that's your wish, we're glad to grant it to you! Download this template and start editing the slides to reflect...


Quit Smoking Infographics presentation template

Quit Smoking Infographics

Smoking is bad for your health. That is crystal clear. If you intend to give a speech about this matter, you can use our infographics and show some statistics or other kind of important data to your audience. Obviously, all designs use the concept of quitting smoking one way or...

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Goyang International Flower Festival Infographics presentation template

Goyang International Flower Festival Infographics

Did you attend the Goyang International Flower Festival? Did you also download our template dedicated to it? Then, if you were wishing for more, we're happy to oblige! This is a set of infographics whose style is similar to the mentioned template, so you'll find lots of flowers as part...

Aqua Marketing Plan Infographics presentation template

Aqua Marketing Plan Infographics

Marketing plans need very complete presentations full of data, examples, guides… That’s why we have designed this set of extra infographics for our “Aqua Marketing Plan” template. The resources follow the same eye-catching design so that you can use them without changing the esthetics of your presentation. Illustrate percentages, numbers,...

Numismatics Infographics presentation template

Numismatics Infographics

Numismatics is an amazing field of study that focuses not only on coins, but also in all money, tokens and exchanged objects. It’s known because of people who collect coins but, in reality, it’s a well-developed science that analyzes payments and exchanges. These infographics focus on them and are helpful...

Daily Activities for Online Lessons Infographics presentation template

Daily Activities for Online Lessons Infographics

We know that organizing online classes can be a complicated task. Slidesgo wants to help you, so it brings you these great infographics. If you liked our Daily Activities for Online Lessons presentation, you would love this template because you can use these infographics to supplement the presentation. They have...

How to Save Money Infographics presentation template

How to Save Money Infographics

"Oh, it's the electricity bill again. How do other families manage to save money?". This question might sound familiar, so if you have tips and recommendations on how to save money each month, it'll be great if you used these editable infographics to represent that data visually in front of...