Orange Presentation templates

Download these Orange Google Slides themes and PPT templates for your presentations. This color is warm and vibrant, conveying enthusiasm and self-confidence and stimulating your audience.

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Orange Memphis

Surround yourself with colors thanks to this new template. Its design is focused on the popular Memphis style, so you will be able to get a marvelous result with ease. No audience will be left indifferent. Do you want to know why?

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New and interesting technologies are being used for teaching. This means that you don’t need to be at school or at the university to take courses. If you need to prepare a webinar or you must give a presentation to talk about e-learning and these kind of advances in education,...

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HR Consulting

The visual power of presentations isn’t to be underestimated. If you want to powerfully pitch your latest vision to the management team, look no further. This HR consulting business presentation emits confidence and decisiveness that bring you one step towards success.

Final Project Proposal

Ready to design your own project proposal? Show your data, objectives, steps, sneak peeks and expectations using this orange template! It’s full of energy!

English Vocabulary Workshop

Teaching new words to your students can be a very entertaining activity! Create a vocabulary workshop with this presentation adorned with doodles, wavy shapes and different hues of yellow. Review the objectives, methodology, analysis and conclusions using pie charts, maps or tables.

Reading Workshop

Are you preparing a workshop and your goal is to stimulate reading habits in little kids? Then this template will make them interested in joining your classes. The illustrations depict situations where books take us to a different world. Space is a theme we love at Slidesgo, so the details...

January Daily Slides

Each new year comes with new resolutions and dreams that usually fade over the months. Does it sound familiar? To help you succeed this time we have designed a template of January daily slides with which you can organize your day and write motivational quotes to reach your goals. It...

Nature Activities Binder

Today we bring you a template that will be very useful for Pre-K teachers. It is an interactive presentation that includes different activities related to nature. It depicts a notebook and has a side menu that allows you to navigate through the slides. Its cute pastel colors convey tenderness, along...

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Kawaii Interface for Marketing

Do you know the kawaii concept? It emerged in Japan in the 1960s, and it is a design style that evokes tenderness. We have been inspired by it to create this template that simulates a computer interface, with a grid background and a nice pastel orange color, which will add...

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Creative Business Model Canvas

You can introduce your company to other people and talk about your business model. How about having a slideshow that is as colorful, creative and innovative as no other? If that's your wish, we're glad to grant it to you! Download this template and start editing the slides to reflect...

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Super Summer Solstice

It is finally here! The moment we have waited for so long… it’s summer! The night from the 21st of June there is a celebration that honors the longest day of the year. There is a legend that says that, in the past, people used to give gifts to the...

Réchauffement climatique vs changement climatique

We only have one planet, and we must take care of it. It is our home, and it will be the home of future generations (we are not yet certain of the existence of the typical spaceship from the movies that will take us beyond the Solar System). Concepts such...

US Honey Bee Day

That sound is a bee buzzing? Yes, because US Honey Bee Day is here! August 21 is dedicated to these little insects. Slidesgo loves PowerPoint and Google Slides templates a lot, but these little ones love even more honey. If you want to talk about all your knowledge about bees,...

Global Warming Consequences and Effects

We must take action now: this world is facing a big problem right now called global warming. It's causing respiratory diseases and a rise in sea levels, among other things. To raise awareness about the effects and the consequences of global warming, use this template to create a presentation for...

Art Subject for Elementary - 3rd Grade: Visual Arts

Let's talk about visual arts and creativity! This new template has got a very funny design, and it will be the first step to introducing this subject to your students. The slides have different colors and we've included several examples of things you can mention or talk about. Shapes, weird...

Criminal Justice

Basically, criminal justice is just defined as the way of delivering justice to the people who have committed crimes. Despite this basic definition, there's much more to it. How about you use this template and turn it into a presentation where you give a speech on law or justice? You'll...

Calendar & Weather Subject for Pre-K: Parts of the Day

It is obvious that the night comes after the day, but what about the other parts of the day? It's an interesting thing to teach to your students in class, so we have designed a template for teachers looking for extra help. The slides have cute illustrations and a background...

Language Arts Subject for Highschool - 9th Grade: Mythology

Zeus, Hera, Afrodite, Poseidon, how many more Greek gods can you name? If you love mythology, this is the template you were looking for! Your students will be glad to hear the story of these gods and what mythology actually is and what it meant for the ancient cultures. We...