Diagram Infographics Presentation templates

Do you have some concepts that are related to each other? It's good to put your trust in infographics, especially if you want leave your audience in awe and clapping!

Process Diagrams presentation template

Process Diagrams

If you want to present the progress of your sales, project plan or manufacturing activities, process diagrams will be your best friends. They have the ability to develop a clear description of a process, step by step. They are pretty useful to achieve better communication with other people involved in...

Hexagon Diagrams presentation template

Hexagon Diagrams

If you want to present your information in a very organized way, displaying the different parts of an idea, hexagon infographics allow you to do so! These diagrams don’t show a hierarchical structure, but rather comprehend different sections of concepts.

Spiral Diagrams presentation template

Spiral Diagrams

Looking for an effective way of displaying your business processes and flows? In Slidesgo, we have created spiral diagrams to help you. They are pretty useful to show, for example, cyclical steps. Give them a go and try the perks of using one of these diagrams.

Cause and Effect Diagrams presentation template

Cause and Effect Diagrams

If you need infographics that depict the origin of a given event, these cause and effect diagrams are perfect for you. Use them to show details about your company, to present your marketing strategy or when preparing your classes. Download them now!

Harvey Ball Diagrams presentation template

Harvey Ball Diagrams

If you need to visualize qualitative information, use these Harvey Balls diagrams. They are small pie charts that are perfect to talk about percentages. They present round shapes and flat designs. They typically display 3 to 4 sections per slide.

Gradient Spiral Diagrams presentation template

Gradient Spiral Diagrams

These Spiral Diagrams with gradients represent sequences or progressions, and we have added some text columns, icons, enumerations, colors and other resources to create hierarchies and to differentiate their 4 to 6 sections. They are great for providing business data. They appear as spiral and circle charts displaying gradients.

Venn Diagrams presentation template

Venn Diagrams

Venn diagrams are useful if you want to show correlation between items or concepts. It’s like overlapping the elements that are related to each other. Our designs use mostly circles, but there are others who look like radial charts, others with gradient bubbles or others with arrows. The main styles...

Decision Tree Diagrams presentation template

Decision Tree Diagrams

Sometimes, you have several options at your disposal when trying to make a decision. Representing them visually can help you and your workmates decide what is best for the company. These decision trees are also good to compare data or show different possible outcomes.

Diagrams for Education presentation template

Diagrams for Education

If you need to represent data about education and/or school centers or subjects, and you need to do it as visually attractive as possible, our diagrams are cut out for the job. All the designs revolve around stationery, books, backpacks and other school-related objects. The graphic styles included are flat,...

Yoga Mind Maps presentation template

Yoga Mind Maps

Are you in need of a way to visually convey a group of ideas or concepts and how they are related to each other? And perhaps the topic is yoga? Introducing our new set of infographics! We've combined both "worlds" and this is the result. Icons, imagery and illustrations of...

Maturity Model Infographics presentation template

Maturity Model Infographics

Maturity models assess different aspects of a company, looking for ways to improve performance and resource allocation. You have already the results? Lay them down in these infographics and show them to your colleagues in a visually appealing way. You can edit these graphs and diagrams to reflect your data...

Strategy Map Infographics presentation template

Strategy Map Infographics

Today we're expanding our catalog of infographics with this new addition: strategy maps! Lay out the goals that your company wants to achieve in these diagrams, complete with different colors, arrows and text boxes. You can make them even more visually appealing if you use the icons included!

Knitting Patterns Infographics presentation template

Knitting Patterns Infographics

Are you an expert knitter? Why don't you take advantage of it and share your knowledge with others? With this Slidesgo template we make it easy for you. It includes a multitude of infographics that will help you explain the step by step of the knitting patterns. We have also...

Piano Keys Infographics presentation template

Piano Keys Infographics

If you love music and, more specifically, the piano, take a look at this infographic template. It is entirely inspired by the keys of this musical instrument, so it is ideal for teaching piano playing, although it can also be adapted to other themes. It has different types of layouts,...

Geometric Elements Infographics presentation template

Geometric Elements Infographics

Geometry is nearly a synonym for order, organization, tidyness. Have a look at this set of editable infographics, which have been built with only geometric elements. The variety of designs is huge, ranging from timelines and calendars to mind maps and different types of schemes. Virtually any kind of data...

Sticky Notes Infographics presentation template

Sticky Notes Infographics

If you like to keep your work organized, take a look at this infographic template. It has a colorful design that mimics sticky notes, and they will be great to keep everything under control and not forget any important task or event. The typography is sans serif and includes different...