Process Infographics Presentation templates

Is there a process whose steps you need to talk about in front of an audience? Add these infographics to your slides and let them be a visual support for your lecture.



Process Diagrams

If you want to present the progress of your sales, project plan or manufacturing activities, process diagrams will be your best friends. They have the ability to develop a clear description of a process, step by step. They are pretty useful to achieve better communication with other people involved in...

Business Process Re-engineering Infographics

Business process re-engineering is a strategy in business management where workflows are analyzed and, if possible implemented to improve the performance and the services offered by a company. "Workflows", huh? That means processes, steps, phases... Exactly the kind of infographics that you'll find in this template! All of them incorporate...

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Emotions Infographics

Expressing different emotions will be easier than ever thanks to this infographics template with funny emojis that convey different feelings. These funny emoticons have become a universal language, and what better way than through them to talk about feelings. It includes graphs, diagrams, infographics and even process infographics with the...

Strategic Alignment Infographics

Strategic alignment in a business is fundamental. It consists, as its name suggests, in aligning the overall objectives of the company with those of each of its departments, so that together they contribute to achieving business success. This infographic template will help you establish those goals and distinguish the different...

Animated Timeline Infographics

These infographics will get your content moving! That’s right, they are all animated and will make you speak about different processes or timelines an easy task. Don’t hesitate to download them and edit them, time flies, and so do these creative designs full of color and creativity! In the template...

Lead Nurturing Infographics

It's obvious that any business wants to reach to as many customers as possible, and maintain a nice commercial relationship with them. "Leads" and "nurturing" are two concepts that can go together too, but how to define them? Use these infographics and illustrate your audience with all kinds of diagrams,...

Business Pipeline Infographics

Pipelines transport things such as water or oil from one point to another. Can we say that a "pipeline" in the business world is what makes a product reach the final customer? It isn't a good definition, right? That's why you, an expert in marketing and business, should download these...

Business Process Infographics

The following set of infographics has been designed to represent the making of business processes. As such, most of the designs involve different steps or phases, each one with different colors for maximum clarity. Some slides incorporate timelines, others make use of cycle diagrams, others look like tables... There's a...

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Engineering Process Infographics

To maximize the results of a company and optimize the time of each procedure, it is necessary to organize the production process or industrial process of a product. There is a science that deals with this, the engineering process, and Slidesgo brings you, for this reason, a set of infographics...

Fishing Infographics

What do you know about fishing? Surely your knowledge is the one of a true professional! To continue to make the most of what you know about fishing, we bring you here 32 infographics to talk about this practice. In the slides, you will find a variety of resources, such...

Scenario Planning Infographics

This new set of infographics is useful if you want to explain a certain scenario and its different possibilities. Designed with arrows, banners, timelines, tables and other resources, it will help your colleagues decide the best course of action and plan accordingly.

All About Asia Portfolio Infographics

There are two things that have no limits when it comes to template editing: creativity and imagination. A Slidesgo template can always keep improving itself, thanks to your content and new infographic resources, like the ones we bring you here. You can continue to complement the presentation All About Asia...

Sales Process Infographics

If we can define a "sale" as the transaction in which a product is obtained in exchange of money, what would a "sales process" be? As obvious as it may seem, there's much more to it than meets the eye. Customize these editable infographics and add them to your slideshows...

Flow Diagram Infographics

Flow diagrams are used to represent a process or a workflow, along with the possible decisions to take. Download this set of infographics and edit them accordingly. Because making things easier to understand is better than having a hard time trying to explain everything time and time again!

Hiring Process Infographics

Describe in your presentation how the hiring process works, from start to end, and customize our infographics if you need help. Your data will visually stand out with these colorful designs. In each slide, there are several steps, which you can complete with your own explanations. The main graphic style...

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Return on Investment (ROI) Infographics

At Slidesgo, we care that your company's finances go correctly and that you get the most economic benefit from everything you do. For this reason, we bring you some infographics on Return on Investment, also known as ROI. This financial indicator will measure the profitability of your project, action, or...

Case Study Infographics

Let's make work easier for you: with these infographics, you'll be able to describe the different stages of a case study visually and clearly. Some designs are presented in steps, and others are in the form of timelines or diagrams. Customizing them is easy as pie!

Alternating Process Infographics

Does your project require a series of steps or alternating phases? Explain just that with these infographics and guide your audience so that they understand the process and how the goal is reached. You'll find mostly timelines here, with varying numbers of elements, representing each of these phases. The palette...

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