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Cycle Infographics Presentation templates

Things come and go, and sometimes they come and go again, and come and go again, in aeternum. That's how cycles work, and that's either the type or the theme of the editable infographics that we have here for your Google Slides and PowerPoint presentations. Customize any of them to your liking and then download another template. Customize it to your liking and then download another template again. And again. And again...

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Denison Model Infographics

The Denison model is based on the research of Dr. Daniel Denison, who related organizational culture to certain business performance indicators. Both must be aligned to achieve business objectives. This template includes dozens of graphs and flat style infographics related to this model, which analyzes four key company factors: adaptability,...

Cycle Diagrams

Cycle diagrams are great if you want to depict a circular flow of a series of steps, stages or events that interact between each other repeatedly without a clear end. Use them when talking about company processes, in marketing, health or for educational purposes. Of course, the different sections (up...

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Science Subject for Elementary - 3rd Grade: Oxygen Cycle Infographics

The oxygen cycle is one of the most fascinating natural cycles found in the environment. Oxygen is a key component for life on Earth and its presence in our atmosphere is enabled by this remarkable cycle. This cycle consists of multiple stages where atmospheric gases, water, and soil components interact...

Water Cycle Infographics

Where does all the water in the rivers go? To the ocean! But wait, there’s litres and litres of water flowing to the oceans every second, how is it that they don’t rise? Where does all the water go? Well, here is when the sun comes into play, it evaporates...

Circle Infographics

Representing information in a circular way can be a little bit difficult! The different points you want to show are somewhat connected to each other and they don’t follow any particular order, or rather they present a process that repeats. If you need to represent the principal components of a...

Human Life Cycle Infographics

It's the cycle of life: people are born, they grow up, they become old and finally they pass away. These stages in the life of a person are different: our priorities vary depending on our age, and the experience that we accumulate as we grow older becomes a useful resource...

Business Plan Infographics

Infographics can turn a boring presentation into something the audience remembers. These designs are optimized for business plans, so you can represent sequences, processes, timelines and the steps to follow. Use them in your corporate presentations and edit their colors to better suit your needs.

Steps Infographics

Steps infographics are ideal if you want to depict the different stages of a given project. There are no fixed timelines or paths. This presentation includes circles, arrows, boxes, tables, triangles or even layers. They are very adaptable and suitable for any sort of subject matter.

Earth Science Subject for Elementary: Rock Cycle Infographics

Let's say we have magma (in a bottle or something, don't ask). When it freezes and crystallizes, it becomes an igneous rock. And if you let that rock erode, you get a sedimentary rock. And... well, we're not going to spoil the entire rock cycle. That's up to you, but...

Methodology Infographics

Do you have a presentation that includes a slide to specifically talk about the methodology? Use these infographics to power up the visuals of your deck and help the audience visualize the data. Roadmaps, timelines, processes, steps; the choice is yours! We’ve also included some linear icons that could come...

SCRUM Infographics

Have a look at these SCRUM infographics! It is helpful to work with different people or teams in a collaborative way. It has to do with the management of agile projects, but also to meetings, tools and duties. It’s great to manage tasks! These infographics show mostly arrows and circles,...

Gradient Loop Infographics

Life is like a circle! Speaking of circles… these infographics are full of them, which will give a unique touch to your presentations. This set of 31 infographics includes loop illustrations with gradients that will allow you to express information and data in a very clear way. Download the template...

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Linear Loop Infographics

These infographics are very cool and easy to edit. Also, for your audience, it will be very easy to follow the storyline of your presentation if you use infographics, because they are full of lines that will make it easy to understand. Choose the infographic you like the most, add...

3D Rings

What you’ll find in this template is a nice set of ring-shaped infographics with a 3D effect that simulates depth. These are useful for business presentations where data must be shown clearly and understood by the audience at a glance.

Business Process Re-engineering Infographics

Business process re-engineering is a strategy in business management where workflows are analyzed and, if possible implemented to improve the performance and the services offered by a company. Workflows, huh? That means processes, steps, phases... Exactly the kind of infographics that you'll find in this template! All of them incorporate...

Business Process Infographics

The following set of infographics has been designed to represent the making of business processes. As such, most of the designs involve different steps or phases, each one with different colors for maximum clarity. Some slides incorporate timelines, others make use of cycle diagrams, others look like tables... There's a...

Flat Loop Infographics

A great way to showcase information in a presentation is by using some infographics. They’re always very helpful and visual when presenting, so if it sounds like something you would like for your next project, try this set now! Your information will be disposed in fun flat loops in soft...

5 Stages Infographics

Let’s say you need to talk about five steps of your project or list exactly five elements in order of importance. Good, then use these infographics. They’re layered out in a sequence so you can describe a process over time, but there’s also some pyramids to sort things from the...