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Scrapbook Presentation templates

The scrapbook craze is always present! This technique is so cool and awesome to show off that it's never a thing of the past. Thanks to these templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint that imitate scrapbooking, you'll amaze everyone with the visuals of your presentation


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Vintage Grid Background Scrapbook

If you are a fan of scrapbooking, add this new template to your collection! The grid background adds a unique touch to your scrapbook, and the different slides help you organize your pictures and other trinkets. The vintage style brings that old-school charm and gives life to your memories. What...

Watercolor Tapes Scrapbook for College

The memories we make in college are forever. We leave our comfort zone, we begin to focus our studies on what we really like, we meet new people... In short, college is a time to remember. We have designed for you to keep all these moments and present them in...

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Vintage Scrapbook for Social Media - IG Square Posts

Are you tired of your Instagram profile always looking the same? Do you need new design ideas for your posts? That's done! Slidesgo not only provides you with new ideas, but also the templates in which you will only have to include the content you want to publish on this...

Design Inspiration Scrapbook

Download the "Design Inspiration Scrapbook" presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides and start impressing your audience with a creative and original design. Slidesgo templates like this one here offer the possibility to convey a concept, idea or topic in a clear, concise and visual way, by using different graphic resources....

Floral Pattern Tapes Scrapbook Company Profile

Do you like crafts? Surely you've heard of scrapbooks. Well, we have been inspired by them to design this original template that you can use to create your company profile. It has a cream-colored background and floral motifs that give it a touch of elegance. We have also included stickers...

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Realistic & Vintage Scrapbook Agency

If scrapbooks represent one thing is: attention to detail and meticulousness, a good eye for aesthetics, and creativity. Do you feel that your agency would fit in with these adjectives? Then consider getting your scissors and tape because this template is all about scrapbooking! Present your agency in a creative...

Tape Scrapbook for Marketing

Who said that presentations must be full of white slides with a couple of text boxes and images? Go crazy and try a scrapbook design like this one! The world of marketing rewards the daring, and this template is a very funny one, full of doodles, stickers and pictures. Analyze...

Vintage Photo Album for Education

Take note of this multipurpose template for Google Slides and PowerPoint! It is composed of vintage style slides and a design that simulates a notebook. You can use it for anything you want: a summary of the achievements and goals of this school year, the evolution of your students, present...

Vision Board for Social Media Planner

Download the "Vision Board for Social Media Planner" presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides and start organizing your social media posts in an original way. Don't wait any longer to discover the versatility and functionality of this social media planner template! Whether you are managing social media for a brand,...

Old Scrap Paper Aesthetic Portfolio

A good portfolio can be the key to your next job, so we recommend you to spend time to create one that fits what you want to convey to potential recruiters. Today we bring you an original vintage style proposal, with an aesthetic of old paper cut-outs that will make...

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Scrapbook Yearly Planner for Education

Let's plan ahead a year full of activities, appointments, classes, exams, birthdays and more! We have designed a template that looks like a scrapbook, and the result is very cool! Since it's a planner, it contains a lot of timetables, calendars, tables and places where to write some notes. It's...

Torn Paper Portfolio

Download the "Torn Paper Portfolio" presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. When a potential client or employer flips through the pages of your portfolio, they're not just looking at your work; they're trying to get a sense of who you are as a person. That's why it's crucial to curate...

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December Scrapbook Diary

December is the month of the snow (in the Northern hemisphere), Christmas and resolutions for New Year! At Slidesgo, it's also the month of this beautiful template, created to resemble a mixture of scrapbook and diary. Because of this, the design is quite festive: Christmas-themed backgrounds, layouts that look like...

Art Nouveau Scrapbook Theme

Immerse yourself in the world of Art Nouveau with our stunning scrapbook template! This design movement has long been loved for its elegant and intricate style, and our scrapbook theme is no exception. With just one click, you'll have access to a vintage-inspired presentation that is chock-full of demo pictures....

Farewell Co-worker

Download the "Farewell Co-worker" presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. The world of business encompasses a lot of things! From reports to customer profiles, from brainstorming sessions to sales—there's always something to do or something to analyze. This customizable design, available for Google Slides and PowerPoint, is what you were...

Old Ripped Paper Project Proposal

Download the "Old Ripped Paper Project Proposal" presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. A well-crafted proposal can be the key factor in determining the success of your project. It's an opportunity to showcase your ideas, objectives, and plans in a clear and concise manner, and to convince others to invest...

Minimalist Scrapbook Theme

Minimalism is such a trend right now, and being able to express this style in a scrapbook can be fun and inspiring! If you're looking for the perfect template to complete your project with a modern minimalist twist, look no further. This design is perfect for any topic, giving you...

Rural Cabin Inn Social Media Strategy

Download the "Rural Cabin Inn Social Media Strategy" presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. How do you use social media platforms to achieve your business goals? If you need a thorough and professional tool to plan and keep track of your social media strategy, this fully customizable template is your...