Desert Presentation templates

These are not hallucinations from the blazing desert sun, nor is it like when an oasis magically appears among the dunes, these templates are 100% real! If you want your presentations to have a desert-related theme, look no further. Sand, cactus, Old West elements... Download these templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint to have it all in one presentation!


Desert Minitheme

For all those passionate about the desert, here comes... a minitheme on this topic! The desert is a place where great stories have happened in movies or books, don't you think it's time for the great presentation you have prepared? Slidesgo has designed this template with backgrounds that will make...

World Atlas Theme

How cool it is to have a presentation whose backgrounds resemble topographic maps! Our template combines this with a casual title font, some fill icons and illustrations of all the continents. This could be perfect for educational purposes, for example!

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Peace Day Social Media

Every year on September 21, the world celebrates the International Day of Peace to strengthen the ideals of peace. This year's theme for #PeaceDay draws attention to climate change and the urge to take action against it. If you are organizing an awareness-raising campaign on social media, download this presentation...

World Day to Combat Desertification

Water is the source of live, it is what makes this planet special and the element that has helped humanity develop into what we are today. However, in the last couple of decades, the amount of water has heavily decreased, and many regions of the earth are going through extreme...

Spaghetti Western Style for Business Minitheme

In 1966 "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" was released, a film that would become a benchmark of the spaghetti western genre either for its soundtrack (composed by the master Ennio Morricone) or for its protagonists (such as the great Clint Eastwood). For all fans of this film style,...

Castaway in a Desert Island

Vacations are the most awaited time of the year. Good weather, beach, relax, etc. Why not incorporate those positive feelings in your corporate newsletter? With this Slidesgo template we make it easy for you. It is inspired by a desert island and is full of illustrations of palm trees, coconut...

Instagram Stories

DUNA IG Stories Social Media

Do you like space related themes? Then you have to take a look at this galactic style template. It is created in Instagram stories format, so you can share it with your followers. In it we have included different resources that will help you develop your social media strategy. The...

Spaghetti Western Style for Marketing

Yeehaw! There were a lot of movies in the western genre that were actually produced in Italy, and that is now known as "spaghetti western". Do you love those movies? You can use lots of resources related to that in this new template. Since it's for marketing, you can talk...

Space Dune Newsletter

Join Slidesgo in this journey through space! Well, what we meant to say is, here's a new template for newsletters, whose resources, backgrounds and images revolve around space and planets. Build trust with your subscribers and let them know about the latest news in the sector. This appealing design is...

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Fashion Pitch Deck

Create a cool sales strategy for your fashion company with this pitch deck. Talk about problems that you can solve thanks to your product or service, competitors and provide reliable data using infographics and a SWOT analysis.