Business Presentation templates

Engage your audience in your business presentations with our free customizable PPT templates and Google Slides themes. They’re perfect for business plans, office meetings, pitch decks or project proposals.

Economist CV presentation template

Economist CV

A great economist needs a great CV in order to land a job in a great company. Slidesgo is your helper today! Design a resume in the form of a presentation and surprise recruiters with such a professional presentation of your experience and skills. We've included some triangular shapes and...

Winter Sales Proposal presentation template

Winter Sales Proposal

There's a new season coming up, so try to think of ways of keeping your sales on the top end of the charts! Our new template is filled to the brim with imagery and resources related to winter. The palette is cool, revolving around blue tones, and the slides are...

Annual Review Pitch Deck presentation template

Annual Review Pitch Deck

The year is about to end and some companies hold an annual review so that the team can keep up with the yearly numbers and accomplishments. Our elegant template has a minimalist design and it has quite a corporate look. You can insert your own photos similar to the ones...

Time Management presentation template

Time Management

Work sometimes involve deadlines and time limits. It's common in business, but now you can customize this template to create a presentation where you talk about how to improve time management. A relaxed speech is encouraged thanks to the illustrations and the design of our slides. You can also use...

Mander Meeting presentation template

Mander Meeting

Attend your next meeting and give a presentation like a professional with this editable template featuring illustrations from Stories by Freepik. You can talk about the project, add a status report, include a RAID analysis and mention future events briefly. The color palette has contrasting colors that facilitates reading the...

Detective Consulting presentation template

Detective Consulting

Looking for a slideshow where you talk a bit about detectives and the services they offer? The topic might sound serious, so we've opted for a more casual look in this template. The different hand-drawn illustrations of clouds and cities, and the fonts might remind you of comic books, conveying...

SEO and SEM Company Profile presentation template

SEO and SEM Company Profile

Nowadays, your positioning in search engines is practically one of the biggest factors when it comes to being relevant in the market. If your company is all about SEM and SEO, this template will come in handy. What is your history? How much did you grow? What are your services?...

Resources for New Employees presentation template

Resources for New Employees

So, there are new employees working with you and they need a little summary of what your company is about. Not a problem! With this template, you can present the best summary: your company's profile. Tell them the history with a timeline, explain the services offered, how much it has...

Annual Balance Report presentation template

Annual Balance Report

It's been quite the year for businesses, with its multiple ups and downs. Now it's time to present an annual balance report to evaluate your company's performance. Do it as corporate and modern as possible with this template, featuring black-and-white pictures, a geometric approach and lots of rectangles and dots....

Beauty Salon Business Plan presentation template

Beauty Salon Business Plan

Do you run a beauty salon and are looking into ways of expanding your profit and reach? Then you'll need a business plan, so our new template will come in handy. Lay out all the details of your enterprise, add some pictures like the ones included to show your own...

Architecture Firm Business Plan presentation template

Architecture Firm Business Plan

"Build" your own creative presentation to attract new clients looking for the best architects. With backgrounds containing silhouettes of buildings and famous landscapes and a focus on simple layouts, you'll get a high-quality slideshow in just a few minutes. Talk about your services, your organizational chart and your competitors. This...

Bitcoin Company Pitch Deck presentation template

Bitcoin Company Pitch Deck

Cryptocurrency, who knows if this will be the future of money as we know it! If your company has commercial activities related to bitcoin, try our new template and attract investors or partners interested in striking some deals. The backgrounds, the graphic resources and the infographics are all quite futuristic...

Objectives and Key Results presentation template

Objectives and Key Results

In business, OKR means "objectives and key results", a way of defining objectives to meet and tracking their completion. In this template you'll find quite the amount of diagrams, infographics and tables, as you'll need to show lots of data, numbers and percentages. The backgrounds are a bit abstract and...

Product Development Project Proposal presentation template

Product Development Project Proposal

Bringing a product to the market requires careful planning, good timing and hard work. State your ideas and put a new proposal on the table with this new template. It covers lots of different approachs used in business and it's filled to the brim with useful infographics, roadmaps, graphs and...

Simple Business Meeting presentation template

Simple Business Meeting

This is our new proposal for presentations used in business meetings: a simple slideshow with a professional design that goes straight to the point. It contains pictures—these have a blue filter applied to them—maps, infographics, timelines and other resources, just to make sure your data will be understandable by everyone.

SEO Monthly Project Report presentation template

SEO Monthly Project Report

Have you been asked to give a monthly report on the performance of your project in terms of search engine optimization? Gather all the data, lay it down in our dynamic slides and discuss the results. You can attract everyone's attention thanks to the abstract bubbly shapes and the easy-to-understand...

Creal Modern Portfolio presentation template

Creal Modern Portfolio

Present your portfolio to clients and recruiters using this modern presentation. This design includes geometric shapes, slides about you, what you do, experience and your work. It’s fully editable!

Sonet Center Meeting presentation template

Sonet Center Meeting

Let’s organize your next company meeting with this futuristic template with organic shapes and curves. Due to its design, it can be great for enterprises related to the business industry. Talk about the agenda, project schedule, timeline, status report and upcoming reports.