Business Presentation templates

Engage your audience in your business presentations with our free customizable PPT templates and Google Slides themes. They’re perfect for business plans, office meetings, pitch decks or project proposals.

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Elegant Marble Inscriptions Company Profile presentation template

Elegant Marble Inscriptions Company Profile

Defining your company profile allows other businesses and possible clients to know exactly what you do and what you offer. If you download this new template by Slidesgo, you'll get a nice and elegant slideshow that will make your message more credible and inspiring. All the backgrounds contain a marble...

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Custom Pixel Lantern App presentation template

Custom Pixel Lantern App

Have you developed a new app that generates sequences of lights and colors on the screen to act as a flashlight? Show it to the world with this new template. We've opted for a very eye-catchy approach, with dark backgrounds combined with colorful shapes that are animated. There are also...

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Nice Boxes Pitch Deck presentation template

Nice Boxes Pitch Deck

When you add some 3D elements to a slideshow, it just opens up a new dimension of possibilities! Puns aside, this template focuses on the use of shapes made entirely by lines. That means boxes (or prisms) on the backgrounds or as part of the layouts. The palette is composed...

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Water Shadows Consulting Toolkit presentation template

Water Shadows Consulting Toolkit

Whether you run a company or you are in the consulting world, this Slidesgo template will be great for you. It is a toolkit that includes multiple business-related models and frameworks. It has an elegant style, with a black background, and abstract, thanks to the gray waves. The typography is...

Gray Sportif Design for Business Plan presentation template

Gray Sportif Design for Business Plan

Have you decided to start your own business? One of the first things you will need to do is to create your business plan, in which you should develop your market and competitors analysis and your marketing, sales, operations and financial plan. To help you in this task we have...

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Executive Summary for Business presentation template

Executive Summary for Business

In business, we're sure you've had to explain lots of things about your company, but time was limited. OK, we've got you covered with this new template, which has been designed to sum up the most important data and present it in a simpler way. How? With white backgrounds, some...

Business Portfolio Map presentation template

Business Portfolio Map

Doing business is your forte? Then this presentation template will probably suit your taste. You can explain, for example, the profile of your company in these slides. Watch how your audience gets amazed thanks to the 3D waves included—and they make everything look more professional! The palette consists of a...

Financial Statement Project Proposal presentation template

Financial Statement Project Proposal

Financial statements collect the economic information of a company. If you need to present it in a visual, professional and well-structured way, you have to see this template we have created at Slidesgo. It has a modern design with colorful geometric shapes, but keeping the white background to provide clarity...

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Inbound Marketing Proposal presentation template

Inbound Marketing Proposal

Inbound marketing is a great methodology in which you try to appeal to potential customers by offering a customized experience for them. Your proposal is ready? Then reflect it in these creative slides, where you can be as dynamic and compelling as you wish. The contrast between the gray backgrounds...

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Sales Forecast Business Plan presentation template

Sales Forecast Business Plan

These new slides are optimal for presenting a sales forecast in a professional way. The white backgrounds allow you to lay out your contents without any distractions. We also used some photos to highlight something very important when it comes to achieving objectives: the employees and their work. There are...

Frankie Grid Pitch Deck presentation template

Frankie Grid Pitch Deck

The viability of your project is guaranteed, but sometimes you need to translate that into quantitative data. To get a great pitch deck, here's our newest template. Two things stand out the most: the blue color and the grid-like elements used in most slides. In fact, if you take a...

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Business Project Management presentation template

Business Project Management

Our new template has got a modern look and has been designed to meet the needs of any user who wants to talk about project management in business. That's because, apart from photos and lots of shapes, we've added many slides for key data, such as roadmaps, services offered, project...

Post-Event Report Meeting presentation template

Post-Event Report Meeting

It's been a wonderful event and the attendance has been great. Now it's time to prepare the report to quantify things and see how it went. Download this new template: with it, we can help you with the design! The slides scream "modernity", and we've put an emphasis on the...

Printable & Buildable CV Cube: Illustrator presentation template

Printable & Buildable CV Cube: Illustrator

What part of your CV as an illustrator do you want to check? Just roll the die! Let us explain: we've released several résumé templates in the past so that you can create one in the form of a presentation. How about having your CV as a cube? Customize these...

Business Proposition Canvas presentation template

Business Proposition Canvas

Let's say you are in a meeting, the whiteboard is in front of you, full of notes and drawings, and you're trying to decide the best course of actions for your company. Reimagine that situation and reflect it in this presentation template! Each slide is like a colorful board in...

CSR Mother Nature Company Profile presentation template

CSR Mother Nature Company Profile

We only have one planet, so many businesses adopt some responsibilities that favor sostenibility. In short, that's CSR, so how about you use this template to talk about your company's? The photos included come with a light bluish filter and the titles make use of a vintage typography. Detail your...

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Necra Portfolio presentation template

Necra Portfolio

Portfolios must be able to showcase your work, your passion and, why not, a little bit of your personality. This template can help you get a portfolio in the form of a presentation. If your projects are all about elegance and professionalism, then that's what you'll convey with these slides....

Minimalist Retro Collage Style Pitch Deck presentation template

Minimalist Retro Collage Style Pitch Deck

Leave your audience open-mouthed with this minimalist pitch deck template. You'll make sure they can't take their eyes off it. Its design is really captivating, with a cream background and triangular shapes in black, green and red that give it the touch of color you need. The typography is sans...