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Yoga Presentation templates

Are you familiar with the famous spiritual and physical practice from India? Yoga is a healing practise carried by the Hinduists and has now become so popular that now about 36 million people in the U.S consider themselves “Yoguis”, that is, people who practise yoga. Are you one among them? Then use these relaxing templates to speak everything about the asanas and their benefits to body and soul!

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Meditation Break Business Meeting

The hectic life that a lot of people have in the 21st century, where a lot of focus is put on work, will eventually lead to a decrease in performance, not the other way around. It's important to take a break from time to time, meditate a bit and see...

Meditation & Yoga at Home Lesson

Yoga has millions of practitioners all around the world. It’s no wonder why—it’s a discipline that puts your body and mind in harmony, improving your health and welfare. Since we’re going to stay at home for quite some time, have you thought about giving a presentation with lessons for all...

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Yoga Workshop

Time to be kind to your body with this workshop template! This Memphis design is cool and creative: there are organic shapes in the background together with patterns of hand-drawn dots and illustrations of plants and flowers. We have also added pictures of people doing yoga outside that contrast with...

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Yoga and Meditation Center

All the work and the daily responsibilities can make people feel exhausted, so they’ll need relaxing activities to compensate for it. This new and inspiring presentation template has been created to promote a yoga and meditation center. It’s soothing and effective alike.

International Yoga Day

Yoga is not only a mental and spiritual practice, it also requires strength, flexibility and lots of motivation. This complete sport practice was born in India and has become worldwide known ever since the International Yoga Day was recognized in 2011 by the United Nations. As the Prime Minister of...

The Practice of Yoga

Did you know that people have been practicing yoga since the 17th century BC? Amazing, isn't it? Yoga is a physical and mental discipline with origins in India that focuses on freeing the mind and meditation. Slidesgo brings you a template for Google Slides and PowerPoint to present the content...

Cute Yoga Academy Minitheme

Yoga is a sport that connects the physical with the mental, and brings numerous benefits to our health. If you are a teacher of this discipline and want to promote your yoga school, this template is a great option for you. It has a nice and fun cartoon style, with...

International Yoga Day Workshop

How relaxing it is to practice yoga! Some of Slidesgo's employees love yoga, so we couldn't help but create a new template. This one is useful for workshops on yoga, or for International Yoga Day, or both! The contents are up to you, and the graphics are on us. Look...

Restorative Yoga Workshop

Yoga has such a wide range of asanas, that it can even be healing, apart from strengthening, relaxing and calming. An asana is a position or movement in hatha yoga, and each of them has a different function. In the original Sanskrit book, there were over 84 million asanas, imagine...

Kundalini Yoga Workshop

Kundalini yoga is one of the disciplines of this type of physical exercise considered one of the most important. This is because this discipline of yoga goes far beyond the postures, it focuses on breathing and releasing that special and different energy that we all have inside us (energy called...

Vinyasa Yoga Workshop

Vinyasa yoga is known as one of the modern variations of yoga that focuses on fluid movement as a way of expressing feelings, as well as relieving tension. Get your workshop started and bring a presentation to your class so that you can show your students a brief summary of...

Chakra Workshop

Are you an expert in yoga, meditation and chakra channeling? With this new template, you can start your own workshop and introduce people to this mystical concept. Starry backgrounds, illustrations of the seven chakra symbols and a good contrast in colors is what you’ll find in these slides.

Yoga Workshop with Stickers

The popularity of yoga all around the world is in constant growth. This mental and spiritual practice requires also physical effort and willpower! Help people take their first steps into the world of yoga by running a workshop in which you teach them the basic poses and the best practices....


Yoga Infographics

We have the perfect remedy to make your presentations more relaxing: infographics with yoga poses! Represent your data visually with these designs and talk about benefits of practicing this discipline. Actually, the topic is up to you, since these are completely editable. There are maps, charts, diagrams, timetables... Connect with...

World Meditation Day

Close your eyes, clear your mind and commune with Slidesgo... Great. This template has been created for World Meditation Day, celebrated on the third Friday of May. No more anxiety or stress with these illustrated slides and their soft colors and wavy shapes. The font used for titles has rounded...

Sports and Physical Activity During COVID-19

COVID-19 might have forced us to stay home for longer than we thought, but that doesn't mean we can't be fit and active! Download this template and use it to give some tips and exercises people can do either indoors or outdoors (always following the safety measures). We've used some...

Meditation App Pitch Deck

Develop a successful sales strategy for your Meditation App. Make use of the different sections of this template, just like problem vs. solution, product, market, competition and business model. The main color of the template is cream, and it includes wavy shapes, flowers and illustrations of women doing yoga.

Workshop for Spiritual Retreat

When you're in search for inner peace and mindfulness, you might think of going to a spiritual retreat. Here's a new template for workshops on such a topic, whose design is actually quite relaxing. It has some stickers, purplish blue backgrounds and layouts that are simple enough so that you...