Sad Presentation templates

Dealing with sadness and depression on your own is a hard task, so it's good to have someone else to help you. Slidesgo has designed these Google Slides and PowerPoint templates so that your presentations on this topic are easier to create.


Dealing With Sad Emotions

Are you feeling more down than usual lately? This illustrated template about sad emotions will fit like a glove if your presentation is about feeling blue. Its tasteful design and thoughtful aesthetic, with illustrations of characters and geometric shapes, make this slideshow a good foundation to discuss topics from depression...

Never Leave your Pets Behind MK Campaign

You might have friends, family, a partner… but your pets only have you, so don’t let them down. Make a campaign that will help the abandonment of pets with this cute template dedicated to them. Stop any pet from ever feeling lonely again and help them find a new home...

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Social-Emotional Learning

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is of paramount importance to understand and manage our own emotions. Sometimes, it’s difficult to discern what is happening inside us: teach your students a little bit more about happiness, sadness and acceptance with this interactive template!

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Depression Breakthrough

If your research led you to new discoveries on depression, you can share all the details with this presentation. It’s very cool and contains waves in the background. Explain your objectives, methodology, results analysis and edit its graphs and infographics.

Emotional Loneliness First Aid

Humans are gregarious creatures, which means we feel the need to live with other people. Loneliness, and more concretely, emotional loneliness can affect our health. Perhaps you might need this template for a conference on psychology, where you can share some data or a clinical case on this matter. To...

Depressive Disorder Clinical Case

Let us tell you: depression is a serious matter and all help available is much welcome. We have designed this template where you can lay out the details of a clinical case on a depressive disorder. This allows you to share information with other doctors and have discussions or comparisons...

Mental Disorders Lesson

We've just created a new slideshow that can be ideal for medical schools. If you need to give a lesson on mental disorders, you can trust this template. With a blue color palette and theme illustrations from Stories by Freepik, the contents of the lesson will look much better on...

Chronic Sadness Clinical Case

Chronic sadness or also called dysthymia is a mental illness that affects many, many people around the world. This disease is considered a mild type of depression, as it is a mood disorder. Given its importance, if you need to make a presentation on a clinical case of this disease,...

Anxiety Disorder

We all have our ups and downs during our lives. Anxiety might sound worrisome, but it can be overcome. If you work in the medical field, try editing this template to give a speech on the matter and provide some info on disorders related to anxiety. We opted for a...

Canadian Social Issues Thesis: Mental Health

Mental health is becoming a huge problem in today’s society, specially now that we are facing the consequences of lockdowns, the pandemic, and stress. Speaking about it plays a huge factor when it comes to normalizing the situation and making everyone feel seen and understood. Not everyone knows that that...

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Emotions Flashcards

We are all human, and one of the features that define us is our ability to convey emotions clearly. And how universal they are! Get this new template, which contains lots of flashcards with illustrations of characters showing different emotions, and use it in class! We're sure this will help...

Mental Health Center

Today we bring you a nice template, ideal for presenting a medical center specialized in mental health. Since it has soft, wavy shapes, illustrations from Stories by Freepik and super simple slide layouts, we're positive your audience will gladly look at your presentation and trust your message.

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Mental Health Clinical Case

Treating psychological and psychiatric conditions is quite important, as they affect our health to a large stent. To learn more about them, use this Mental Health Clinical Case presentation and give some info about case reports, using diagrams, tables, maps… Provide details about the patient, diagnosis, treatment or even the...

Mental Health Awareness

Wouldn't it be nice if you shared on social media some kind of content that raises awareness of the importance of mental health? Get this new template and give a slideshow about this topic. The best thing is that we've decided to use elements that cheer up and convey a...

Health & Wellness Subject for Middle School - 6th Grade: Mental, Emotional, and Social Health

Our wellbeing is not limited to just being physically fit—our mind plays a big part too! Being emotionally, mentally and socially healthy is crucial for our lives, and you as a teacher are the one who can tell your students the best practices. This blue-colored template has all you need...