Planner Infographics Presentation templates

Looking for some help when it comes to organizing your activities? Take a look at our designs and modify the one that best suits your needs. Never miss an appointment again!

Calendar Infographics presentation template

Calendar Infographics

Do you need a unique calendar for your upcoming activities? Keep on top of deadlines, events and show them to your team with these calendar infographic slides. They will help you visualize several dates and timelines at a glance.

Monthly Planner presentation template

Monthly Planner

You can organize each month thanks to this presentation full of planners. You’ll find many different calendars to mark days or text boxes to add some notes. Some of them include icons, arrows, hand-drawn elements and many other resources. Save the date!

Meal Planner Infographics presentation template

Meal Planner Infographics

These new infographics are perfect for those who want to organize their meals. Determine what will be for lunch, dinner or breakfast and choose one of our designs: calendars, timelines, graphs and circles. There are also many illustrations of cutlery in different styles, such as flat, realistic or hand-drawn. It’s...

Weekly Planner Infographics presentation template

Weekly Planner Infographics

With this new set of infographics, you’ll get lots of different calendars and weekly planners to organize your activities and appointments with ease. You can choose the style that you prefer: fill, flat or hand-drawn. Our designs play around with two colors, so you can use this detail to your...

November 2020 Monthly Planner Infographics presentation template

November 2020 Monthly Planner Infographics

Planning your month will be a piece of cake. Use our new infographic, that include many different representations of calendars and different styles, such as flat, filled and doodle-like. Highlight important dates, tasks or activities!

December Monthly Planner Infographics presentation template

December Monthly Planner Infographics

It’s time to organize the last month of 2020. We have created several calendars, timelines and banners to plan your tasks, important dates, activities and holidays.

Daily Schedule Calendar presentation template

Daily Schedule Calendar

With this set of infographics, organizing your daily activities and tasks will be much easier. We're giving you a thirty different designs with room for notes, reminders, ideas, to-do lists... It's just a matter of choosing which one you like the most and edit it with your contents! Flat, filled,...

January 2021 Planner Infographics presentation template

January 2021 Planner Infographics

We thought: "wouldn't it be convenient for our users to have a planner for January 2021?" The next thing we knew, these infographics were born! We've developed different designs of calendar pages and planners for the first month of 2021, with styles ranging from flat and filled to hand-drawn and...

Scenario Planning Infographics presentation template

Scenario Planning Infographics

This new set of infographics is useful if you want to explain a certain scenario and its different possibilities. Designed with arrows, banners, timelines, tables and other resources, it will help your colleagues decide the best course of action and plan accordingly.

April 2021 Planner Infographics presentation template

April 2021 Planner Infographics

This new release is very simple: a collection of slides useful for planning your activities for April 2021. They come in the form of calendars, each one with its own design. Some of them contain extra resources—notes are always a nice addition whenever you need to remember something! Choose the...

February 2021 Monthly Planner presentation template

February 2021 Monthly Planner

February 2021 is just around the corner! Our newest set of infographics is actually a pack of calendars of this month, complete with notes, markers and other resources. The styles chosen are flat, semi-flat and doodle, which means you have quite the variety! Choose your preferred design and start organizing...

June 2021 Monthly Planner Infographics presentation template

June 2021 Monthly Planner Infographics

Having the foresight to plan ahead your tasks, duties and appointments shows that you like to be organized. This means this new set of infographics is just for you! Around thirty different calendar designs of June 2021 are included here, ready to be edited and customized. You can even copy...

July 2021 Monthly Planner Infographics presentation template

July 2021 Monthly Planner Infographics

If you liked our previous monthly planners of 2021, then you'll be glad to know that we're releasing more! This new pack revolves around July, and the design of the thirty different options included is more colorful now! Apart from being able to insert your own notes and reminders, the...

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March Month Planner 2021 presentation template

March Month Planner 2021

If you are one of those who like to have everything organized, you will love this proposal from Slidesgo. It is an infographic calendar for the month of March 2021, with different designs so you can write down your events, activities and important dates. It has a flat style and...

May 2021 Monthly Planner Infographics presentation template

May 2021 Monthly Planner Infographics

If you are one of those who need to have everything written down and organized, you will love this Slidesgo template.It is a planner for the month of May in which you can write down everything you want, whether important dates, events, activities, tasks, etc. It has different designs for...

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Elementary School Weekly Planner Infographics presentation template

Elementary School Weekly Planner Infographics

Are you looking for resources to organize your school week? This infographics template is designed for kindergarten and primary school teachers to plan their weekly activities in an easy and fun way. It is colorful and includes beautiful illustrations and icons that make it very pleasing to the eye. It...

Sticky Notes Infographics presentation template

Sticky Notes Infographics

If you like to keep your work organized, take a look at this infographic template. It has a colorful design that mimics sticky notes, and they will be great to keep everything under control and not forget any important task or event. The typography is sans serif and includes different...

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Online Learning Planner Infographics presentation template

Online Learning Planner Infographics

Organizing and planning your online classes will be a piece of cake thanks to these infographics we have created at Slidesgo. They have a colorful and functional design, with cartoon style illustrations that give them a fun touch. The typography is round and sans serif, which makes it easy to...