Pharmacy Presentation templates

Medication helps us ease the symptoms of some diseases, and to get them you need to go to the pharmacy. Our prescription to create great presentations about this topic is easy: download and edit these Google Slides and PowerPoint templates!


Pharmacy Slideshow

Send your audience a trustworthy message that lists the best aspects of your pharmacy or healthcare center. What you'll get with this template is a relatively simple slideshow with flat illustrations and a palette composed of pink and orange tones. There're also medical icons that strengthen the context!

Pharmacy Minitheme

Going to the pharmacy has become a regular habit for a lot of people. No, not because they need medicines all the time, but because they sell masks! Anyways, we are glad that pharmacists work so hard, so we've decided to design this minitheme. It's a set of twenty slides...

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Pharmaceutical Lab Business Plan

Pharmacology is one of the most important fields of the health industry (it already was when Dioscorides was alive!) Unlike our medieval predecessors, we rely on different labs to do some research and to patent and sell new remedies. Promote your Pharmaceutical Lab Business Plan with our template!


Pharmacy Infographics

Since healthcare is a serious matter, upping your game and making your message more visual helps your audience be more receptive to the topic. Use these infographics to talk about medicine or pharmacy. For example, you can use these designs to present a new medicament or provide some statistics on...

Pharmaceutic Industry Breakthroughs

Breakthroughs in the pharmaceutical industry are always a cause of joy, since they usually imply improvements in the quality of life of many people. Use this simple orange template to share your latest discoveries. It includes text boxes to explain the context and introduce the topic; charts to show objectives,...

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Substance Abuse Problems

Raising awareness of the problems derived from abuse of certain substances can be very informative for society. This new template has been created for the medical community, and can be used to explain a clinical case related to drugs, smoking or other things. Apart from dark gray backgrounds and rounded...

Controversial Medical Substances

There are certain substances that are used for medical purposes, but they are considered controversial. If you need to give a speech on this topic, then this template will come in handy. With illustrations, icons and some wavy shapes on the backgrounds, you can be sure to convey your points...


There are regular encyclopedias and then there are pharmacopeias, books that contain information about medicines. Such an useful item can be turned into a presentation if you use this template! Its simple design is, however, complemented by an assortment of illustrations of all kinds of pills, caplets, capsules and other...

Polypharmacy Breakthrough

Polypharmacy consists of taking more than five medications daily in a very continuous manner and for more than six months. The presence of polypharmacy is usually found in older people, because, due to their age, they need or believe they need a massive consumption of drugs. However, this is a...


Doctor's Pharmaceutical Prescription

Everyone's used to receiving prescriptions from our doctors, but... I can't tell what's written on it! Imagine that Slidesgo designed a template with cool examples of more modern-looking prescription papers... That's exactly what we did! In these slides you can find downloadable and printable samples in white and bluish green,...

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Everyday Pills Calendar

When we take several medications it is easy to end up getting confused and wondering if we have taken one dose, two or none. With this pill calendar we bring you the solution. It is divided by months, so you can use it throughout the year. It has a colorful...


Pharmacist Printable CV

We just received the results of your blood test. Turns out you’re missing some vitamin Slidesgo! The most common symptoms of this problem are boring designs, unappealing presentations and lack of creativity. Don’t worry about it, that has an easy solution, let me give you a prescription: you must take...


Pharmacy Technician CV

You've always wanted to work in a pharmacy, dispensing medication to people who need them after getting a prescription from the doctor. You've studied a lot, got your diploma and worked hard, and now you want to aim higher. Get this new template and customize it so that you have...

Health Center Pharmacy

Does your company have an inventory full of ibuprofen, paracetamol, or aspirins? Do your employees have a unique ability to understand doctor’s writing? We guessed it, you run a pharmacy! Pharmacies are a very important part of the wellbeing of society and making the people trust you is very important....


Printable Pharmaceutical Prescription

Do you work in healthcare? Are you looking for a way to hand out medical prescriptions that do not look dull? We have created a template with printable designs of prescriptions, just in case you want to add a more personal touch to them. The format of the slides is...