Map Infographics Presentation templates

Maps help you a lot when it comes to visualizing and explaining geographical data. Lay it out in an infographic and introduce your audience to new places!

World Maps presentation template
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World Maps

Infographic maps are very useful: if you want to present demographic data, information about the incidence of a disease or talk about the different teaching methodologies in the World, these infographics are for you. Have a look and download them now!

Map of Morocco Infographics presentation template
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Map of Morocco Infographics

Have you ever been to the North of Africa? This new set of infographics has lots of maps of Morocco. To better engage your audience, it's always great to show data visually, so edit these designs so that your audience gets to know this country and the information you provide...

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Map of Israel Infographics presentation template
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Map of Israel Infographics

Thanks to maps, people find it easier to understand data related to any given country, such as geographic or demographic information. If you need to create a presentation where you talk about Israel, this is a collection of infographics that will be useful for you. Additionally, we've left some extra...

Map of Africa Infographics presentation template
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Map of Africa Infographics

Discover the African continent with our free infographics. Tell your audience (or students!) more about its countries, borders, famous landscapes, rivers or anything else in a visual manner. Geography lessons are not a problem thanks to Slidesgo.

Map of Hungary Infographics presentation template
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Map of Hungary Infographics

Whether you are in the business world, a geography teacher or a travel agency, you will surely need to talk about Hungary at some point. This European country hides beautiful places, but beware, if you have a beer, remember that it is frowned upon to toast with it. This is...

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Map of Netherlands Infographics presentation template
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Map of Netherlands Infographics

In some places, it is commonly called "Holland". Do you know what country we're talking about? The Netherlands! Located in Central Europe, it has quite an interesting flora, fauna and characteristics, so explaining your audience what this nation has that stands out can be even better if you use infographics....

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Iran Map Infographics presentation template
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Iran Map Infographics

If you need to explain something related to Iran, this infographic map template will surely help you. It has many variants, both of the country and regions, which you can highlight in a different color. You can use them to inform about the demographics of the population, the use of...

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Map of Greece Infographics presentation template
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Map of Greece Infographics

Would you be able to locate Greece in the world map? And you are an expert on Greek society, geography or demographics? Wait no more and download our infographic maps so that you can illustrate your data in your presentations. Complete your content with the different resources included, such as...

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Map of Paris Infographics presentation template
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Map of Paris Infographics

Ah, Paris, the capital of France, one of the most iconic countries in Europe. With maps, you can tell your audience where it is located and highlight interesting places, or you can use them for other purposes, such as indicating population growth, notable routes, percentages... Regardless of the kind of...

Map of Saudi Arabia Infographics presentation template
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Map of Saudi Arabia Infographics

Our selection of infographic maps about different countries of the world keeps growing once again! Today, we're releasing this set of slides with maps of Saudi Arabia, in Western Asia. It's where Mecca is located, the holy place for Muslims, so surely you might need these when giving a presentation...

Map of India Infographics presentation template
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Map of India Infographics

We have created a lot of maps of India to help you show your demographic information in a visual and clear way. We have added icons, graphs, pie charts and many other resources to support your numbers, topics and percentages.

Austria Map Infographics presentation template
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Austria Map Infographics

Did you know that the flag of Austria is one of the oldest in the world? This Central European country hides many curiosities that you can make known thanks to this Slidesgo template. It includes a set of infographic maps that you can use to prepare a travel guide, make...

Colombia Map Infographics presentation template
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Colombia Map Infographics

Colombia is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, and did you know that Bogota is the third highest city in the globe? If you need to present data about this South American country, Slidesgo has created this infographic map template to help you. These resources will be...

Map of Europe Infographics presentation template
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Map of Europe Infographics

This time, our set of infographics revolves around Europe. Maps of this continent are included here, along with color indicators, percentages, landmarks, icons and graphs. If you want to visually represent anything about some European countries or you wish to publish a travel guide, you won’t go wrong with these...

Map of Chile Infographics presentation template
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Map of Chile Infographics

South America is beautiful, with many countries and their respective, regions, weather and demographics. Have you got interesting data about Chile to show in a visual manner? Here you have some infographic maps of this nation. The styles are, mostly, flat and fill, and there are other extra resources, such...

Countries Infographics presentation template
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Countries Infographics

These infographics have traveled around the globe! Well, not really, but the truth is that we've compiled designs with maps of different countries of the world, including Russia, India, United States, Spain, China and others. When talking about geography or culture, try adding these infographics to your slides!

Japan Map Infographics presentation template
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Japan Map Infographics

Japanese people are known for being very respectful and quiet, but did you know that tipping is frowned upon? You can tell this and other curiosities to your clients by preparing a guide to Japan before their trip. With these infographic maps you can tell them what are the most...

Map of Indonesia Infographics presentation template
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Map of Indonesia Infographics

Have fun editing our infographics with maps of Indonesia. Are you pushing for a trip to this country? Do you need to illustrate a lesson on geography? No matter the purpose, choose one of our flat or linear designs and start editing the percentages, text boxes, charts and diagrams that...