Health Infographics Presentation templates

There are ways of making the results of medical researches or clinical cases easier to understand. Create medical diagrams and infographics and summarize your data in a compelling way!

Infographics for Tips presentation template
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Infographics for Tips

We’ve got a tip for you: use infographics to illustrate your own tips. Customize our set of designs and insert actual text that can be useful for your audience. We’re providing mostly flat-colored illustrations, but there are also some hand-drawn elements. We’ve opted for a variety of different topics so...

Diabetes infographics presentation template
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Diabetes infographics

Information on health issues requires pedagogical resources to make it understandable to others. At Slidesgo we have created this diabetes infographic template so that you can easily and entertainingly report on this disease. It contains numerous icons and illustrations to make the data more visual and easier to remember. With...

Brain Infographics presentation template
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Brain Infographics

This presentation contains many brain infographics. They are great to express ideas, metaphorically speaking. You can add steps, express the sections of a brainstorming session… They are great in different areas in which creativity is key, such as education, business, education of health. You’ll find tables, arrows, icons and flat...

Flat COVID-19 Prevention Infographics presentation template
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Flat COVID-19 Prevention Infographics

Here you have some useful infographics for use with presentations or informative posters on COVID-19 and how to prevent it. Several types of charts, graphics and compositions have been created to cover all possibilities. We’re also supplying you with flat illustrations and icons for a better visualization.

Science Infographics presentation template
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Science Infographics

Presenting your scientific findings and info is very simple using these infographics. They contain a lot of illustrations: atoms, flasks, planets… Some of them also include human bodies and timelines. They have 3 to 6 items per slide. Choose the one you like the most and talk about chemistry, technology,...

Pharmacy Infographics presentation template
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Pharmacy Infographics

Since healthcare is a serious matter, upping your game and making your message more visual helps your audience be more receptive to the topic. Use these infographics to talk about medicine or pharmacy. For example, you can use these designs to present a new medicament or provide some statistics on...

Sex Education Infographics presentation template
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Sex Education Infographics

Do you have to teach sex education to your students and you don't know how to start? At Slidesgo we have the solution. In this editable template you have all the resources you need in infographic format. With them, explaining topics such as contraceptive methods, menstruation, the parts that conform...

Clinical Trial Infographics presentation template
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Clinical Trial Infographics

These Clinical Trial Infographics are simply great for medical purposes: talking about treatments, steps, and diseases is simple if you use these timelines, arrows, bars and circle charts, banners and text blocks.

Mental Health Infographics presentation template
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Mental Health Infographics

These slides are meant to help you spread awareness about mental health and its importance. All our infographics revolve around this concept, and thus include on-topic resources. Edit the bar graphs, pie charts, percentages, timelines and circular diagrams with your data. You could even combine this with our Mental Health...

Covid infographics presentation template
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Covid infographics

Overinformation about COVID-19 can be confusing. In this template we give you a complete structure to transmit the relevant information about the coronavirus. Use the different types of infographics to explain the current situation, symptoms and prevention measures. In addition, you will find different types of maps with which you...

Pollution Infographics presentation template
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Pollution Infographics

A picture (or infographics, in this case) is worth a thousand words. To talk about pollution and the risks it poses to health, our designs will come in handy. With many different styles and a variable number of elements per slide, you can get an educational piece of information that...

Dental infographics presentation template
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Dental infographics

It seems that we always fear visiting the dentist, but the truth is that taking care of our oral health is a work that we all appreciate. Having good hygiene guidelines is essential to avoid diseases. And to convey these tips we have created this dental themed template, with illustrations...

Anatomy Infographics presentation template
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Anatomy Infographics

The human body is composed of bones, muscles, organs... Having visual aids when explaining concepts about anatomy is very helpful, so that's why we've designed these infographics. In fact, the variety is huge: the digestive process, pregnancy, the stages of the human lifecycle—there's a lot to choose from here!

Breast Cancer Infographics presentation template
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Breast Cancer Infographics

Allow us to help you spread useful information about breast cancer, its symptoms, treatment and more. Download this template and edit any of the designs included so that you have the data represented with images and other visual resources, which is always a good addition if you really want your...

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Daylight Infographics presentation template
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Daylight Infographics

Day and night are so different! Some people even feel different depending on the time it is at the moment. Boost your presentations by inserting these editable infographics, which revolve around daylight and information derived from that. The designs are quite varied, with all kinds of illustrations and arrangements. There're...

DNA Infographics presentation template
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DNA Infographics

These new infographics have designs that revolve around illustrations of DNA and helices, so that makes them great for health-related presentations or scientific topics. All of them are very colorful, and the diagrams are varied, including circles, processes, and have a number of elements that goes from three to eight.

Linear COVID-19 Prevention presentation template
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Linear COVID-19 Prevention

Currently, all information concerning preventive measures against COVID-19 is crucial and should be accessible for everybody. Explain them in the form of infographics, since images convey a lot. Edit our linear-style timelines, charts and diagrams to maximize the chances of your message reaching the public.

Yoga Mind Maps presentation template
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Yoga Mind Maps

Are you in need of a way to visually convey a group of ideas or concepts and how they are related to each other? And perhaps the topic is yoga? Introducing our new set of infographics! We've combined both "worlds" and this is the result. Icons, imagery and illustrations of...