Food Infographics Presentation templates

We all like food, right? It's a necessity, just like these infographics for your presentations, especially if you want to impress your audience!

Food Recipe Infographics presentation template

Food Recipe Infographics

They’ve been designed as timelines, steps or even circular. Every slide has a different number of elements, and the resources are also varied: flat, filled, linear, isometric… Choose the one that suits you best!

Food Infographics presentation template

Food Infographics

Are you a nutritionist, a chef or a restaurant owner? Do you work with dietetics? If so, use now these food infographics. They present different designs: pie charts, bar charts, tables, diagrams that look like dishes or burgers and the like. They are pretty cool!

Coffee Infographics presentation template

Coffee Infographics

Wake up and smell the coffee! We have created a lot of different infographics to talk about its types, varieties, origins and other details. There are timelines, bar and pie charts or banners that will help you present your own products. You can use them to show your data, graphs...

Flat Drink Infographics presentation template

Flat Drink Infographics

Do you own a bar or restaurant? Do you work in the food industry? We have good news! These flat infographics depict several types of drinks displaying price tables, bar and pie charts, steps, blocks, products and maps. Add any sort of information and edit them as needed.

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Hamburger Infographics presentation template

Hamburger Infographics

If you have a hamburger restaurant, you are in the world of cooking or you just like to cook, you will love this template. It is based on hamburger infographics, which will give a delicious and appetizing touch to your presentation. It includes graphs that you can edit to provide...

Linear Breakfast Infographics presentation template

Linear Breakfast Infographics

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and therefore we must try to make it as balanced and complete as possible. If you are preparing a presentation with this meal of the day as the main theme, this linear infographics template will come in handy....

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German Gastronomy Infographics presentation template

German Gastronomy Infographics

Let us guess: do you have a lot of information related to German food and gastronomy and you're looking for a way to present it to your audience so that they are amazed. We hear you! This is a set of infographics with a lot of graphs, diagrams, timelines and...

Icecream Infographics presentation template

Icecream Infographics

Ice cream is the favorite food of not only children, but also lots of adults! Slidesgo loves to have one after lunch, because it usually gets very hot in the afternoon, and the fresh sweet flavor of a cone helps makes us cool down! Do you want to give your...