Flat Infographics Presentation templates

The flat graphic style is appealing, quite colorful and helps simplify your data in a visual manner. Adapt these infographics for your presentations and let the bright tones do the work!

Flat COVID-19 Prevention Infographics presentation template

Flat COVID-19 Prevention Infographics

Here you have some useful infographics for use with presentations or informative posters on COVID-19 and how to prevent it. Several types of charts, graphics and compositions have been created to cover all possibilities. We’re also supplying you with flat illustrations and icons for a better visualization.

Flat Startup Infographics presentation template

Flat Startup Infographics

Our newest collection of infographics have been designed especially for startups. As its name suggests, the graphic style chosen is flat, and each slide contains several elements. We've included timelines, steps, percentages and tables, among other resources, so choose your preferred one and power up your presentation and attract investors!

Flat Dashboard Infographics presentation template

Flat Dashboard Infographics

Showing your data in a visual way is key to understanding the info in a suitable way. Make use of our dashboards now to do so! Have a look at these flat steps, blocks, bar and pie charts, maps, budgets and result slides. They include many sections and are perfect...

Flat KPI infographics presentation template

Flat KPI infographics

Before establishing your strategies and actions you have to be very clear about your business objective. Once you have this analysis, you can decide what actions will help you achieve that goal. And when you have developed them, the first thing you should do is define what the KPIs are,...

Flat Drink Infographics presentation template

Flat Drink Infographics

Do you own a bar or restaurant? Do you work in the food industry? We have good news! These flat infographics depict several types of drinks displaying price tables, bar and pie charts, steps, blocks, products and maps. Add any sort of information and edit them as needed.

Flat Budget Infographics presentation template

Flat Budget Infographics

This new collection of infographics will help you define the budget allocation and show it in your next meeting. With a more professional look thanks to the flat graphic style, all the pie charts, maps, bar graphs, timelines and radial charts are good, compelling additions to your presentations.

Flat Resume Infographics presentation template

Flat Resume Infographics

When writing your resume, highlighting your best skills is a good way to reinforce your application and let the recruiters know that you are the perfect candidate. With these flat-styled infographics, you can make your CV more visually appealing. Choose any of the designs and modify it accordingly. Language skills?...

Flat Style Infographics presentation template

Flat Style Infographics

Every single chart, timeline, banner, pyramid diagram and design in these infographics has been created in a flat style. This makes for cleaner graphics, without unnecessary ornaments or distracting elements. Use them in your presentations and let the audience understand your message right away.

Design Elements Infographics presentation template

Design Elements Infographics

This new set of infographics is a jack of all trades. We have created different designs, not tied to a specific topic or purpose, which means they're suitable for the majority of the uses you might come up with. From timelines to graphs, from percentage bars to pie charts. Various...

Satisfaction Meter Infographics presentation template

Satisfaction Meter Infographics

It’s important to know your customers’ opinion on your products and services so you can grow and improve. We have designed some Satisfaction Meters so you can know it. You’ll find bar, column and pie charts, together with steps and other rating systems like stars or Likert scales. Enjoy the...