Education Infographics Presentation templates

Books, blackboards and essays are not the only ways of teaching and learning, you can rely on infographics! Create easy-to-understand education diagrams for your students. They'll be a success!

Mind Maps presentation template

Mind Maps

Mind maps are used to organize information, visually speaking. It displays a hierarchical structure, in which branches need to be balanced. You can use them in several ways: when learning something, when teaching, but also for commercial purposes or when you want to explain something about your company. They are...

Agenda Infographics presentation template

Agenda Infographics

Indexes are great for organizing chapters in books but… What if you could use something similar to arrange your concepts, ideas or steps? We have created some agenda diagrams that will help you do so!

Concept Map Infographics presentation template

Concept Map Infographics

Slidesgo makes it very easy for you to depict the relationship between ideas, concepts or elements. These concept maps are inspired by the galaxy and the planets, done in two main graphic styles: flat and doodle-like. Some of them come with icons and, of course, all of them can be...

Sketchnotes Infographics presentation template

Sketchnotes Infographics

Concepts or blocks of information can be represented in many ways, but have you ever tried doing so with doodles or drawings? Our set of infographics turn this idea into the real thing! Whether you need a timeline, a pyramid diagram, a map or anything else, have a look at...

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Learning Games Infographics presentation template

Learning Games Infographics

Let's say you have a slideshow prepared for your class, but you think you're missing something. Maybe some fun educational games for your students? If so, download this template, which contains lots of activities and exercises for little kids so you don't have to create them by yourself! Have a...

Religions of the World Infographics presentation template

Religions of the World Infographics

There are several religions in the world, and this being an important topic for many people, it's natural we had to create infographics that help you highlight data on this matter. We offer you some diagrams, percentages, bars, maps, timelines and other resources. Everything is totally editable, and the slides...

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Emotions Infographics presentation template

Emotions Infographics

Expressing different emotions will be easier than ever thanks to this infographics template with funny emojis that convey different feelings. These funny emoticons have become a universal language, and what better way than through them to talk about feelings. It includes graphs, diagrams, infographics and even process infographics with the...

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Daylight Infographics presentation template

Daylight Infographics

Day and night are so different! Some people even feel different depending on the time it is at the moment. Boost your presentations by inserting these editable infographics, which revolve around daylight and information derived from that. The designs are quite varied, with all kinds of illustrations and arrangements. There're...

Interactive Bulletin Board Infographics presentation template

Interactive Bulletin Board Infographics

When it comes to reflecting blocks of data, opting for a visually-friendly way is a good idea. So that's where infographics come into play! Our newest set contains different types of graphs, charts, timelines, percentages and more, using the same graphic style as one of our most popular templates. Download...

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Math Lesson Infographics presentation template

Math Lesson Infographics

Numbers, they're all over the place! Math is the quintessential subject in school. Did you enjoy the Math Lesson template we've created some time ago? Now, to take it to the next level, you can download this set of editable infographics and turn them into new content for your presentation!...

Papyrus History Lesson Infographics presentation template

Papyrus History Lesson Infographics

Once again, Slidesgo is glad to help teachers and students of the world! If you think that history lessons are dull, we have a template called Papyrus History Lesson that looks so cool and takes you back to the past. Since your students will need to remember some facts or...

Chemistry Thesis Infographics presentation template

Chemistry Thesis Infographics

You only need one small step to get your PhD. Prepare an amazing and original presentation of your chemistry thesis with these creative flat style infographics. The color scheme creates a nice and elegant contrast, with yellow, green and blue elements and white background. Remember that you can edit all...

Simple Blackboard Infographics presentation template

Simple Blackboard Infographics

There's no doubt about it: blackboards are one of the most iconic objects that you can find in a classroom. Power up your educational presentations by inserting these infographics into your slides. A hand-written font. several colors and many doodles make up the designs, along with the graphs and other...

Back to School Infographics presentation template

Back to School Infographics

Liven up the back to school thanks to these infographics that we bring you today at Slidesgo. They have a fun design with cartoon illustrations related to education. The main color is purple, and for the typography we have chosen a slab serif font for the texts and a more...

End of Course Jeopardy Infographics presentation template

End of Course Jeopardy Infographics

Summer vacations are perfect to disconnect and rest, but before they arrive, why don't you prepare a final review class of everything your students have learned during the course? With this Slidesgo template, inspired by the game "Jeopardy", we make it easy for you. The typography of the titles is...

Chalkboard Background Infographics presentation template

Chalkboard Background Infographics

Is there anything more characteristic of schools than blackboards? We have been inspired by them to create this infographics template, in which both the background and the doodle-like illustrations are reminiscent of these objects. The typography of the titles is handwritten, which combines very well with the round and sans...

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High School Resume Infographics presentation template

High School Resume Infographics

If you are looking for your first job to combine it with your high school studies, or to earn some extra money during the vacations, we have a proposal that you will surely like. With this modern and creative infographics template you will have plenty of resources at your disposal...

Elementary Level - Book Planner Infographics presentation template

Elementary Level - Book Planner Infographics

Do you know our template called "Elementary Level - Book Planner", where we we supply different slides, sorted by day of the week, with examples of resources that can be used for your lessons? Well, if you wanted to expand it more, here's our set of infographics that has the...