Doodle Infographics Presentation templates

If you really want to wow your audience when using infographics to show your data, try these ones. Their doodle-like designs will make an impact, that's for sure!

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Doodle Resume Infographics presentation template

Doodle Resume Infographics

If you’re looking for a job and want to impress your recruiters, list your skills and visually show your experience and studies in a slideshow. These cool infographics will do the job to perfection! We’ve opted for a doodle style—that’s right, the illustrations and elements of each design look as...

Hand-Drawn Timeline Infographics presentation template

Hand-Drawn Timeline Infographics

We have created an assortment of hand-drawn timelines. These playful resources are great to present a process over time, deadlines or events; hence, you can use tem for myriad purposes: health, education, business, marketing, defining future actions, plannifications or workflows with deadlines, among others.

Doodle Clouds infographics presentation template

Doodle Clouds infographics

All the infographics in this Slidesgo template have something in common, and that is that they depict clouds. We have created timelines, charts, diagrams, mind maps, and text boxes with this element as the main theme. It has a doodle style with blue and violet tones, and with it you...

Doodle Banner Infographics presentation template

Doodle Banner Infographics

Infographics are always a good resource when it comes to providing information at a glance. Do you like them in the form of banners? Then go to the next level and combine that with the doodle graphic style! Let the colors make your data stand out.

Travel Infographics presentation template

Travel Infographics

Which country do you want to visit next? If you work in a travel agency, you can benefit from these infographics in your presentations, since all of them incorporate elements such as suitcases, airplanes, famous monuments, backpacks, maps and other related elements. You'll find calendars, timelines, graphs and much more...

Doodle Brainstorming Infographics presentation template

Doodle Brainstorming Infographics

It's raining ideas and new proposals! Well, yeah, we're talking about a brainstorming session, whose results can be represented visually with these infographics. Since all of them have been designed in doodle style, fostering even more the creativity of all the viewers. Apart from the text boxes, there are lots...

Doodle Flowchart Infographics presentation template

Doodle Flowchart Infographics

With flowcharts you can represent a process and all the decision-making involved. These ones are designed using the doodle graphic style, giving your slideshow a more casual touch. All the colors, arrows and shapes included are editable, so adapt it to your own needs and start visualizing the results!

Illustrated Doodle Buyer Persona Infographics presentation template

Illustrated Doodle Buyer Persona Infographics

Did you already define what is the profile of your customers? Age, interests, income, motivations? Create a buyer persona with the help of these infographics in order to represent it visually. Thanks to the designs made of doodles, you'll be greeted by the smiles of all the attendees.

Doodle Table of Contents Infographics presentation template

Doodle Table of Contents Infographics

Before going down to business, it's a good idea to include a table of contents so your audience knows what to expect during your speech. Our set of infographics will grant you thirty designs made up of hand-drawn or doodle elements. All of them are super adaptable and contain a...

Doodle Customer Journey map presentation template

Doodle Customer Journey map

The customer journey is the “journey” that our client makes from the moment a need arises until they solve it with the purchase of a product or service. As entrepreneurs and marketers, it is important to know this path to offer the best customer experience so that they end up...

Sketchnotes Infographics presentation template

Sketchnotes Infographics

Concepts or blocks of information can be represented in many ways, but have you ever tried doing so with doodles or drawings? Our set of infographics turn this idea into the real thing! Whether you need a timeline, a pyramid diagram, a map or anything else, have a look at...

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Emoji Scale Feelings Infographics presentation template

Emoji Scale Feelings Infographics

The opinion of your customers is invaluable in order to keep improving your services, products, shops, anything! If you're going to show a report on customer satisfaction, make it more visual by using these infographics. All of them depict different emojis, representing various degrees of approval or disapproval. Most of...

Online Notebook Infographics presentation template

Online Notebook Infographics

Using the hand-drawn style makes everything look less serious and stiff, so it's great if you want to catch the attention of a varied audience. These colorful infographics make use of this style, providing tables, graphs, diagrams and timelines for your data. The best thing is that the design is...

Simple Blackboard Infographics presentation template

Simple Blackboard Infographics

There's no doubt about it: blackboards are one of the most iconic objects that you can find in a classroom. Power up your educational presentations by inserting these infographics into your slides. A hand-written font. several colors and many doodles make up the designs, along with the graphs and other...

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Cartoon Style Infographics presentation template

Cartoon Style Infographics

For a more casual look, you can try editing and inserting these infographics into your presentations. These come with flat colors and are meant to make your speech a bit more relaxed. The palette is varied, as well as the number of elements of each slide. So, regardless of the...

Ucity Bulletin Board Infographics presentation template

Ucity Bulletin Board Infographics

Reimagine infographics with this new template, in which every design has been created with sticky notes, sparkles and some lighting effects on the backgrounds. Created for educational topics, you can however modify these diagrams, maps, tables, timelines and others as you see fit to match the tone of your project....

Sketch Out! Infographics presentation template

Sketch Out! Infographics

Learning and having fun are synonymous thanks to this doodle-style infographics template, which will give your classes the dynamism you are looking for. It has cheerful colors that will capture your students' attention, and you have different resources, such as graphs, calendar, diagram, map, tables, etc. And best of all,...

Chemistry Lesson Infographics presentation template

Chemistry Lesson Infographics

How many atoms of oxygen and hydrogen are in water? If you know the answer, perhaps you like chemistry! Here you have this new set of infographics for lessons, just in case you want to represent some concepts visually. Thanks to the doodle aspect of the illustrations, the diagrams and...