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Cooking Presentation templates

First get your ingredients from your local store: infographics, graphs, tables, visual resources… Don’t forget your bag! Now, edit them all and add a bit of seasoning (content) to your liking. It’s time to let it sit in the oven for 45 minutes at 200º! Finally, set the table and share the amazing presentation you have created with your friends and family.


Canadian Recipes Workshop

There is no greater pleasure in the world than eating delicious food, and you know that better than anyone since you teach this recipe workshop for gastronomy lovers. This template has all the ingredients: clear structure, custom design, and striking colors. Use this presentation for your workshop and we assure...

Filipino Cuisine Restaurant MK Campaign

Filipino cuisine is amazing! And what's more your restaurant customers will be surprised, because after seeing the spectacular marketing campaign you are about to organize with this template, there will be long queues at the door, everyone eager to try your dishes. In the presentation, besides finding the necessary sections...

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Cooking Workshop

What is cooking in the kitchen? Design a cooking workshop for your audience and delight them with fresh fruits, vegetables and a lot of yummy food! Do you fancy a piece of cake?

Science Subject for Pre-K: Measuring and Mixing Ingredients when Cooking

Is there something more delicious than a fresh loaf of bread? In Slidesgo we are always cooking templates: we choose the best ingredients, mix them all well, wait for the perfect temperature and use timers so that they don’t overcook… if you want to show your little students how to...

Asian Food Workshop

Beware, these slides are only for connoisseurs of food! Do you like Japanese or Indian food? Do you find pleasure in cutting sushi or cooking Bombay aloo and want to share your knowledge with others? Then give our workshop presentation a shot and get your knives ready!

Mediterranean Food Workshop

There are people who come up with nice recipes within the so-called "Mediterranean food". Hey, how about setting up a workshop to teach how to make those delicious dishes? This cool and creative template has an attractive design to catch your audience's attention. There are wavy shapes on the backgrounds...

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Animation Studios Style: Cooking School Workshop

Cooking is the hobby of millions of people around the world, and we in Slidesgo are the biggest fans of it. We love the whole experience! From going grocery shopping, to finally enjoying an amazing dish with our loved ones. Learning dishes from other cultures can be extremely enriching and...

Turkey Lovers Month

What's that smell in here? It's like someone...mmm...cooked...a delicious turkey! We're sorry to tell you that what just came out of Slidesgo's oven isn't turkey, but it is a template to celebrate Turkey Lovers Month this June. The design has festive touches, with decorative pennants and a very eye-catching font...

Turkish Cuisine Workshop

Yes, we all know Turkish delights, but what's really a delight is all the best recipes from the Turkish cuisine. Teach everyone how to prepare the best dishes from this transcontinental country! You'll love the typography used in this template, a hand-written one for the titles, and all the illustrations...

Cooking Center for Kids

Let's eat kids! Let's eat, kids! Commas can save lives! And you will say, what is the purpose of this bad joke at the moment? Well, because the template we are going to present to you is related to kids and cooking. This creative design is created for a cooking...


Food Recipe Infographics

They’ve been designed as timelines, steps or even circular. Every slide has a different number of elements, and the resources are also varied: flat, filled, linear, isometric… Choose the one that suits you best!

Dessert & Pastry Shop Business Plan

We bring a very sweeeeeeeet template! Full of sugar, chocolate, vanilla, fruity flavors, egg... What a delight! This design for organizing and presenting the business plan of a pastry shop or a store specializing in desserts is going to whet everyone's appetite, as it is full of images of different...

World Tapas Day

Another round of bravas! And tortilla too! And now that we’re on it, let’s have more beer! Who doesn’t like to eat some tapas from time to time? Also, Spanish gastronomy is very rich and famous around the world! However, going out for tapas is not only about food, but...

Healthy Eating Workshop

More and more people are realizing the importance of changing their habits to eat healthily. This fitness trend is gaining momentum. Surprise the attendees of your healthy eating workshop by presenting your content with this elegant illustrated template, with which you can teach the theory and characteristics of healthy eating,...

Asian Gastronomy Workshop

Which gastronomy is your favorite? Japanese? Korean? Indian? Vietnamese? You have probably noticed that we only mentioned Asian countries... Well, that's because this new template is for workshops on Asian gastronomy! It has the perfect ingredients for a great slideshow, which you can use while you teach recipes or history...

Cheese Day Recipes

On June 4th, you have a date in your kitchen. Celebrate the Cheese Day by preparing recipes with brie, camembert, feta, mozzarella, cheddar, gorgonzola or raclette. What recipes? Well, there’s lots of them to choose from! Cheesecake, mac and cheese, grilled cheese… use this creative template to note the best...

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French Pastry Workshop

Nobody makes pastries like the French. Well, maybe this is a quite subjective opinion, but have you ever tasted the delicious macarons? Or the chocolate coulant? The éclairs, the crepes, the crème brûlée... Okay, the idea is clear. As you can see, we are passionate about French pastries, and now...

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Cooking School

Get this new template for a cooking school and start editing its wonderful layouts with information such as your teaching method, the academic areas, the teachers and some reminders. Use the tables to provide some statistics and modify the map to help your future students locate your learning centers!