Carnival Presentation templates

If you feel like having a very festive presentation on your repertoire, download our Carnival-inspired themes and templates. You'll be able to talk about this celebration or just make your slideshow more upbeat!

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Colorful Carnival

There are many countries that observe a celebration called Carnival, in which ostentatious parades are held. Some of them are very popular worldwide, such as the one held in Rio, Brazil. Give your own presentation about this festivity by editing our very colorful free template.

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Winter Carnival Minitheme

Have you been good? Then Santa Claus has brough you a special minitheme just for you, download this design for Google Slides or PowerPoint and discover its winter-themed slides full of Christmas decorations and a festive spirit. Speak about any kind of subject that has to do with this amazing...

Carnival Season

It's Carnival time! Big, flamboyant parades, people dancing on the streets, costumes, masks, an explosion of happiness! Got anything to say about this festivity? Use our upbeat and full-of-joy template and state your ideas. Suitable flashy colors, an attractive slide frame and a good amount of illustrations will help your...

How to Start a Carnival Business Plan

You've seen those big Carnival parades on TV, with lots of people dancing while wearing costumes. But organizing them has much work behind. Get this template and present your plan so you attract people willing to fund your parade. These slides convey a happy message thanks to their illustrations and...

Brazilian Carnival Season

If there's a carnival that stands out and is famous almost worldwide is the Rio Carnival. Get this festive template and give a presentation on this matter. Rest assured, the resources will help you a lot: masks, maracas, banners, dancers and many more illustrations are waiting for you in these...

My Carnival Birthday Party

You’ve almost made another lap around the Sun? Then you must celebrate it! You should try using a presentation in your birthday invitations or your birthday party, this one with a carnival vintage team will light up the room and will surprise all of your friends! You can even host...

World Circus Day

World Circus Day is on April 18! We're sure you loved going to the circus when you were a kid: clowns, wild animals, acrobats, what an spectacle! So come and see this wonderful template, full of cartoony illustrations and lots of colors. Since everything is editable, you'll soon be juggling...

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Circus Background

Sometimes, to make an impression with a presentation, you need something beautiful and joyful. Ladies and gentlemen, Slidesgo is back with a new free template. The background of the slides revolve around the circus, a cool theme that can show everybody how effective your deck can be. Step right up...


Choose Your Carnival Costume!

You’re going to have the time of your life when choosing a carnival costume with your children! This template will allow you to choose costumes, accessories, makeup and hairstyles in a cool, interactive way. This is how it works: you choose a character that will represent your kid, and then...

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The Carnival of Basel

The carnival in Basel is one of the biggest events in this city! This event in Switzerland is so unique and original that it has been awarded World Heritage Culture by the UNESCO, so you can’t miss it! The next event will take place between the 7th and the 9th...

Neon Carnival

Slidesgo has prepared beforehand this new template about Carnival, that time of year when popular and big parades are held in many countries. We think you’re going to like the design that we’ve used in this occasion. Let’s have a look at the features!


Carnival Infographics

As the famous Cuban singer used to say: "Life is a carnival", and as we love this party at Slidesgo, we have designed a template full of infographics and fun illustrations that will add a touch of joy and color to any presentation in which you want to use them....

Carnival Season for Social Media

Cultural festivals are a good occasion to give a festive feel to your social media. If you like carnival and you want to create a social media campaign around this holiday, you can use this tropical style template to present your proposal to your bosses or clients. It includes cartoon-style...


Must-have Printables for Carnival

There is nothing more carnival-like than a carnival mask. Masks are the icing on the cake of any costume. Since we at Slidesgo, like you, love masks, we have designed a template full of illustrations of them. But what makes this presentation so special is that it's printable! Download the...