Vaccine Presentation templates

Against certain illnesses, vaccines are the best—and, sometimes, only—solution. These Google Slides and PowerPoint templates will help you talk about them, providing useful information and powering up your medical slideshows.


COVID-19 Vaccine Research

The world is putting a lot of effort into trying to stop COVID-19. Meanwhile, why don't you give a presentation about the possible vaccines? This modern and minimalist slide deck will ease the work for you. It has medical-related icons and abstract backgrounds to make the contents pop up!

Vaccine Research

To combat certain diseases, vaccines are one of the most effective (and sometimes, durable) solutions. Here's a new template where you can give a speech on vaccine research. To surprise your audience, we've opted for an abstract design, but don't worry: there are also photos and some blue tones, which...

COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough

Aren't you tired of COVID-19? Great news: vaccines are already here! Use this new editable template to tell your audience all the latest discoveries on the matter. Since blue is the color of safety, we've used it to set the right atmosphere. We've used other resources, such as illustrations of...

The Vaccination Process in Each Country

Finally, vaccines against COVID-19 have been developed and being administered to the general population. But how is each country faring regarding this topic? It's a good time to create a presentation on the matter, and this template will help you save a lot of time. Simplicity in each layout is...

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Dark Times Multi-Medical

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people think that we're currently living not-so-good times. Don't let it get to you! This new template is for medical presentations in which you need to explain data about diseases and their impact on population. Despite its name, we've tried a professional approach, with...

Vaccination Thesis Defense

Vaccines are one of the most important medical developments of the past centuries, they have allowed us to grow as a healthy society and have saved the lives of many people. If your thesis is focused on vaccines, then this template is the perfect one for you. It has lots...

Vaccination Infographics

Since vaccines are very important to prevent some dangerous diseases, every single bit of information about them is essential. The amount of infographic designs that are included in this template is astonishing! Some come with an illustration of a vial, others take the form of a record card, and others...

Vaccination Center

Is there a designated vaccination center in your zone? You can now promote it to help prevent the COVID-19 pandemic! Use this new template and talk about it in these slides with colorful elements and shapes. That's right, because we've used several illustrations and icons of syringes, viruses and other...

Vaccine Side Effects

As with every medicament and treatment, vaccines also might have side effects, but their benefitial aspects outweigh them by far. This template is ideal for creating presentations about this topic, and now it's a great time to do so due to the COVID-19 vaccination campaign. We've used some creative layouts...

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Celebrating our 2nd Dose! Minitheme

It seemed that the time for vaccination would never come, and the pandemic situation would never begin to calm down, but it has finally arrived! All adults are now almost all vaccinated or about to receive their second dose. This dose is cause for celebration, as we are now fully...

Vaccinated Kids Stickers for a Healthcare Center

The vaccines against COVID-19 are already here! We are closer to defeating this pandemic, but there's a little "hurdle" to overcome: the fear that some kids have to syringes. If you work in a healthcare center, this template might come in handy, as it's full of sticker-like illustrations that encourage...