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Sushi Presentation templates

Delight your audience with some yummy Sushi themes and templates for Google Slides, PowerPoint and even Keynote. These decks are free to use and totally customizable.


Special Sushi Restaurant

It sounds a bit cliché, but you must be proud of your restaurant because it's special, right? But what is it exactly that makes it special? Time to define your company profile in this template! Let the different photos of sushi be the appetizer for your audience, and then complete...

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Kawaii Sushi Company

Irasshaimase! Sushi restaurants are very popular right now, showcasing this bit of the Japanese cuisine to the rest of the world. If you feel that your business needs a little nudge, try this new beautiful template.

Sushi Blackboard for Marketing

Sushi is a Japanese food that is gaining more and more popularity every day. For this reason, inspiring your marketing presentation with this popular food will give it a very fresh and modern touch. Slidesgo has designed this multipurpose template for you to use for any marketing-related presentation - how...

Sushi Restaurant Business Plan

Looking forward to running a sushi restaurant? That's great, because you'll have a customer base soon enough, but first... you need a business plan! If you have thought things through, then you're ready to detail your plan in this editable template for Google Slides and PowerPoint. It's full of illustrations...

Watercolor Sushi Minitheme for Marketing

Combine sushi, one of the most successful products of the Japanese cuisine in the western countries, with watercolor, one of the most beautiful techniques in art. The result is this fabulous presentation template, which has been created as a minitheme. This means you'll have around twenty slides with sushi of...

Asian Food Workshop

Beware, these slides are only for connoisseurs of food! Do you like Japanese or Indian food? Do you find pleasure in cutting sushi or cooking Bombay aloo and want to share your knowledge with others? Then give our workshop presentation a shot and get your knives ready!

How to Make Sushi Art

Apart of being delicious, Sushi very a dish that is very pleasing to look at. The Japanese dish has become so popular that words like nigiri, maki, temaki or oshizushi are a part of our vocabulary. Who doesn’t love a fresh piece of salmon nigiri dipped in traditional soy sauce?...

Cute Food Stickers Newsletter

It must be great to be the owner of an important chain of Japanese restaurants! Perhaps you'd like to share the latest news to all the people that follow you on social media or are subscribed to your newsfeed. That's perfect, because we have a template for you! This design...

Japanese Diet Benefits Breakthrough

Do you love the fresh flavour of rice and raw fish? Nigiris, Temakis, Makizushi… Asian cuisine is not only delicious, but also very healthy. Have you conducted a study about its health benefits? With this medical template you can share them in a very creative way. A part of all...

Sushi Bar Minitheme

This template is going to make you hungry! Who doesn’t love a fresh nigiri, temaki or norimaki? They’re just delicious and they are the protagonists of this creative template. It has been specially designed for a sushi bar, and it includes lots of infographics about this amazing dish with which...

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Nori Algae Company Profile

Do you have a Japanese restaurant? Don't miss this sushi illustration template. It will be perfect for you to prepare the presentation of your company to potential investors. It is brightly colored, with cream background and orange elements. And the illustrations and icons are also inspired by Japanese food. Organize...

Japanese Food Stickers Planner

We love this new template! It contains a lot of calendars and weekly or monthly planners for an entire year, plus a lot of illustrations of Japanese food. The backgrounds are white, where as the text and these calendars or planners have a mix of red and light blue. You...

Foodie Pitch Deck

Itadakimasu! If you are a sushi lover and you are designing your sales strategy, you came to the right place. We have created a smart template with an Asian taste for your pitch deck. Do you fancy a piece of maki?

Food Variety Stickers Company Profile

If you have a business related to food, you are in luck, because today we bring you a proposal that you will love. With this template you can create a company profile that will not leave anyone indifferent. Its pink background brings joy and its modern typography is easily readable....

Food Recipe

Time to demonstrate your culinary skills! Have you thought about creating a template with your own recipes of sushi and other Asian food? Use our funny template now to do so, be a smart cookie.

Celebrate International Sushi Day

Celebrate the International Sushi Day in style with this eye-catching design! This colorful, geometric, and Asian-inspired template is the perfect way to spread some sushi-themed cheer! With creative elements like patterns, chopsticks, and of course, sushi, your design will stand out from the crowd. The template is easy to customize,...

Japanese Food Agency

Are you a Japanese food provider or distributor? That's great! Restaurants that serve Japanese food are becoming more and more popular worldwide. Do you want to tell your audience how you operate? Or perhaps you want to market new products with style? We have this very thematic template for you,...

International Sushi Day

Hey! Are you a Japanese food lover? Yeah, restaurants that serve sushi are a plenty now, so it's a good time to show this dish to the world. The backgrounds contain various patterns of sushi, and most layouts have a big rectangle where you can add the contents. You can...

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