Yellow Presentation templates

Motivate and engage your audience with these free Yellow Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates. This warm color is quite attractive to the human eye, and is able to awaken excitement, creativity and happiness.

Colorful Book Report presentation template

Colorful Book Report

Teach your students to create good book reports thanks to these colorful slides. They have a light background and on it we have created cards with orange, purple, blue, etc. colors. We have included different structures, and in them they can include the title of the book, the author, the...

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Type Designer Portfolio presentation template

Type Designer Portfolio

Here's a new template whose contents are completely editable. It's been designed for those gurus of typography, so the design combines lots of fonts. Since creativity is a word that defines them, we've used black and white photos, a palette that focuses on yellow and black, and a good selection...

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Fibromyalgia Clinical Case presentation template

Fibromyalgia Clinical Case

Sometimes, presentations in the field of medicine are overloaded with too much data. We've designed this template to simplify things. Talk about a clinical case on fibromyalgia and "ease the pain" that boring slideshows cause to your audience. You'll find rectangular shapes, a combination of yellow and light purple, and...

Colorful Soundwaves Slides for Marketing presentation template

Colorful Soundwaves Slides for Marketing

Bring your social media to life! They're a great communication channel with your customers, so take advantage of their full potential. To help you, today we present this Slidesgo proposal for Instagram stories, which you can easily edit and download the slide you want in png or jpg format. It...

Week of the Inconfidência presentation template

Week of the Inconfidência

Inconfidência week pays tribute to Joaquim Jose da Silva and is celebrated on April 21. This famous Brazilian is known for founding the Incofidência Mineira movement, which sought independence and freedom for the then Portuguese colony. Nowadays, the city Ouro Preto organizes a big event with games, music, etc. Promote...

Tuba Day! presentation template

Tuba Day!

Do you know someone who plays the tuba? With this template you can show your appreciation, taking advantage of the fact that the International Tuba Day is the first Friday of May. We have created a colorful design with waves and illustrations of musical notes, the instrument and people playing...

Peanut Butter and Jelly Recipes presentation template

Peanut Butter and Jelly Recipes

Do you like baking? Maybe you could prepare a workshop with recipes with peanut butter and jam as main ingredients. With this beautiful template you can shape your creations and share them with your students. Its illustrations will make your audience's mouth water. We have also added several real photos...

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Round Edges Corporate Proposal presentation template

Round Edges Corporate Proposal

Do you have a project proposal in mind? Start shaping it with this Memphis style template. It is yellow, which conveys energy and optimism, and in the background we have added small geometric drawings. The typography is purple and sans serif, which gives it a more modern look and is...

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Chemical Warfare Awareness presentation template

Chemical Warfare Awareness

Chemical weapons caused more than 100,000 deaths during World War I, and more than a million wounded. To pay tribute to all these victims there is the day of Remembrance of all Victims of Chemical Warfare, which takes place on November 30. Inspired by this theme we have created this...

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Trippy Smileys Multi-MK presentation template

Trippy Smileys Multi-MK

Don't let the name of this template mislead you: it's a very funny one! To clear things up, the main feature of this presentation is the inclusion of illustrations of smileys that look like they're melting (hence the name), so, along with its color palette focused on yellow and orange,...

The Golden Figurine Goes To... presentation template

The Golden Figurine Goes To...

Movie stars and directors attend to an annual ceremony where the best film, actors and actresses are announced. The curtain rises and our great template appears! We've made sure to create simple slides with some starry backgrounds. The typography used for titles is quite different, just to give a little...

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Activities and Printable Tags for STEMO Bins presentation template

Activities and Printable Tags for STEMO Bins

This colorful template is specially designed for pre-k students. It has a fun design, with icons and illustrations, and handwritten typography in the titles. It includes different versions of activity cards and stickers that you can print and paste on your material organizers. They also come in different sizes. You'll...

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Newspaper Columnist CV presentation template

Newspaper Columnist CV

The world of journalism is really competitive, so if you're looking for a job as a newspaper columnist, you need to make sure your resume stands out. With that goal in mind, we've created this print-ready A4 template that you can edit to customize it to your liking. It is...

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Reach as High as You Can presentation template

Reach as High as You Can

Most of you have dreamed about your future, your aspirations, your goals. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't make them true! Here at Slidesgo we believe in you, so get this new template and encourage others to start working hard to reach the top of the world, metaphorically...

Simple Custom Marketing Plan presentation template

Simple Custom Marketing Plan

If you are looking for a simple solution to present your marketing plan, here we bring you the answer. This yellow vintage style template is very easy to customize. The stickers are related to travel, so it would fit perfectly with companies in the tourism sector or travel agencies. Explaining...

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipes presentation template

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipes

Calling all cheese lovers! Who doesn't love a good sandwich with its melted gouda or Havarti? It's a world-famous food that has its own day in the United States: April 12. We encourage you to use this presentation to share your best recipes with cheese as the main ingredient. Take...

Hairstyle Appreciation Day presentation template

Hairstyle Appreciation Day

April 30 is National Hairstylist Appreciation Day. Surely you have experienced an important moment or a change of stage in your life and the first thing you did was to change your look. The way we style our hair also speaks about us, so, if you are a hairdresser and...

Zipper Patterns MK Plan presentation template

Zipper Patterns MK Plan

Did you know that April 29th is National Zipper Day in the United States? To celebrate it, we at Slidesgo have decided to create a template with zipper patterns, which you can use to present your marketing plan in an original way. The main color is yellow, the typography is...