Newsletter Presentation templates

Keep your audience up to date about the latest news from your company, agency or service with our free templates. Download them as Google Slides themes or as PPT files for PowerPoint or Keynote.

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Cozy Season presentation template

Cozy Season

Since the pandemic arrived, telecommuting is becoming more and more common, how about conveying that homey touch in your employee newsletter? Well, take a look at this cozy style proposal we've created at Slidesgo. It's cream-colored, and mixes waves with linear elements to give it dynamism. The images also help...

Clear Linear Gradients Newsletter presentation template

Clear Linear Gradients Newsletter

Keeping your employees informed of the latest company news and industry news is another way to increase engagement and sense of belonging. Especially useful for this are newsletters, which you can send out once or twice a month. Don't worry about the design, because at Slidesgo we have created this...

Food Day Newsletter presentation template

Food Day Newsletter

Have you come up with your own recipes? Are you a professional chef and you have lots of subscribers or followers on social media or your blog? Send them a newsletter with your latest creations, some tips and reviews of cooking appliances. The illustrations on these slides, made with a...

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Trending Serif Font Newsletter presentation template

Trending Serif Font Newsletter

Your subscribers might be eager to hear from you. Quickly, prepare a newsletter full of news and announcements! If you like wavy shapes, serif fonts and a bit of cleanliness and simplicity, this is your template! With cream backgrounds, a semi-formal typography and different touches of color, these slides are...

Monkey Mood Newsletter presentation template

Monkey Mood Newsletter

Are you hungry for news? You can't stop moving because of your nervousness? Here is Slidesgo's answer: a cute template for newsletters. Maybe your events or announcements have to do with animals or nature? Then the illustrations of monkeys and plants will look very suitable! We've used soft tones of...

COVID-19 Waste Awareness presentation template

COVID-19 Waste Awareness

Due to the pandemic, the world is producing certain products at an increased pace. That includes disinfectants, gloves and masks... whicn sometimes end up being disposed without proper care. Use this new template to raise awareness about this problem so we can reduce waste. The main color of the presentation...

ESULP IG Newsletter presentation template

ESULP IG Newsletter

Nowadays we all have social networks, and we spend a lot of time on them, so why not take advantage of your company's Instagram to let people know what's new in your company? We invite you to create a corporate newsletter in stories format with this editable template. It is...

Pet Appreciation Newsletter presentation template

Pet Appreciation Newsletter

Do you love animals and do you work in a company related to these adorable creatures? Whether the answer is yes or no, we are sure that your employees will love to receive this newsletter full of cute animal illustrations in their email. You can use it to celebrate National...

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Dinsey Cute Animals Newsletter presentation template

Dinsey Cute Animals Newsletter

Give a nice touch to your employee newsletters with this template full of cute animal illustrations. It intersperses white, lilac and yellow backgrounds, which bring dynamism and joy, just like its handwritten style typography. Inform about the most relevant news of your company, upcoming events that you are going to...

Castaway in a Desert Island presentation template

Castaway in a Desert Island

Vacations are the most awaited time of the year. Good weather, beach, relax, etc. Why not incorporate those positive feelings in your corporate newsletter? With this Slidesgo template we make it easy for you. It is inspired by a desert island and is full of illustrations of palm trees, coconut...

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Linear Grid Newsletter presentation template

Linear Grid Newsletter

Give an original touch to your employee newsletters with this grid design. It perfectly combines colors like green, yellow or orange with geometric icons to give dynamism to your news. You can use a different tone for each section, so they can be easily differentiated. Report on the latest company...

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Lovely pastel newsletter presentation template

Lovely pastel newsletter

Internal communication is a fundamental part of a company. Make your employees feel informed with this cute template in pastel tones. It has an abstract wave background and sans serif typography. You can include the latest company news, welcome new team members and announce upcoming events. Are you going to...

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Breaking News: US Capitol presentation template

Breaking News: US Capitol

Sharing the latest news with your subscribers is important to build trust with them. At Slidesgo, we've decided to make this template for newsletters, focusing its design on the US capitol. Due to this, you'll find illustrations of that building, a map of the USA and headlines that look like...

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Pastel Wild Animals Newsletter presentation template

Pastel Wild Animals Newsletter

Some time ago, we thought: "Well, there are a lot of people who love nature and animals, so wouldn't it be great if they received a newsletter whose theme is exactly that?" This is what we've produced, a great template with beautiful drawings of wildlife, tree branches and landscapes. Everything...

Event Announcement Newsletter presentation template

Event Announcement Newsletter

Events pop up in the calendar from time to time, and sometimes it's difficult to keep track of all of them. Maybe you could lend a hand to your subscribers! Send them a newsletter created with this template and keep them up to date with the specific dates and the...

Haric Marketing Newsletter presentation template

Haric Marketing Newsletter

Build trust with your subscribers by sending the best newsletter that they've ever seen. To do that, you'll need this template, featuring lots of abstract, organic shapes on the background and dark colors. In fact, these resources are placed on top of each other and have shadows, so it looks...

Classroom Newsletter presentation template

Classroom Newsletter

Keep your students always informed thanks to this classroom newsletter. Its striking yellow design and geometric shapes will immediately catch their eye. You have several slides with images that you can personalize with those of your school. Communicate the latest internal news, make a compilation of important news from the...

Nature Coffee Newsletter presentation template

Nature Coffee Newsletter

Did you know that, on average, a person consumes almost one and a half kilograms of coffee per year? Keep this drink lovers up to date with this nature coffee newsletter, where you can include news, information about past and future events and reviews. You'll love its minimalist design of...