Multi-purpose Presentation templates

These are multi-purpose Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates. Enjoy their assortment of styles, including elegant, minimalist and modern, and focus on communicating your ideas.

School Escape Room presentation template

School Escape Room

It's dark at the high school and the doors are closed. The perfect setting for a game of escape room! Our latest template has been designed with this idea in mind—there are illustrations of padlocks, keys, magnifying glasses, puzzle pieces and so on! A dark color palette that sets the...

Mental Health at Work presentation template

Mental Health at Work

To stay in top shape when working, you need motivation, good spirits and a healthy body. Wait, mental health is important too! Educate your audience on this topic by showing our slides, designed to be useful for business and health-related presentations alike. The palette revolves around blue, conveying a sense...

Cultures of the World presentation template

Cultures of the World

We live in a world full of rich and varied cultures. Isn't that a nice topic to talk about in a presentation? Customize this template and take your audience to lots of places. The pictures feature a duotone effect and the backgrounds contain some brushstrokes. Enjoy editing these slides and...

Boxing Day presentation template

Boxing Day

Did you know that some countries observe the Boxing Day, which is the day after Christmas? If so, create a presentation about this topic and tell others about it! Our template can help you with the design: it's full of illustrations of presents and gifts. Even the tables and the...

Time Management presentation template

Time Management

Work sometimes involve deadlines and time limits. It's common in business, but now you can customize this template to create a presentation where you talk about how to improve time management. A relaxed speech is encouraged thanks to the illustrations and the design of our slides. You can also use...

Ready for Christmas presentation template

Ready for Christmas

Let's start creating a great presentation for Christmas! With this template, you can organize everything: you can include a gift list, a recipe for Xmas dinner, talk about traditions and write a letter to Santa. As you can see, it's very versatile and multi-purpose. The cute illustrations make this slideshow...

Hannukah Background presentation template

Hannukah Background

Get ready to celebrate Hannukah, one of the most culturally relevant Jewish festivals in present times, by editing this new template. You can create a presentation where you can talk about its origins, history and symbols. We've designed several backgrounds and layouts that feature illustrations of objects or elements related...

New Year's Eve Stickers presentation template

New Year's Eve Stickers

Build anticipation for a big party on New Year's Eve with this great template for presentations. It's very festive and the illustrations, which look like stickers, stand out so much! Complete the slides with your own content and share a positive message with everyone! The starry night backgrounds and the...

Cherry Yearly Planner 2021 presentation template

Cherry Yearly Planner 2021

Wow, how quick has 2020 passed. It might have been a complicated year, but we're positive that 2021 will be better. With this planner template you can start making notes and circling the important dates in 2021. We've made sure to create a beautiful design that is useful and appealing...

Middle School Digital Choice Board presentation template

Middle School Digital Choice Board

Let's have some fun learning and doing activities! Slidesgo has come up with a new funny presentation with some tasks intended for middle school kids. Review some math, write your opinion about something, check the spelling of some words... The illustrations are very cool and school-related and, of course, all...

Neon Pionic Slideshow presentation template

Neon Pionic Slideshow

Sometimes it takes more than just a good product or service to stand out. The way you present your company says a lot about it, so it is important to have a polished presentation. At Slidesgo we have created this template with a futuristic look, with neon colours and gradients....

Assignment Briefing for Teachers presentation template

Assignment Briefing for Teachers

What we're bringing you here today is a template useful for issuing briefings to your students, especially if they need to do any kind of research work or dissertation. Apart from illustrations of 3D shapes and an assortment of graphs and tables, there's an overall modern look and some examples...

World Atlas Theme presentation template

World Atlas Theme

How cool it is to have a presentation whose backgrounds resemble topographic maps! Our template combines this with a casual title font, some fill icons and illustrations of all the continents. This could be perfect for educational purposes, for example!

AIDS Awareness presentation template

AIDS Awareness

The acronym AIDS stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, and it’s a disease that affects almost 40 million people around the world. Prevention measures play an important role in containing AIDS. If you are preparing a presentation about it, we have the perfect option for you. This template is health-themed, with...

Travel Guide: Paris presentation template

Travel Guide: Paris

Hello there, fellow globetrotter! If you're as fond of traveling as we do, then you're love this presentation, because we've designed it as a travel guide for Paris. The illustrations are related to France, its landmarks and its culture. To inspire your creativity, we've added some sections as an example,...

Tongue Twisters presentation template

Tongue Twisters

"She sells seashells by the seashore". Do you recognize this? It's a tongue twister, and now you can have some fun with your students by teaching them some. Just use our editable slides to your heart's content, but first customize them with your own data! They're very colorful and the...

Travel Guide: Hong Kong presentation template

Travel Guide: Hong Kong

Calling all travel agencies! If you want Hong Kong to become one of your most demanded destinations for your travel packages, use our template. Show the beauty of this location in Asia, talk about famous landmarks, add some tips, name some places to stay the night and offer your best...

Human Rights Rally presentation template

Human Rights Rally

Let's fight together for human rights! If you intend to hold a gathering, you can promote it with our newest template. We've opted for an elegant design, with some minimalist touches and many black-and-white pictures. The layouts are based on rectangular shapes and their simplicity aid you in the mission...