Multi-purpose Presentation templates

These are multi-purpose Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates. Enjoy their assortment of styles, including elegant, minimalist and modern, and focus on communicating your ideas.

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Steampunk Aesthetics presentation template
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Steampunk Aesthetics

Do you feel like you belong in a different time? Are you delighted with the Victorian era, the 19th century or the Wild West? Steampunk, the retrofuturistic style, offers beautiful aesthetics with anachronistic technologies! Immerse yourself in this fascinating style with this smart template.

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Aloha Morning Meetings presentation template
Download 26,910

Aloha Morning Meetings

Let the parents of your students know about an important meeting at your middle school with this new template. To make it unique, we’ve opted for illustrations of tribal masks and very tropical-looking backgrounds with many organic shapes. We’ve added layouts for including info such as a schedule, a student...

Mercadillo Anual de Sofía presentation template
Download 5,869

Mercadillo Anual de Sofía

Flea markets are something really rooted in our culture, where we can find a multitude of items of all kinds. If you are organizing one and want to promote it, prepare a presentation with this brown and abstract style template that you can edit to your liking. Explain your ideas,...

Lección de Historia del Arte del Profesor Robles presentation template
Download 30,052

Lección de Historia del Arte del Profesor Robles

Your history lessons will become your students' favorite with this vintage style template. It features images and icons that you can adapt to help you expose the topic at hand. The timelines and infographics are great for visually explaining the most important events. And with the map you'll make sure...

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Youth Day presentation template
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Youth Day

Inspire your audience and let them know about topics related to boyhood thanks to this Youth Day template.

Arabic Culture presentation template
Download 8,525

Arabic Culture

Introducing foreign cultures to people enriches their experience and broadens their horizons. Download this new template and talk about the Arabic culture. The graphic resources put everything into context, since the patterns, the illustrations and the photos are very thematic. The palette is made of different dark yellows and browns,...

Let's Celebrate Starkbierfest presentation template
Download 1,384

Let's Celebrate Starkbierfest

This new template is a festive one, but only for people of legal age, since it's focused on Starkbierfest, or the "strong beer festival", celebrated in Germany. Talk about the history and the traditions with the help of our slides, which alternate the colors orange and brown. Of course, the...

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Happy Piano Day! presentation template
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Happy Piano Day!

Isn't music one of the most relaxing things (or exciting, it depends!) in this world? The piano is such an iconic instrument that it has its own day! March 29 is World Piano Day, so it's the perfect chance for you to create a presentation about it! Our template has...

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World Wildlife Day presentation template
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World Wildlife Day

Every year, the entire globe sees the World Wildlife Day to celebrate the rich variety of our planet’s flora and fauna. How about you begin preparing a presentation about it thanks to our new and “wild” free template?

Memories Photo Album presentation template
Download 225,516

Memories Photo Album

It’s been a wonderful year, isn’t it? Perhaps you’ve visited lots of places, you’ve met many people or you’ve achieved quite a feat. Share your experiences with everyone by using this new free template by Slidesgo, whose design resembles a memory book!

Local Bread presentation template
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Local Bread

How about you support your local bakery by creating an elegant presentation that catches everyone’s attention? This template is full of pictures of bakers and bread, and these photos come with a nice blue filter. Its layouts leave room to talk about prices, products, shop locations and many more! Of...

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Interactive Bulletin Board presentation template
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Interactive Bulletin Board

We love stationery! Do you love it too? We think that pens, paper sheets, highlighter pens and pencils are cool. Play around with our interactive bulletin board presentation and add some post-it notes! It’s perfect for teachers, students and for distance learning!

Forest Animals Planner presentation template
Download 64,926

Forest Animals Planner

What a wonderful planner we have just created for students of all ages! You don’t need to go to the stationery shop to have pages with calendars, timetables and notes because everything’s here! All illustrations are cute, depicting numerous animals and leaves. and the slides contain bookmarks that allow you...

Pronew bulletin board presentation template
Download 24,044

Pronew bulletin board

Bulletin boards often bring back memories of our student days. Why not pick up this element to use as a theme in your marketing and business plan presentation? At Slidesgo we have done it with this versatile template, and we assure you that you will get a very creative final...

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Giany presentation template
Download 142,543


We’ve just designed a new template with a focus on elegance and modernity. Thanks to its pictures, its minimalist design and its layouts, you can use it for marketing presentations. Different amounts of columns of text, a timeline, mockups and a table are supplied.

Sameco Bulletin Board presentation template
Download 6,580

Sameco Bulletin Board

We think that you'll like this template! It's main feature is the backgrounds: every single one of them looks like a bulletin board. Besides, they come with pieces of paper, notes, thumbtacks and post-its, conforming the layouts and giving shape to each slide, where you just need to add your...

International Beaver Day presentation template
Download 538

International Beaver Day

April 7 is International Beaver Day, which aims to raise awareness about the plight of this rodent. If you want to join the cause we bring you a template inspired by these animals, with cute illustrations and brown background, reminiscent of tree trunks, those that beavers like to munch so...

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Wild Adventure presentation template
Download 63,269

Wild Adventure

Show your adventurous side with this presentation. The color palette and the use of photos can help you present data with a nice result.