Marketing Infographics Presentation templates

Anticipate and satisfy your customers' needs creating marketing infographics with your own information! Get ready to get more and more clients showing your data and information with great diagrams!

Goals Infographics presentation template

Goals Infographics

Explain your goals and objectives or how to achieve them with these infographics! Tell your audience about what you want to achieve to get new clients, measure your success and encourage your team using these diagrams. Some of them look like mountains, bullseyes, tables, roadmaps, stairs, tables…

Cause and Effect Diagrams presentation template

Cause and Effect Diagrams

If you need infographics that depict the origin of a given event, these cause and effect diagrams are perfect for you. Use them to show details about your company, to present your marketing strategy or when preparing your classes. Download them now!

Funnel Infographics presentation template

Funnel Infographics

Ready to use funnel infographics? They are perfect for business and marketing. Thanks to their conical shapes, you can depict the different steps to achieve your goal (e.g. a given client or lead.) Each section represents a percentage of loss for each stage of the process, that’s why they are...

Demographic Infographics presentation template

Demographic Infographics

Demographic infographics are useful when you want to share the results of some analyses related to people: percentages related to the age, hobbies, location and the like of a group of people. Use them for business or marketing purposes! We have included maps, pie charts, bar graphs, diagrams of people...

KPI Infographics presentation template

KPI Infographics

Do you want to assess the success or failure of your company? Use these KPI (Key Performance Indicators). It is a great tool to determine if you are achieving a goal or not. Represent your information about actions, strategies or productivity with bar or pie charts, pyramids, tables, percentages, maps......

Budget Infographics presentation template

Budget Infographics

There are many ways to represent budgets—as many as the amount of infographics we’re bringing to you today! Use them in your business or marketing presentations and make the most of the various designs, including circular charts, text blocks, timelines and pyramids. Everything will make sense!

Hierarchical Infographics presentation template

Hierarchical Infographics

Do you need some inspiration in order to display some information in hierarchical order? These new free infographics will help you define what’s on top and what’s below it. Organizational charts, funnels, pyramid diagrams and radial charts are supplied, and the styles are quite varied too, including flat, fill, and...

Gear Infographics presentation template

Gear Infographics

Slidesgo’s creative machinery never stops making cool templates for you. This time, we’ve designed infographics with shapes in the form of gears, and they appear as diagrams, timelines, steps, tables and even organizational charts. Styles range from flat and doodle to isometric. Start editing them and show your data as...

Marketing Models Infographics presentation template

Marketing Models Infographics

This pack of infographics is intended for marketing gurus. We propose several ways of representing data within several well-known frameworks in marketing. If “PESTLE”, “SWOT” or “7S” sound familiar to you, do not hesitate to download this template and start editing the contents with some campaign results or analyses!

Mass media infographics presentation template

Mass media infographics

Radio, press, television and the internet are considered mass media. These have accompanied us over time with greater or lesser incidence. Digitization has meant a change in the way we consume these media, and with this template you can explain how that change has been and what the current situation...

Linear buyer persona infographics with pictures presentation template

Linear buyer persona infographics with pictures

Knowing your target audience well is essential for a business. To do this, we have buyer personas, that is, semi-fictional examples of those potential clients. We must investigate well what their likes and dislikes are, their motivations, their fears, their sociodemographic profile and personality. With this valuable information we can...

Flat KPI infographics presentation template

Flat KPI infographics

Before establishing your strategies and actions you have to be very clear about your business objective. Once you have this analysis, you can decide what actions will help you achieve that goal. And when you have developed them, the first thing you should do is define what the KPIs are,...

Gradient Customer Journey Map Infographics presentation template

Gradient Customer Journey Map Infographics

What happens when a customer becomes interested in a product and wants to purchase it? He goes into a "journey", and that's what you can explain with these infographics. They contain gradients, a vivid color palette and many different designs!

Population Chart Infographics presentation template

Population Chart Infographics

All these charts serve one purpose: help your audience visualize statistics about the population. Whether you've conducted a market research, or you want to show some opinion polls or voting intention, you'll be able to do so with our colorful designs. Choose your preferred style among flat, fill or linear,...

Doodle Customer Journey map presentation template

Doodle Customer Journey map

The customer journey is the “journey” that our client makes from the moment a need arises until they solve it with the purchase of a product or service. As entrepreneurs and marketers, it is important to know this path to offer the best customer experience so that they end up...

Illustrated Gradients Buyer Persona Infographics presentation template

Illustrated Gradients Buyer Persona Infographics

Do you have a good idea of how your customers look like and what their interests are? Then, show that buyer persona in an infographic, such as the ones included in this template. Being a powerful marketing resource for business, you can make it even more useful by adding illustrations...

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Summer Campaign Infographics presentation template

Summer Campaign Infographics

Summer is synonymous with vacations, beach, long days, etc. And, why not, a good time to plan your marketing campaign. If you want to give a summer touch to your presentation, use this Slidesgo template. It is pink, with illustrations of leaves that give it a tropical feel and elements...

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Linear Grid Newsletter Infographics presentation template

Linear Grid Newsletter Infographics

Do you want your employee newsletter to become the most read in the industry? Then you have to give it an original touch and make it as enjoyable as possible. This infographic template from Slidesgo will help you. It has a computer interface design and eye-catching yellow, pink, green and...