Marketing Infographics Presentation templates

Anticipate and satisfy your customers' needs creating marketing infographics with your own information! Get ready to get more and more clients showing your data and information with great diagrams!

Social Media Infographics presentation template
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Social Media Infographics

Some say that if you’re not on social media, you’re nowhere to be found. Use these free infographics in your digital marketing presentations to talk about these popular sites. Circle charts, blocks of text, a 3D cube, a map, banners—what a wide range of designs we’re offering! There are flat...

SEO Report Infographics presentation template
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SEO Report Infographics

How optimized is your website for search engines? Did the number of visits increase last month? Display your metrics and results as visually attractive as possible with these infographics. The designs range from pie charts and radial charts to pyramid diagrams and circle diagrams. The graphs are editable too, with...

Isometric Customer Journey Map presentation template
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Isometric Customer Journey Map

Present like a true expert and use our infographics to show the process that a customer follows from taking an interest in your product to purchasing it. The different timelines have been designed in a way so that the resources look three-dimensional. The colors also play a part, since each...

Mobile App Dashboard Infographics presentation template
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Mobile App Dashboard Infographics

Do you want to be original when presenting information? Infographics are a powerful resource, but how about showing your data like if it were in a mobile app's dashboard? Complete with gauges, icons, gradients and silhouettes of cellphones, these designs will convey visually all the numbers, stats and key performance...

A/B Testing Infographics presentation template
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A/B Testing Infographics

Do you work in digital marketing? Then you'll be familiarized with the A/B testing methodology. How about showing the results to the rest of the team in a easily understandable way? Our infographics can help you make comparisons of the data you've gathered. The choice of diagrams is quite varied....

Campaign Planning presentation template
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Campaign Planning

Keep your colleagues up to date with the development of a campaign and help them visualize the different stages and the status of each one. Not only timelines will work for this, but also some donut charts, gauges or colored blocks of text—and we’ve included all of this.

Linear Dashboard Infographics presentation template
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Linear Dashboard Infographics

Understanding big blocks of information can be hard, but how about you represent it in the form of a dashboard? Make use of our designs now to do so! All our slides have been designed in a linear style, meaning the shapes have no fill color. Bar graphs, pie charts,...

Survey Results Infographics presentation template
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Survey Results Infographics

Have you recently conducted a survey? Perhaps has there been an election in your town? No matter what, gather the results and put them into an understandable state thanks to these infographics. Lots of percentages, graphs, bars and resources are supplied to help you be more precise with the information.

Market Research Infographics presentation template
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Market Research Infographics

After conducting market research, you should list the data as clearly as possible so your team is able to make the best decision. To help you, we've designed these infographics, featuring lots of percentages. The layouts are varied, ranging from bar or radial charts to cycle diagrams.

Linear Flowchart Infographics presentation template
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Linear Flowchart Infographics

Flowcharts are representations of a process or a workflow, and we know that including one in your presentations can be a good idea. All the designs are in linear style, which means that shapes have no color fill, only stroke. Give them a try!

Funnel Infographics presentation template
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Funnel Infographics

Ready to use funnel infographics? They are perfect for business and marketing. Thanks to their conical shapes, you can depict the different steps to achieve your goal (e.g. a given client or lead.) Each section represents a percentage of loss for each stage of the process, that’s why they are...

Pros and Cons Infographics presentation template
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Pros and Cons Infographics

A product, an idea, a project—everything has its pros and cons. Now you can convey this information as visually as possible with these infographics. Each slide has a different amount of elements to compare and a varied color palette to better differentiate them. Most of the designs are flat-styled, but...

Nature Infographics presentation template
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Nature Infographics

Is your pitch related to nature, sustainability or ecology in any way? Then how about you present some compelling data in a visual manner? Our infographics are a good choice, since all their designs, including maps, timelines and tables, have been created just for these kinds of topics. And the...

KPI Infographics presentation template
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KPI Infographics

Do you want to assess the success or failure of your company? Use these KPI (Key Performance Indicators). It is a great tool to determine if you are achieving a goal or not. Represent your information about actions, strategies or productivity with bar or pie charts, pyramids, tables, percentages, maps......

6 Concepts Infographics presentation template
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6 Concepts Infographics

How many populated continents are there in the world? Six! That is the exact number of elements you will find in these infographics. Not five, not seven. Use the different timelines and diagrams to display a process consisting of exactly six steps, or compare six pieces of data, or detail...

Gradient Buyer Persona Infographics with Pictures presentation template
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Gradient Buyer Persona Infographics with Pictures

To maximize the amount of information that your colleagues will see at a glance regarding your company's buyer persona, edit our infographics! Two things make them stand out: color gradients and photos. Your fellow marketinians will gladly appreciate helping them visualize the profile of potential customers.

Customer Journey Map presentation template
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Customer Journey Map

Prepare for your next meeting an appealing presentation where you show the customer journey, that is, what path your customers follow from the point when they're interested in your product until they purchase it. We're offering you timelines, roadmaps, tables and many other resources so you can decide the best...

Sales strategy infographics presentation template
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Sales strategy infographics

Make your sales strategy understandable and impress everyone with this business template. Use the different infographics to explain the whole process from start to finish. Show all the different elements of the sales procedure and how they interact with each other and indicate the goals and deadlines of your plan.