Gradient Infographics Presentation templates

Take your presentations to the next level by inserting our editable infographics for Google Slides and PowerPoint. All of them have colorful gradients!

Gradient Timeline Infographics presentation template

Gradient Timeline Infographics

Do you need some timelines to present the stages of a certain process or project? We have designed many of them. Have a look at the gradients and the different designs: flat, lineal, geometric or hand-drawn. We include 4 to 7 septions per timeline.

Illustrated Gradients Buyer Persona Infographics presentation template

Illustrated Gradients Buyer Persona Infographics

Do you have a good idea of how your customers look like and what their interests are? Then, show that buyer persona in an infographic, such as the ones included in this template. Being a powerful marketing resource for business, you can make it even more useful by adding illustrations...

Gradient Infographics presentation template

Gradient Infographics

Compare concepts or elements, show the progress of an action or just make your information stand out with these infographics. You and your audience will enjoy its visually appealing gradients! There are timelines, step diagrams, roadmaps, Gantt charts, tables, pie charts and many, many more to choose from and edit.

Gradient Flowchart Infographics presentation template

Gradient Flowchart Infographics

Show your developments and procedures in a visual and convincing way with these flowcharts. The gradients give them a very professional look! Use these diagrams to show the steps of a given process, plan a project or to depict your progress, problems and solutions.

Break-even Analysis Infographics presentation template

Break-even Analysis Infographics

Is your company's balance sheet looking good? Great! Give a presentation on your next business meeting where you detail a break-even analysis in such a way that everyone attending will understand it at a glance. That can be done thanks to our infographics. We have some that resemble scales, others...

Gradient Dashboard Infographics presentation template

Gradient Dashboard Infographics

Looking for a fancy way to show how a project is performing? Our dashboard infographics convey so much information at a glance they could be used independently too! The visuals are very powerful due to the gradients and the wide array of different charts, graphs and other resources for tracking...

Mobile App Dashboard Infographics presentation template

Mobile App Dashboard Infographics

Do you want to be original when presenting information? Infographics are a powerful resource, but how about showing your data like if it were in a mobile app's dashboard? Complete with gauges, icons, gradients and silhouettes of cellphones, these designs will convey visually all the numbers, stats and key performance...

Gradient Clouds Infographics presentation template

Gradient Clouds Infographics

Here's how you can represent your data in a way that catches your audience's attention from the get-go. This set of infographics showcases thirty designs where the graphic elements are clouds. All of them contain a gradient effect that is quite appealing to the eye. Mind maps, percentages, processes, everything...

Gradient Spiral Diagrams presentation template

Gradient Spiral Diagrams

These Spiral Diagrams with gradients represent sequences or progressions, and we have added some text columns, icons, enumerations, colors and other resources to create hierarchies and to differentiate their 4 to 6 sections. They are great for providing business data. They appear as spiral and circle charts displaying gradients.

Gradient Buyer Persona Infographics with Pictures presentation template

Gradient Buyer Persona Infographics with Pictures

To maximize the amount of information that your colleagues will see at a glance regarding your company's buyer persona, edit our infographics! Two things make them stand out: color gradients and photos. Your fellow marketinians will gladly appreciate helping them visualize the profile of potential customers.

Gradient KPI Infographics presentation template

Gradient KPI Infographics

Show on your slides all the information obtained through key performance indicators or KPIs and let your colleagues make sense of it thanks to these free infographics. The main attraction point of this set is the use of gradients in all the designs. Lots of maps, charts and columns are...

Gradient Table of Contents Infographics presentation template

Gradient Table of Contents Infographics

Before formally starting your speech and going into detail, it is nice if you include a table of contents so your audience knows what's coming up. Download this template and modify these infographic designs featuring color gradients. No matter the topic, introduce it to everyone and let them enjoy your...

Gradient Customer Journey Map Infographics presentation template

Gradient Customer Journey Map Infographics

What happens when a customer becomes interested in a product and wants to purchase it? He goes into a "journey", and that's what you can explain with these infographics. They contain gradients, a vivid color palette and many different designs!

Gradient Budget Infographics presentation template

Gradient Budget Infographics

Plan your budget using slides with a lot of gradients. Add percentages, numbers and other pieces of information using blocks, steps, bar and pie charts or tables dealing with comparisons and prices. The slides are professional, clear and very effective.

Gradient banner infographics presentation template

Gradient banner infographics

Data is important to make decisions, to put ourselves in context, to learn, etc. The way of presenting them also plays an important role. At Slidesgo we have created this template to help you display your figures visually. It has red, blue, green and purple gradient colours and contains a...

Gradient Resume Infographics presentation template

Gradient Resume Infographics

Now you can have a more visually appealing CV if you edit and insert these infographics in your resume. Our original designs—from timelines and charts to puzzle diagrams and speech bubbles—have gradients and they cover a lot of purposes, including your skills, education, awards, interests, hobbies and previous experience. Flat,...

Gradient Medical Infographics presentation template

Gradient Medical Infographics

Make your health-related presentations much more appealing to the eye with these infographics. All of the elements integrated into the designs, such as thermometers, microscopes, pills and organs of the body have a gradient effect. Doctors, this is your chance to shine in a congress or in an informative slideshow!