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Cocktail Presentation templates - Page 2

Let us tell you a list of words and see if you can make sense of it: mojito, daiquiri, margarita, martini, caipirinha. If you're seeing double now, that means you've found out that it's a list of cocktails! All these Google Slides and PowerPoint templates have them as a theme.


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Halloween Cocktails Workshop

Even though ghosts don’t have digestive systems, they still enjoy having a drink every once in a while! Why not prepare some spooky cocktails to celebrate their favourite day of the year on October 31st? With this creative, fun, yet scary workshop you can show your students how to mix...

Summer Cocktail Bar MK Newsletter to Celebrate National Piña Colada Day Infographics

These infographics templates to celebrate National Piña Colada Day are perfect for the marketing newsletter of a summer cocktail bar. With their art deco-style font and pink and green color scheme, they’re eye-catching, elegant and very easy to customize. And with illustrations of drinks, ingredients and even a blender, they’re...

Drinks & Beverages Brand Business Plan

The smell of coffee in the morning. Having a beer with friends after work. A delicious orange juice while reading your favorite book. Beverages are much more than liquids! If your company's product is a beverage, don't hesitate to organize your business plan with this creative template! The design conveys...

International Day of the Martini

International Day of the Martini is a special occasion for cocktail lovers looking to add a bit of extra fun to their celebrations! This colorful and modern template is the perfect way to impress your audience with a wink and a nod. With creative graphics and unique illustrations, you can...

Summer Cocktail Bar MK Newsletter to Celebrate US National Rum Day

Celebrate US National Rum Day on your newsletter with this fun template! With lots of illustrations and a colorful design, it's the perfect way to promote a drinking establishment in which rum plays a role. And with enticing photos of bottles, glasses and room for text extolling the virtues of...

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Cocktail Drink Minitheme

The perfect blend of alcohol, mixers, and creativity gives as a result... a cocktail! It's like a mad scientist's experiment except way more delicious. Whether you're sipping on a classic like a margarita or trying out a trendy new concoction, cocktails are always a guaranteed good time. If you're a...

Summer Cocktail Bar MK Newsletter to Celebrate National Tequila Day

You've experienced what it's like to have a daiquiri, a piña colada and a margarita. Now, let's focus on one of the favorite drinks of Mexico, tequila! United States celebrates National Tequila Day on July 24. Does your cocktail bar have special drinks that contain tequila as part of the...

Tequila Cocktails Recipes

"I'd like a manhattan" doesn't mean that you want an entire island, or "I'd like a margarita" doesn't mean you want a girl named Margarita. They're the names of certain cocktails (and some styleguides suggest that these should be written in lowercase). Speaking of cocktails, how many recipes do you...

Summer Cocktail Bar MK Newsletter to Celebrate National Daiquiri Day Infographics

What’s a cocktail without a cherry, an olive or a garnish? Nothing! It’s the same as a presentation without infographics, there’s just something missing! We couldn’t but notice that your Summer Cocktail Bar MK Newsletter was missing infographics, so we got down to work and after a little bit of...

Christmas Cocktail Party MK Campaign

Christmas is around the corner and with it, the festive season to celebrate. There are many parties of any kind where you can show off your sequin dresses, suits or velvets. Have you ever been to a cocktail party? Cocktail parties are parties where cocktails are served, as imagined. They’re...

Cocktail Bar MK Newsletter to Celebrate National Root Beer Float Day

Alright, let's leave the mojito and the piña colada aside for a moment. Now, try this root beer. Refreshing? Let's try adding ice cream. Is that combination strange to you? Well, "root beer float" is quite popular in North America, and has its own day: August 6. Perhaps your cocktail...

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Handcrafted Liqueurs Workshop

There’s nothing as refreshing as a handcrafted liqueur, and this template is the perfect way to deliver a workshop on how to make them! It’s filled with bright colors, bold text and great pictures of drinks. The great variety of slides gives you a wide range of options when it...

Cocktail Event MK Plan

You have been invited to the best cocktail party of the year! But the preparations have only just begun… what are we going to buy? What is the best location to hold our event? Will there be transport? And the catering? Prepare a flawless plan with this creative template full...

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