Certificate Presentation templates

Whenever you look at the wall and see your Certificate, you feel very proud of your achievements. Now, with these Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates, you can design your own! Great for schools, academies or courses!


High School End of the Year Awards

This school year is coming to an end. We know that some of your students are good at music or art. It is a good idea rewarding them to praise their skills, as they put a lot of effort into their activities.Give them some of our high school end of...

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Neon Elementary School Yearbook

The school year is almost over! Do you remember the best moments from these past months? We hope you have photos from them, because this new template is structured as a yearbook! Customize everything inside and be amazed at the colorful nature of the slides and the little trick we've...

Primary School End of the Year Awards

And the award goes to… You! Has any of your students excelled in Sciences, Maths, English or Astronomy? Great! Give them a Primary School end of the year award with this creative presentation, perfect for distance learning!

Class Awards Certificates

There you go! A set of certificates that you can edit and then present to your students to recognize their effort. They'll be super happy to receive them. Their doodles and hand-drawn illustrations are very funny and make the slides so original!

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College Achievement Certificates

This collection of diplomas and certificates is the perfect template for you to create something that you would feel proud to give to your students. Each slide is different, but every single design is elegant, geometric and contains some little details in gold color. It's great for college-level courses!

Mutural Certificate

When you finish your degree or course and you get that certificate... and then you hang it on the wall of your office. Doesn't that look great? We've designed a set of certificates which you can edit according to your needs and then print! There are a lot of different...

Pre-K Creative Certificates

Give a reward to your pre-K students at the end of the school year: a funny diploma! In this template, you'll find around thirty different designs. Perhaps you'll opt for some space & rockets on the background? Or a bear with a graduation cap? Or a smiling pencil? Choose any...

Super Student Certificates

Let's say that you're a student that has completed a course with flying colors. You'd like to receive a wonderful certificate, right? With this template, you can do just that: design your own diploma! Each one of the designs found here plays around with geometry in one way or another....

University Virtual Graduation

Your university life is coming to an end. You have put a lot of effort into your degree, so it’s time to celebrate with your classmates, lecturers and professors! Get your speech ready and use this virtual graduation presentation!

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Abstract High School Yearbook

You thought that because this school year happened almost in its entirety online you wouldn’t get a cool yearbook? Incorrect! Slidesgo is here with an abstract and modern template that you can use to have the perfect yearbook, even if your friends are kilometres away (we have even saved some...

Fun Students of the Year Awards

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Welcome to the annual awards gala organized by Slidesgo, in which we will distribute different prizes among the students. Who will win the prize for best dancer? And the diploma for best friends? This year we want to give a different touch to the...


Luxury Certificates for Business Courses

Acheving that certificate that you always wanted, that diploma that recognizes your merits and tells everyone that you're qualified for your position... What a great sensation! With this template, you can create your own design that looks elegant and distinguished. You'll find around thirty proposals—all of them are editable and,...

University Webinar Certificate

Webinars are very convenient for students, since they can follow it from home without having to attend on-site classes. Within this template you'll find several designs for certificates, created using the Memphis graphic style. Choose the one you like the most, customize it and send it to everyone who signed...

University Graduation Yearbook

The end of an era is near, and what an era it is! Your time at college will be one of the moments you'll want to remember forever, so how about creating a yearbook for your graduation? Your wishes are about to come true with this template for you to...

Middle School Virtual Graduation

Life moves pretty fast! Do you remember your first day as a Middle School student? Everything was new and fresh, and today is your virtual graduation day. Have fun with your friends, parents and teachers celebrating this important day using this cool template!

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Primary School Virtual Graduation

Do you have your mortarboard ready? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some things have changed and plenty of events have been postponed. But you can still celebrate a virtual graduation on streaming! Enjoy this special moment with your peers thanks to this imaginative presentation.

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Preschool End of the Year Awards

The summer break is at hand, although we know you’ll miss your students! Reward your most diligent pupils with these end-of-year awards and put a great end to this school year!

High School Virtual Graduation

Ready to toss your mortarboard and to put an end to your high school years? Yay! Flip through your yearbook, it’s time to celebrate and to see what tomorrow brings. Enjoy your High School virtual graduation with your cool template!

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