Cat Presentation templates

When it comes to pets, some people prefer cats, as they are very independent and usually mind their own business. Download these Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates dedicated to these furry animals!


Cute Cats

When needing some companionship around the house, cats make the best pet a person can ever have. These furry felines are loving and don’t even get us started on just how adorable little kittens are! If cat owners are your target audience, this presentation is certainly the way to go.

World Saxophone Day

The saxophone is such an important instrument in music that it has its own day of celebration. Indeed, November 6th is World Saxophone Day and it is a date to let the sound of this precious instrument reach the whole world. And why November 6th? Well, because it was the...

Cat Illustrator Portfolio

There are people who feel a special connection with animals. Do you think you are able to capture the real beauty of cats in illustrations or in photos? Then this template is "purrfect" for you, as it's been designed for portfolios. This cute design focuses on kitties, paws, balls of...

Cats, Cats, CATS!

Do you have a feline best friend? Or maybe you work in a cat shelter? You can make a presentation about the best pets of the world! Yes, in Slidesgo we are cat persons and that’s why we have designed this beautiful template filled with illustrations and pictures of them,...

Kawaii Cats for Social Media

Marketing and social media go many times hand in hand. If you already know what kind of content you are going to share or publish, what tone and how often, then your marketing plan is pretty much ready. How about showing it to your colleagues with this new template? You'll...

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Cats IG Square Posts for Marketing

What would square-sized slides be good for? Well, we know one possible answer... Instagram posts! Additionally, there are stickers of cats used in most of these slides, so pet lovers will love this! The layouts, which are very simple to customize, come with examples of things related to marketing or...

International Cat Day

August 8 is International Cat Day! These furry friends are more independent than dogs, but they keep us company and love us as much as them! Use this cute template to create a presentation and talk about cats, cats, cats!!! Give some tips on their care, add some facts about...

Korean Style Cat Siblings Photo Album

What? You're the proud owner of two cats that are siblings? It's all in the family, it seems! If you want to create a digital photo album so that you can show it to your friends, download this template and customize its slides with pictures of your cats. Edit the...

Doodle Cats Marketing Plan

Being innovative is a sought-after skill that can be very rewarding in business or marketing. Do you want to give the cutest of presentations for your marketing plan and surprise everybody? A new design has appeared through Slidesgo’s catflap!

Cute Halloween

This presentation is made for that young audience that is looking forward to celebrating Halloween. Yes, we’ve added cute illustrations of characters and elements of this festivity, and the use of a palette composed of pastel colors is quite impressive. The text in the layouts is waiting for you to...

Animal Diseases

This new cute template allows you to create a presentation whose tone is soft and friendly, which could be a great idea if you need to talk about veterinaries and diseases that affect animals. The illustrations of animals are integrated into the layouts, meaning you can use them as part...

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Cat Diseases

Many members of the Slidesgo team love pets. What would we do without our beloved animals that keep us company? If you're a vet and you need a presentation to talk about cat diseases, this is the template for you! It has a bit of a geometric design, with rectangular...


Cat Types Infographics

Are you a cat lover? And also a regular speaker that uses presentations often enough? That sounds purrfect—try our new set of infographics where these animals are the main protagonists. Two things are guaranteed: a huge variety of illustrations of cats of different races, and a huge variety of data...

Never Leave your Pets Behind MK Campaign

You might have friends, family, a partner… but your pets only have you, so don’t let them down. Make a campaign that will help the abandonment of pets with this cute template dedicated to them. Stop any pet from ever feeling lonely again and help them find a new home...

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Adopt a Cat App

Every day hundreds of animals are abandoned and need a new home. If you have developed an app to adopt cats and want to present it to get funding, this template is made for you. Its beautiful illustrated design will make your audience immediately feel the need to give shelter...

Brutalist Style Newsletter

Do you need to create a newsletter and don't know how to start? With the amount of newsletters that are sent every day, a great idea is to draw attention to yours so that the recipient notices it and does not end up in the trash or, even worse, in...

This Is My Cat

Are you feline creative today? Then you will have a great time editing this cute template with title “This is my cat”. Our small friends full of fur are normally the kings of the house and the center of attention of every visit, that’s why they deserve to be the...

Spooky Halloween

We were looking forward to Halloween for a reason: we wanted to create a template that has animations, and here it is! The illustrations on this “spooky” slide deck move on their own! Have fun editing this thematic presentation and modify all the graphs, tables and the layouts to better...