Campaign Presentation templates

Download and customize these free Marketing Campaign plan templates to establish your business goals, outline your target audience, develop the strategies, build your budget and project your estimated results.

Girl Power Campaign presentation template

Girl Power Campaign

Let's unite as a society and be feminist! Feminism seeks equality between men and women, and it needs to be one of our premises. At Slidesgo we have designed this template with a feminist theme to present a marketing campaign that will give diversity to your campaign. It combines white...

Campaign Planning Tools presentation template

Campaign Planning Tools

Okay, your product is ready and the only thing left to do is to create a campaign for it. What is the next step? It’s downloading this template! This is going to be your best ally when preparing a presentation giving every detail possible about your new item since the...

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Raw Pop Design MK Campaign presentation template

Raw Pop Design MK Campaign

This unique design is what is going to give your marketing campaign the final touch! The modern illustrations and the trendy aesthetic will make your presentation look up-to-date and interesting, and the resources we have included will help you explain the complicated data in an easy and entertaining way. With...

Mother and Baby MK Campaign presentation template

Mother and Baby MK Campaign

The love that a mother and her baby share is one of the strongest in the world, if not the universe. If your target audience is composed of mothers, prepare a marketing campaign that gets their attention! You can present it by using this template that has a lovely and...

Summer Vibes Stickers MK Campaign presentation template

Summer Vibes Stickers MK Campaign

The warmest season is almost here, why don’t you welcome it with a fresh marketing campaign? In Slidesgo we have prepared the perfect template for it. It has stickers that give summer vibes, a beach as a background, warm colours and lots of ressources! If you use this template, speaking...

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Love Wedding Stickers MK Plan presentation template

Love Wedding Stickers MK Plan

Isn't a wedding one of the most, if not the most, beautiful days of a life of a person? Create a presentation for marketing purposes (for example, for wedding planners) and make the most of this cute template that contains illustrations in the form of stickers. With pink backgrounds, a...

Hey Baby! MK Campaign presentation template

Hey Baby! MK Campaign

Maybe you have a clothes shop for newborns or very young kids, or perhaps you run a kindergarten. Marketing will help you get to your target audience: the parents! To present your marketing campaign, here's a cute template with adorable hand-drawn illustrations of animals. It's also organic thanks to the...

La France C'est Cool presentation template

La France C'est Cool

Being one of the most popular destinations for tuirists, France attracts many visitors from all around the world. If you have a marketing campaign ready for this market, explain it to your colleagues or managers with the help of this template! It's been designed to grab attention easily, as it's...

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Cheesy Pizza Night presentation template

Cheesy Pizza Night

Having some pizza while watching TV in the evening, what a great plan! Marketing campaigns can focus on this idea (for example, by promoting special pizza offers). It sounds fun, so the template we've just created had to be fun too! The slides contain shapes that resemble the windows of...

Celebrate Mornings Campaign presentation template

Celebrate Mornings Campaign

Your new marketing campaign can turn around that misconception that "mornings are dull". Especially if you use our template to present it to your colleagues! The design is simple and makes use of gray backgrounds and linear elements in light blue and red. However, the result is quite creative, and...

Nefix and Chill - Media Streaming Platform Campaign presentation template

Nefix and Chill - Media Streaming Platform Campaign

If you have a streaming multimedia content platform and you would like to promote it to get more subscribers, what you need to do is to develop a good marketing strategy. We take care of the design, thanks to this original template, with an eye-catching design, red background and white...

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B&W Grid MK Campaign presentation template

B&W Grid MK Campaign

If there is a color combination that is a sure hit, that is black and white, a classic. With this template you can present your marketing campaign with an elegant and modern style, thanks to the geometric shapes we have included. In addition, we have also applied a black and...

Simple East Asian Landscape Campaign presentation template

Simple East Asian Landscape Campaign

If you are fascinated by everything related to the eastern Asian world and want to incorporate it into your presentations as well, you will love this proposal. It has an elegant design, focused on the development of a marketing campaign. It illustrates different landscapes in pastel tones that bring serenity....

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Holographic Textures MK Campaign presentation template

Holographic Textures MK Campaign

Marketing is the door to getting your message across and making yourself known to the public. Some will say you need something out of the ordinary, so let's try this: a new template with textured backgrounds that reflect light and some colors. All layouts have a frame made of a...

Sponsorship MK Campaign presentation template

Sponsorship MK Campaign

Have you seen popular events where the logo and the brand of a company appears in many places? That could be sponsorship! How about having your own logo and brand be shown everywhere? Then prepare a marketing campaign and propose it to your higher ups. With our template, the visual...

Advertising MK Campaign presentation template

Advertising MK Campaign

Colors, shapes, creativity in general plays a big role in advertising. Whenever you need to show a marketing campaign to your colleagues, you'll be successful if you use this template. That's right, we've used shapes similar to stains over a subtle grid, giving a more dynamic tone to the presentation....

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Korean Clothing Brand Campaign presentation template

Korean Clothing Brand Campaign

Fashion knows no boundaries! Do you want to appeal to a Korean audience with your new line of clothes? Now you'll have it easy with this new template. Use its pictures and its modern style to adapt it to your brand's image and voice and let your marketing campaign flourish!...

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Nicely Social Media presentation template

Nicely Social Media

Are you a flower lover? In that case you will like our proposal today. This is a template to present your social media strategy. It has a simple design, with watercolor-style floral motifs, which give a spring touch to your exposition. You can use the graphs and maps to identify...