Breakthrough Presentation templates

Download and edit our free professional Google Slides themes and PPT presentations to share your latest Breakthrough and explain your research and findings to the medical community.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough presentation template

COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough

Aren't you tired of COVID-19? Great news: vaccines are already here! Use this new editable template to tell your audience all the latest discoveries on the matter. Since blue is the color of safety, we've used it to set the right atmosphere. We've used other resources, such as illustrations of...

Blood Pressure Breakthrough presentation template

Blood Pressure Breakthrough

Are you in the medical field? If you are doing research on blood pressure and are looking for a template to present your results and conclusions, take a look at this one we bring you today. It is green, with abstract shapes and beautiful illustrations that give it a closer...

Arthritis Breakthrough presentation template

Arthritis Breakthrough

You will love this elegant proposal from Slidesgo. It has a simple and harmonious design, in sober style, ideal for medical topics, such as arthritis research. Present your research and findings with this fully editable template. It includes images and icons that will make your presentation more visual, as well...

ADHD Breakthrough presentation template

ADHD Breakthrough

Have you conducted a study on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and need to present the results? This template is perfect for you. The background is sober, in gray, and the geometric elements that we have included in all the slides provide the touch of color. The typography of the...

Biology Breakthrough presentation template

Biology Breakthrough

You've spent a lot of time researching and you finally have the results of your work. It's time to present them to the world. This Slidesgo template will make it easy for you. It's specially designed for biology topics, with a sober gray background with waves, and a casual touch...

The Immune System Breakthrough presentation template

The Immune System Breakthrough

Share your findings about the immune system as if it were a story with this creative template with a cream-colored background. It has a wide variety of illustrations of cells, bacteria, etc. that add a fun touch and will help you make the presentation more enjoyable. Explain how the infection...

Pets for Therapy Breakthrough presentation template

Pets for Therapy Breakthrough

Sometimes, just spending some time with our pet, keeping us company, is enough to make us feel better. Well, there must be something in the medical field that has to do with animals in therapy, right? Now it's your chance to share the latest discoveries or breakthroughs on this matter...

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Memphis Medical Breakthrough presentation template

Memphis Medical Breakthrough

With this professional Memphis style template you will convey your medical breakthroughs in a creative way. Its background is dark blue, related to health and protection, and includes geometric shapes and waves that bring elegance and dynamism. Icons and illustrations will help you make your information more visual and comprehensible...

Watercolor Medical Breakthrough presentation template

Watercolor Medical Breakthrough

It's always good news whenever a new medical breakthrough is announced. With this template, you can spread the word and, at the same time, have a beautiful presentation that illustrate these important discoveries. Its watercolor elements provide elegance and appeal to the slides, whereas the graphs and the layouts are...

Patient Cure Breakthrough presentation template

Patient Cure Breakthrough

Thank you, physicians of the world, for helping everybody during these hard times. If there has been a new medical breakthrough and you wish to tell the community about it, you can use this template to create a presentation that helps you illustrate the big news. It's mostly a slideshow...

Polio breakthrough presentation template

Polio breakthrough

Polio is currently 99.9% eradicated, although there are still countries where this disease is endemic. It is highly infectious and affects the spinal cord. Fortunately, the breakthrough with this disease has been remarkable, and it is important to make them public. If that is your task, use this professional template...

Priver Patient Care Breakthrough presentation template

Priver Patient Care Breakthrough

Any breakthrough in the field of medicine is great news! Share some new advances with the community by giving a presentation on the matter. Some nice green tones will send a calm message, and the illustrations (from Storyset) will illustrate your points easily. Circles make up part of the layouts,...

Tissue Nanotransfection Breakthrough presentation template

Tissue Nanotransfection Breakthrough

When technology meets medicine! Our newest template for medical presentations is here, with simple layouts, a palette that includes red, white and blue, and a little bit of "techie" graphic details on the slides. Tissue nanotransfection is a great topic to be talked about in a conference, right? Then use...

Massage Breakthrough presentation template

Massage Breakthrough

A massage to relieve stress or pain is much welcome, are we right? Massage therapists can use this new template to inform other professionals of the latest advances in this field. The palette revolves around a bluish green, a color that conveys a sense of safety, and the backgrounds contain...

Latest Medical Advances presentation template

Latest Medical Advances

As its name suggests, this slide deck has been created for medical presentations where the most recent breakthroughs are shown to the audience. This time, a geometrical approach has been followed by including several diamond shapes in the slides. The palette combines white with some blue tones, and the icons...

Prenatal Care Breakthrough presentation template

Prenatal Care Breakthrough

Prenatal care comes into play as a form of preventive measures for pregnant women in order to avoid problems during pregnancy. Is there a new breakthrough on this field of study? Share with everyone by completing our slides with that information! We've adorned our template with photos, and there are...

Pharmaceutic Industry breakthroughs presentation template

Pharmaceutic Industry breakthroughs

Breakthroughs in the pharmaceutical industry are always a cause of joy, since they usually imply improvements in the quality of life of many people. Use this simple orange template to share your latest discoveries. It includes text boxes to explain the context and introduce the topic; charts to show objectives,...

Diabetes Breakthrough presentation template

Diabetes Breakthrough

Medical breakthroughs are always good news, especially when it comes to diseases that affect millions of people in the world, such as diabetes. With this template you can share these achievements simply and clearly. It contains graphs, lists, infographics and tables to explain the research, methods used, clinical trial, phases,...