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Creative Solutions Project Proposal

Your agency or your company is one of the best in your sector. Lots of clients or customers seek your help almost every day. That's because you offer creative solutions to their needs! Because of that, you'll need a creative template like this one. Use it to pitch your projects...

Instagram Post

Let's Achieve Inner Peace! Square IG Posts

Are you in communion with nature? Are you able to achieve inner peace easily? We're sure your followers on Instagram will want to know too. Use this template to create images for that social media site, since the slide size is already optimized for it. Each slide has gradient backgrounds...

Candy Pastel Colors Newsletter

Your subscribers will be excited to receive your newsletter if you use this template full of sweets! The design combines pastel pink and blue, which creates a very modern and creative effect. The slides include everything you need to prepare your newsletter; graphs, charts, tables, icons, illustrations, pictures… and the...

School Newsletter: A Communication Tool

In education centers it is common to have lots of information to give, specially when the school year is almost starting. Have you considered compiling everything teachers, students and parents need to know in a newsletter? Newsletters are a great way of sharing information and, if you use a creative...

Eco-Friendly Minitheme

Speaking about taking care of the environment is always a good idea, and with this Eco-Friendly Minitheme you can assure that your audience knows about recycling, bio products, the problems of plastic, and the solutions to lessen the impacts of global warming. The slides have cute abstract and floral illustration...

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Diplôme d'anthropologie pour l'université

Are you passionate about understanding where we come from, how the human race was in the past and how we got to evolve into what we are today? Then consider getting a bachelor in Anthropology! This field of study doesn’t only focus on the past, it also provides the tools...

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Back to School Social Media

Back to School time has arrived at Slidesgo! Whether you are a school center or a business focused on stationery and other school supplies, this template will help you plan and report your Social Media Strategy. Your marketing campaign will get to both parents and students, and getting a high...

Watercolor Company Profile

Do you like watercolor painting and need to present your company profile? Combine your passion with your work with this Google Slides and PowerPoint template. The Slidesgo team has designed this presentation that looks like a canvas with all the watercolor strokes included. And not only that! All the resources...

Aqua Marketing Plan

For those times when a marketing plan needs to cause an impact, trust this template. You'll see instantly how appealing the watercolor details are when contemplating these slides. This design can be the perfect choice if your message has to do with water or the environment!

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Kawaii Interface for Marketing

Do you know the kawaii concept? It emerged in Japan in the 1960s, and it is a design style that evokes tenderness. We have been inspired by it to create this template that simulates a computer interface, with a grid background and a nice pastel orange color, which will add...

Notebook Lesson

These are the last days before the Summer break! We know that there are some pending lessons that you need to prepare for your students. As they may be thinking about their friends and their holidays, catch their attention with this cool template!

Law Center

Present your Law Center and offer legal advice with this formal template! It includes flat illustrations related to justice and law, together with a set useful sections and icons. I rest my case, your honor!


Art History Thesis Infographics

Have you already used our "Art History Thesis" presentation in the past and wished there were even more infographic resources that were suitable for its design? Wish granted! Respecting the original color palette, we have created a variety of graphs, tables, diagrams and timelines to better represent your data. Because...

Restaurant Infographics

The expression “eyes are bigger than one’s stomach” has a reason, and it’s because the appearance of food is what makes us crave it! For this reason, having a well-designed menu is extremely important for the success of your restaurant, and this set of infographics by Slidesgo is here to...

Bird Infographics

It is very relaxing to hear the birds singing while sitting in the backyard or going for a walk in the park. There is a huge number of bird species in the world, so it is natural you'd like to share some information about them. With this new set of...

Educative System Infographics

Now that globalization has allowed for people to study abroad whenever they want, it’s very important to be aware of how the different education systems work worldwide. In order to leave all concepts clear, you can use this set of creative infographics! They can be really helpful if you want...

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Quarterly Business Review Infographics

A good idea to keep track of your company’s success is making quarterly reviews. An even better idea is to present them with this set of illustrative infographics! These resources will make your business data come alive and will make it easier to explain where you come from, what the...

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Social-Emotional Learning Infographics

Social Emotional Learning, or SEL, is the process in which competences like self-awareness, control, or communication skills are learned. It is a very important part of the development of children since it affects how they interact with the world and with other people. If you want to speak about SEL,...

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How to Edit the Master Slides in Our Templates | Quick Tips & Tutorial for your presentations

How to Edit the Master Slides in Our Templates

Whether you’ve been working with Google Slides for years or just for a couple of days, adding, editing or moving elements on the slides is not a difficult task per se. However, when you download our templates, you might come across some elements that cannot be selected, and thus, cannot...

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How to add a border in Google Slides | Quick Tips & Tutorial for your presentations

How to add a border in Google Slides

Having an organized layout in your slides is very important and it makes it easier to understand your content and speech. Establishing lines, hierarchies and shapes is a perfect way of organizing your information, and borders are what give slides the final touch.  With this tutorial, you’re going to learn...

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How to add a border in PowerPoint | Quick Tips & Tutorial for your presentations

How to add a border in PowerPoint

Giving your presentation a cool design and taking care of every detail makes your speech look well-prepared and makes you give a detailed-oriented outlook. Adding a border to your slides is a perfect way to achieve a modern look and it’s very easy to do. In addition, it makes your...

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