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Geography Presentation templates

Create awesome presentations by downloading and editing our free Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates about Geography. Show everyone that your creativity knows no bounds!


Geography Major for College: North Region of Brazil

Covering almost half of the country's territory, The North Region of Brazil is a rich and diverse area that boasts a wealth of natural beauty and cultural treasures. Comprising the states of Acre, Amapá, Amazonas, Pará, Rondônia, Roraima, and Tocantins, this vast region is home to the largest rainforest in...

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Cartography Master's Degree

Attention all map enthusiasts! Are you ready to take your passion for cartography to the next level? A master's degree in Cartography is what you need! And what better way to showcase your journey than with a stunning presentation for Google Slides and PowerPoint that looks like an old map!...

Earth History - Bachelor of Science in Geosciences

As geoscientists, it is essential to understand the history of our planet in its entirety. To make your presentation all the more impactful, we have the perfect template that is sure to leave your audience in awe. This Google Slides and PowerPoint design features beautiful gradients of blue and earth...

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Political Geography Thesis

This thesis defense presentation is perfect for topics like political geography. Its design is simple: the white backgrounds display black and gray geometric shapes, and we have added some touches in coral hues. Some pictures related to buildings, cities and maps adorn the template. In addition, the condensed typefaces are...

Earth's Atmosphere and Climate - Bachelor of Science in Geophysical Sciences

As a bachelor of science in geophysical sciences teacher, you know just how complex and fascinating the Earth's atmosphere can be. With its intricate system of gasses, particles, and other components, it takes careful study to understand how it all works. That's why this template for Earth's atmosphere and climate...

Linear Style Topography University Practical Lesson

Maps are more complex than what we think, and there are many different types and aspects to take into account. For linear style ones, the different topographic elements are illustrated by wavy lines. Prepare for your university lesson about this topic with this template! It’s green and full of these...

Geophysics Lesson for College: Meteor and Meteorite

Engage your college students by taking them on an epic journey through outer space with this stunning galactic Google Slides and PowerPoint template. The template is specially crafted for delivering a captivating lesson on the difference between meteors and meteorites! It will allow you to beautifully visualize this captivating topic...

Geography Lesson for College: China Provinces

Are you looking for an educational template to assist in teaching a college geography class about the provinces of China? This template features a visually-appealing layout with a creative map of the country. It includes concise information on each province, as well as various graphs and charts to help illustrate...

Geography Lesson for College: Provinces of Belgium

Explore the provinces of Belgium with this educational template. This presentation is designed to give you an introduction to the provinces of Belgium, as well as a visual aid for learning about the country. Make sure to include in-depth information about each province, including the capital city, population, and history....

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Publication and Presentation - Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in History

Download the Publication and Presentation - Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in History presentation for PowerPoint or Google Slides. As university curricula increasingly incorporate digital tools and platforms, this template has been designed to integrate with presentation software, online learning management systems, or referencing software, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness...

Geography Lesson for College: Provinces of Spain

Explore the vibrant culture, history and landscapes of the provinces of Spain with this educational template. Enjoy a unique visual journey through each of the 17 regions (or autonomous communities) of the country. From Madrid to Andalusia, this presentation features icons related to the Spanish culture and warm colors. Teach...